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HOWTO - Install D2GS Hosting software
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Author:  DuFFBeeR [ Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  HOWTO - Install D2GS Hosting software

Please do NOT reply if you are not concerned

Prerequisites :

  • Computer and networks knowledge
  • 24/7 uptime decent computer (with at least 1gb RAM)
  • High speed internet connection (with 1 mbits minimum uplink)
  • (optional but recommended) router supporting QoS (Quality of Service)
  • 4 retail Diablo II MPQs (can be found in an original D2 install folder or PM me for a download link)
    • d2data.mpq
    • d2exp.mpq
    • d2sfx.mpq
    • d2speech.mpq
  • D2GS 1.41d Hosting package available here :

    Installation instructions :

    1. Extract Hosting package to an empty folder on your hard drive
    2. Copy all 4 MPQs listed above into that folder
    3. Run "D2ModSetup.bat"
      • Be sure it asks to INSTALL the mod
      • If it asks to unpatch, click NO
      • If it asks to remove the mod, click YES, then run it again
    4. Run "install.bat"

Now the D2GS software is supposed to be installed correctly.
To be sure the software is currently installed and running, run "MyD2GS.bat".
If a telnet console prompt for a password (PM me for the password) then your D2GS is up and running.

Here comes the hard part for some who are behind a router.

You have to forward ports 4000 and 8888 (TCP and UDP) in order to accept connections from the internet.
You can refer to the PortForward website to get this done.
Some will also have to setup their internal firewall (Windows Firewall for example).

Once everything is done and working, PM me your internet IP address.
I'll run some tests to be sure everything is fine before adding your D2GS to the realm.

Author:  Bob908 [ Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOWTO - Install D2GS Hosting software

Windows 7 you dirty little whore...

ok when following instructions above i placed outside of program files folder because I had to for just hell unleashed the game.

First need to turn on telnet from windows under control panel/programs/turn on windows features.

need to set files from batch files to run as admin and in xp sp3 compatibility mode. mainly d2gs.exe and d2gssvc.exe

Now here is the tricky part in order to do this you have to run the install batch file commands manually or at least the very last one "net start d2gs". To do this search cmd then right click it and run as admin. use "cd c:\d2hugs" to change directory to wherever your files are stored for the server then type in the last command. I ran it one time as a fail so that all i had to do was copy.

also, note that if you fail at runnin install.bat run uninstall.bat before running install.bat again...otherwise it might not point to the right directory (did for me anyway).

Hope this helps in the future.

Author:  Blah [ Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HOWTO - Install D2GS Hosting software

I can't get this hosting package working anymore.

Several months ago I did get it work, but it was version 1.2 (I think). Now, I can't get 1.3b working, when I try to create a game on my own realm, my game freezer for ~30s, then it goes to loading, freezes there for 10-20 secs and then "Failed to join the game".

EDIT (year+ later ^^): For some reason d2gs does not run on virtual machine (xpSp3x32), or I did something wrong while doing address translation. D2gs works fine on my pc (win7x64).

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