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Necro Revamp
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Author:  I wanna be the guy [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:09 am ]
Post subject:  Necro Revamp

After playing 3 builds of Necro, I'd like for a change in the skills.

Necro Skeleton Summoner changes:
Objective: To have Skele summoners a more offense role than defensive:

Skeleton Mastery:
Skeleton HP: +20%*Lvl
Skeleton AR: +25%*Lvl
Skeleton Dmg: +30%*Lvl
Magi Skel HP: +15%*Lvl
Magi Missle Dmg: +20%*Lvl
DK HP: +15%*Lvl
DK AR: +25%*Lvl
DK Dmg: +15%*Lvl

Raise Skeleton: I'm reducing the number of summons to reduce lag associated with them, strengthening them to compensate
Skel #: 1 + (1 Skeleton every 5 lvls, 5 Skeletons at lvl 20)
Dmg: (1-2)*3*Lvl
HP: 25*Lvl
Attack: 50+25*Lvl
Defense: 25+25*Lvl
Receives Synergy Bonuses:
+3% Resist All per Magi Skel Lvl
+15% Dmg per DK Lvl

Raise Magi Skeleton:
Skel #: 1 + (1 Magi Skel every 10 lvls, 3 skeletons at lvl 20)
Missile Dmg: (10-20)*1.5*Lvl
HP: 100+10*Lvl
Defense: 100+15*Lvl
Resist All: 5%*Lvl
Receives Synergy Bonuses:
+15% Missile Dmg per Raise Skel Lvl
+15% Missle Dmg per DK Lvl

Raise Death Knight:
Skel #: 1
HP: 500 + 50*Lvl
Dmg: (300-500)*1.1*Lvl
Defense: 300*1.1*Lvl
Attack: 500+50*Lvl
Aura: 10+5*Lvl to Life Per Kill, Prevent Monster Heal
Receives Synergy Bonuses:
+15% Dmg Per Raise Skele Lvl
+3% Resist All Per Skel Magi Lvl

Replace Summon Spirit Blade With:
Summon Bone Horror: Will be a Kamikaze summon like those in A5 Worldstone
Summon #: 1 + (1 every 6 Lvls, 4 at 20)
Defense: 1000+50*Lvl
Dmg: 30-50% + 5%*Lvl of HP
Running Speed: +15%+3%*Lvl
Receives Synergy Bonuses:
+10% Defense per Force Golem Lvl
+10% Defense per Death Knight Lvl

PSN Skill Changes:
Objective: To Replace 2 rarely used skills that conflict with Spellcaster/Support ideology.

Replace Bone Wall With:
Poison Mastery:
-3%*Lvl to Enemy Poison Resistance
+5%*Lvl Poison Resistance
+1%*Lvl Poison Absorb

Replace Bone Prison With:
Bone Mastery:
+2%*Lvl Faster Cast Rate
+25%*Lvl Bone Armor Health
+5%*Lvl Dmg to Teeth, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit

Golemancer Changes:
Objective: To have Golemancers a more Defensive than Offensive role.

All Golems will have the same stats barring special effects

All Golems:
HP: 100+100*Lvl
Attack: 150+50*Lvl
Dmg: 10-20*2*Lvl

Golem Mastery unchanged.

Rock Golem Changes:
Cold Res: +5%*Lvl
Absorb Cold 1%*Lvl
Frost Armor
Defense Aura, +20% Defense, 10yd
Receives Synergy:
+10% HP Per Flesh Lvl
+10% Dmg Per Iron Lvl
-3 Phys/Magi Dmg Taken Per Force Lvl

Flesh Golem:
Poison Res: +5%*Lvl
Absorb Poison 1%*Lvl
Poison Aura, 2*Lvl dmg/sec, 2yd
Life Aura, 20+5*Lvl Replenish Life, 10 yd
Receives Synergy:
+10% Defense Per Rock Lvl
+10% Dmg Per Iron Lvl
-3 Phys/Magi Dmg Taken Per Force Lvl

Iron Golem:
Lightning Res: 5%*Lvl
Lightning Absorb 1%*Lvl
Lightning Enchanted
Rally Aura, Reduce Phys Dmg taken by 5+3*Lvl, 10yd
Receives Synergy:
+10% Defense Per Rock Lvl
+10% HP Per Flesh Lvl
-3 Phys/Magi Dmg Taken Per Force Lvl

Force Golem:
Fire Res: 5%*Lvl
Fire Absorb 1%*Lvl
Fury Aura, +5%*Lvl Phys Dmg, 10yd
Receives Synergy:
+10% Defense Per Rock Lvl
+10% HP Per Flesh Lvl
+10% Dmg Per Iron Lvl

Author:  Steel [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Necro Revamp

As for skeletons - they need AR boost, mages need little damage boost. Dunno if it's bugged but now maxed skeletons live longer than maxed golems, so additional hp isn't needed. But I agree - this build needs more love other than using at meat shield.

Author:  Sirmok [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 6:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Necro Revamp

i like the ideas and changes u have typed

Author:  hookamenace [ Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Necro Revamp

I like the ideas except for the bone prison change. I used BP all the time. If you put decent enough skills in it, its great against bosses and I'm not talking act2 or 3 bosses. I can keep alot of the act5 hell bosses stuck in a prison while I can attack him from far away. You can also keep one layer of prison on a guy while a barb attacks and the prison can absorb a good chunk of damage. Though, the idea of bone mastery is great. One more thing to keep in mind that needs some changing is bone spirit. My spirit does only about 1k more damage than spear and they are almost the exact same level, maybe a difference of only two levels. With that in mind, I never use it. It drains my mana faster and is slower than spear. Bone spirit needs a damage upgrade, not much, but something to make it worth using. It could be a great way for a bonemancer to kill a boss or maybe make the class a bit overpowered, I'm not completely sure. Just seems like something to consider when your changing the class

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