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open wounds and prevent monster heal
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Author:  blue_myriddn [ Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:18 pm ]
Post subject:  open wounds and prevent monster heal


Prevent Monster Heal - hit a monster once and monster regeneration stops as long as you stay within 2 screens of the monster OR there is a monster with the power to heal (which clears PMH). Apparently PMH can only be used by characters and not mercs. Can only be applied by ranged or melee attacks, not spells.

Open Wounds - prevents monster healing for about 8 seconds and then the monster starts healing again. Open wounds can be applied by mercs.

Based on that, it seems perfectly fine to have both PMH and Open Wounds on an item as they are not necessarily redundant skills.

Some more boring detail below:

From: (which looks like a good source)

Open Wounds is a weapon mod which leads to a constant loss of life on the target hit over 8 seconds (200 frames). It's not actual damage the target receives, but a negative life regeneration, which is not offset against target's damage regeneration (for monsters, hirelings and pets). Instead, regeneration is immediately cut off once Open Wounds steps in (Replenish Life from items and healing from a skill like Prayer still function). Unlike Prevent Monster Heal the Open Wounds mod will also work when applied by a hireling or Iron Golem.
Common abbreviation for Open Wounds is "OW".

Life drain per frame in bits (1 bit = 1/256 point):

Clvl Life Drain
1-15 = 9*clvl + 31
16-30 = 18*clvl - 104
31-45 = 36*clvl - 374
46-60 = 36*clvl - 779
>60 = 45*clvl - 1319

Life drain per second in points = Life drain * 25/256

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