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 Post subject: Future difficulty of HU
PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:56 am 

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The current gameplay of HU is very good considering how limiting the tools are within the game itself. It would be cool if a few more areas were added for content at both low level and end-game fun, particularly areas that don't require a group of 4 to play.

However, the difficulty of the game in the future should be geared towards 2 players, with 3 players being slightly more optimal, and 4 being unnecessary, seeing as how there will be literally 1 or 2 4-man teams anyways and they will just leave after 2 weeks, then parts of the game become unbeatable for people who run solo/duo most of the time.

If we had the playerbase, I'd be all for having loads of 4-man content, but that is just not realistic anymore, and it should all be doable (but difficult) with 2 people. Certain NPCs like Akmel even in normal need serious nerfing and adjusting. These boss fights should be about positioning, awareness, and usage of skills, not about having to fill a cube full of pots and throwing it on the ground hoping you can slowly whittle down a boss in 10+ minutes before you run out of pots.

Ideally, if played perfectly and it is well-designed, a boss fight should not require more than 1 belt of pots for 2 competent and coordinated players, who are obviously geared and leveled enough for the encounter. Things like "void zones", slow-travelling balls of death you have to avoid, having to target down summons, and other mechanics should be what matter in a fight. These types of mechanics also only really need to apply to level 95+ areas, as I know it would be a daunting task to try and create this for tons of bosses across all acts and difficulties.

An example would be, if you nerfed Akmel's resistance/DR, HP, and damage by 30-50% but made it so he summons 2 skeletons every 30 seconds that will instantly kill everyone in the room if they aren't both killed within 10 seconds, would be way more fun than trying to grind down a boss that has 99% resistance even when AMPd/LRd.

Speaking of which, I think it would probably be best for the game if AMP and LR were just removed from the game, and all monsters were adjusted accordingly. No matter how many times you guys adjust it, the game is always too hard without them and too easy with them. These 2 skills should be replaced by stacking curses, similar to Confuse, that would give some incentive in going a full Curse spec, as opposed to, or split with, poison/bone specs. I don't know what the replacements should be, but surely you guys can come up with something. Maybe a curse that slightly reduces armor, resistance, or absorb to a random element every 10 hits? I don't know.

TLDR: The next patch should be geared towards 2 man teams, with many class/spec options being viable.

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