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Music slider bar Fix
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Author:  SomeThingEviL [ Wed May 02, 2012 11:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Music slider bar Fix

I noticed the music slider bar does not work in the sound menu. So I looked into it....All day, And finally fixed it. So first I narrowed down the bug to the sounds.txt, but could not find out why it was making the music slider not work.

So I tried some stuff and that did not work.Then I tried looking at the Diablo 1.10 sounds.txt and HU sounds.txt side by side and noticed that there the same all the way up to line 4700. Then the HU lines where from line 4701 to 4758.So I decided to add the extra lines from HU to the end of the Diablo 1.10 sounds.txt and used that file, AND IT WORKED.

So whatever's braking the music slider is somewhere in the sounds.txt but not in the extra lines added by HU.

Bottom line is you can fix the music slider by adding lines 4701 to 4758 (4758 is the last line) from the HU sounds.txt to the end of the Diablo 1.10 sounds.txt and using that in your data folder.

If your txt program dose not number the lines then just search for the line starting with mortanius_taunt_1 that's line 4701 and copy all the way down to the last line, then add that to the end of the Diablo 1.10 sounds.txt.

I would attach my sounds.txt but it would not let me.

Author:  dew [ Thu May 03, 2012 7:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Music slider bar Fix

Was unaware that there was an issue with this. I've never had a problem

Author:  SomeThingEviL [ Thu May 03, 2012 10:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Music slider bar Fix

Well i know one other person has had this problem.In topic Next patch suggestions on the 4th and 7th post

guest 1

"I would propose that we should attenuade the volume of the backround music. In my opinion its far to loud so I can't hear the voices especially the taunt voices of the monsters. Until now I couldn't find out how to decrease the music volume by myself. Some ideas???"

"I already have the lowest settings in the music bar but nevertheless its(the music in comp. to the sound) a bit too heavy in my opinion. I was only a tentative suggestion."

You and others might be having the problem and not know it. Try this to test, set your sound slider in the sound options to its loudest and the music slider to the last notch before its off.Your game sounds should be really loud and the music should be almost inaudible.

But if its not working right, when you move the music slider to all the way off there's no music (as it should be) but if you move it too even the first notch it will be as loud as the sound setting not almost inaudible.

The odd thing about diablo 2 is the sound slider is both SFX and music and the music slider just music so when its broken you can still adjust the music volume just not independently of the SFX.

I would like if others would verify there having this problem or not.

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