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v1.2f -> v2.1 Old player came back
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Author:  Torin [ Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  v1.2f -> v2.1 Old player came back

Hi all!

I am so happy that this community is still active.
After a really really long pause, finally i have had time to play D2HU once again. Hurray!
(my old account probably deleted because of inactivity, i had to create a new one)

I downloaded the 2.1 version, and i could make it work on win10 yay (guys, i am ready to write a letter to pope and ask him to immediately start your canonization process :), your work is amazing)

I have spent 10-15 hours on battlenet (in a week, mostly at night, eu time), but i couldnt find anyone :(

Last time i played with 1.2f and i had some changes in the text files to reduce grinding (because i have responsibility to my wife and kids) I try to focus on combat and exploring the new skills/areas. The changes was free rare/magic/socket reroll + free runes + tp scroll if i remember well.

I looked into the new patch_D2.mpq (2.1) too and i have found a "globa" and a "Global" folders under "Data" folder both has "Excel" folder with .txt files. Many of the names are identical but its sizes are different.
I would like to ask that if i would like to make the same changes (for single player) in v2.1 than which .txt files should I use?

Many of my tools are outdated, doesnt work with my new box/op.system. Is there a place where i can find the working tools in one place? (I can find them one by one so its not a priority)

The .rtf file is outdated in the package. Is there a file/place where i can find all the changes made in v2.1 compared to the vanilla game?
(The nomusic pack has empty .bat files, bug?)

When can we expect v2.2 release?
Is there a planned get-together on battlenet where I could join to play together?

I do not know i will get some reply or not but even if noone will answer to this post, let me to tell that i am very very grateful for this site, for your work and for your persistence. Maybe the pope wont answer neither but you all are saints in my book. :)


Ps. I might made some typos and mistakes, please forgive, english is not my first language and i am not particularly good at it.

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