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Issues getting HU up and running
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Author:  malakithas [ Mon May 28, 2018 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Issues getting HU up and running

I came back to HU on a whim and, given my computer needed to be wiped several times since last install and it having been a few years since last install, ive hit a roadblock i hit in the past and cant remember how to overcome. Here are the relevant info.

OS: 64x Windows 8
Diablo 2 install: D2 and LOD from battlenet (Defaults to v1.14f)
Steps taken so far:
1: Install D2 and HU
2:Download HUv1.8
3:Download LOD patch !.10
4:Extract LOD Patch 1.10 to diablo 2 directory
5: Extract HUv1.8 to D2 Directory
6: Run .bat file to set up mod.
7: Run .reg File to add HU to registries.
8: Make new shortcut set with the -direct - txt line at end with a space between end of target line and the dash before -.
9:Try to run

When I do this I get a no CD error. tried D2SE and a loader someone recommended in the past on these forums, but nothing is working. anyone know whats going on?

Author:  Empty [ Mon May 28, 2018 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Issues getting HU up and running

I would just install D2 and D2 LOD
Download the entire game file from this forum which is single player 1.9 but has all the files you need to run HU.

place the HUv1.8 into the mods folder and delete the single player 1.9
run HU registry on the 1.8 mod

Should be good to go then when trying d2se again.

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