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Any fixes for lag on TCP/IP?
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Author:  Ensley03 [ Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Any fixes for lag on TCP/IP?

This guy's post sums up exactly what my issue is, and no one seems to have any answer for it.

I'm not using a router (I plug it in sometimes for xbox only) it's just a hard line into modem. I turn off firewall. Buddy joins my game just fine, no problems. After an hour or so, I get a gradual increase in FPS drop and frame skip until it gets to be completely unplayable, going from 59 FPS / 0 skip to 10 fps / 15-25 skip.

Interestingly, this lag also happens if I am by myself hosting a TCP/IP game that nobody ever joins; eventually it just lags so badly that I have to leave and restart the game. It has never happened when playing on Arimyth realm, single player, or any other game ever. I've gone through multiple acts over several hours on the realm patch with friends and never had any lag.

What could possibly be going wrong here that the game lags out by myself just because of TCP/IP hosting?

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