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Lines when creating games
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Author:  tracedinair [ Sat Jan 01, 2011 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Lines when creating games

I think i found a bug with the waiting in line for making games.
i was sitting there about to make a game, and i accidentally cancelled it. i thought oh crap now i have to wait in line again,
then i went to join a game and just for kicks i entered the game name i had created under, and i managed to enter a game.
i started killing stuff, then i got charge locked so i had to rj
tried the game again, it had died, so i went to make a new one. now the line doubled to two people. i wait a bit and notice i dont move up in the line, and i figure, lets see what happens if i try and join the game im still "waiting" to create.
enter the game name, and i successfully get into the game.
dunno what this would be categorized, just thought you guys should know.

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