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Installing HU/D2 on a Surface Pro 4
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Author:  muleofal [ Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Installing HU/D2 on a Surface Pro 4

Has anyone done/tried/successfully installed D2 (and more specifically HU) onto his or her Surface Pro 4 (or any other Surface Pro)? I'm trying to get a feel for if it's possible, how it plays, etc.

Going to get rid of my desktop and consider just sticking with a tablet only, since anything I need a computer for otherwise can be done on my work laptop or tablet. I also like the ability to bring the laptop anywhere and pop open D2, which is why I'm looking to get rid of the desktop in the first place. I'd like to avoid purchasing a laptop since I only play D2 mods, hoping that the Surface would suffice.

Any help/experience would be awesome. I've searched online and found some info but nothing spectacular or specific to HU and the surface pro 4.

Author:  Brevan [ Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Installing HU/D2 on a Surface Pro 4

The closest I've experienced for interesting D2 installations was someone who installed HUv1.7 (i.e. D2, D2SE, and Mods all worked) onto an old Apple laptop by installing D2 into a WinXP virtual machine, so I'm pretty sure you can get things running.

If the tablet is running a Windows OS already (it appears to ship with Win10), then you wouldn't need to fight with a virtual machine, so it'd probably be easier. I believe D2SE can be configured to run without a CD, so the lack of a disc drive should be fine (you could also try a CD drive emulator like DaemonTools to run off an .iso file).

I'd say give the installation a shot using fairly standard methods (install D2 to a simple folder like C:/Diablo/, use D2SE (generally makes things easier), run the program as Administrator and in compatibility mode, etc). Issues can be solved as they arise, if they occur at all. If you've still got your D2 CDs, then consider borrowing an external CD drive to facilitate installation.

One issue I've seen with Netbook computers (i.e. tablets with keyboards) is that they often run the game better with the DirectDraw graphical setting (i.e. the Glide wrapper isn't guaranteed to be better, so try a few graphics options before giving up).

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