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 Post subject: New player, have a few troubles
PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:34 am 

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Hello, so I just started playing this awesome mod yesterday, and got to about lvl 20, but then I realised I was playing an old version (1.3) so I downloaded 1.6c and when I enter the game on my character it says I can't enter due to bad inventory data. Do I have to start over again for the new version or can this be fixed? Also, one more question, I saw people on the forums here say they play this mod online, but when I try to enter battle net or open battle net it says ''Battle net is unable to properly identify your application version''. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Oh also, one more problem with the new version, it lagged a lot so I downloaded the glide thingy, but when i activate that, the game zooms in to the upper left corner of the screen so I can't even enter the game i can only see the theme and the letters DI. Any ideas how to get this to work?

2nd Edit: Ok fixed the battle.net issue, and since now I play on battle.net I don't need the single player character anymore, so only the 3rd problem remains

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 Post subject: Re: New player, have a few troubles
PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:48 am 
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I'm going to try to give full answers to each question, since it's pretty important to supply solutions when you've solved problems.

1) To fix BadInventoryData, just load the char up in the version where he was okay, and throw away items from his inventory that you think were causing the problem. You could do this one item at a time if you're really keen on keeping as much as possible. The cause of this problem is when an item's mods use a certain number of binary bits to save their stats, but the number of bits as been changed between versions. For example, if you found a weapon with +1000-2000 FireDamage, but in the next version +FireDamage has a max of +255, then you need to throw away the weapon. Consider using the D2SE program, since it's a very handy way of storing multiple versions of mods and D2 on your computer (so rather than revert to v1.3, you'd just copy-paste the character save file into the v1.3 folder, toss items, and then paste him into the v1.6 folder).

2) For HU, the Gateway(Under Battle.net icon) should be "Arimyth Network". It's possible that your registry isn't storing the proper IP Address, which you can edit yourself if necessary after asking for the address.

3) The "glide-init.exe" program needs to be run and also configured. There's a "Test" button you can push to see if your configurations worked well. I'm not familiar with your specific symptom (zoom-in to upper left), but each configuration setting explains what it does (text in bottom center), so check if that setting is related to resolution or zoom. There's also "D2VidTst.exe", which might be worth running initially.

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