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 Post subject: Patch notes?
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 11:09 pm 

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Are there patch notes somewhere?

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 Post subject: Re: Patch notes?
PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:13 am 

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- Changed minimum spawn to 8 players hp multiplier set at 350%
- Maximum resistances reverted to 75% from 85%
- Maximum damage reduction reverted to 50% from 60%
- Fixed boss drops, they drop all uniques again
- Boss locations reverted to normal places
- Bosses have new attacks that HU has never seen
- Remade/Reverted Baal Chamber map changes
- Reverted Arreat Summit map changes
- Reverted Mephistos Chamber
- Reverted Durance of Blood
- Remade/Reverted Catacombs of Anguish
- Reverted Arreat Andariel's Chamber
- Remade/Reverted The Sandy Hollows
- remade vaults and realm of the slain
- Act 5 Hell portal difficulty has been increased and it can now drop lvl 95 uniques
- added 2 new bosses to vaults
- added 2 new bosses to worldstone castle (go exploring! :D)

List of levels that drop level 95 uniques:
- Andariel's Hell
- Duriel's Hell
- Mephisto's Hell
- Cleft of dimension
- Worldstone Castle Level 1
- Worldstone Castle Level 2
- Baal's Throne Room
- Worldstone Chamber
- The Abysss
- Land of Shadows

- Greatly rebalanced life on Characters

Class..........Life per level.....Life per Vitality
Necromancer ...30...............7

Class.........Level 101, 500 Base vitality, No gear

- Reduced boss attack rating based on my previous changes so that high defense has more impact when tanking a boss
- Bosses returne to their original locations
- Buffed physical attacks by 30% of 1.3 values
- Revamped several boss skills
- Added new boss attacks
- Buffed "old skills" based on 1.3 values

- Increased Hitpoints to be similar to player values; a1 and a3 have 7000 base hp at level 100; a2 and a5 have 9000 base hp at level 100
- Merc base stats are now the same whether you hire them in normal, nm or hell
- Rebalanced merc skills, all mercs should have a smooth power curve now
- A2 and a5 combat mercs have a buff to increase their dmg%, ar% and def% similar to wolf and bear mercs
- A5 combat merc now has berserk and merc frenzy (gives no dr% deals 3/4 weapon damage with a 1/3 weapon damage nova)
- Physical Rogue is back; she has magic arrow and merc shot; reduced merc shot from 3/4 to 1/2 weapon damage

Cube Recipes
- you can now craft using a crafted item instead of a blue
- Added cube recipe to downgrade runes: 1 rune = 1 lower grade rune (making 1 rune = 2 lower runes would trivialize the farming aspect of runes)
- Elite Crafted Melee Weapon + Zod rune = make the item ethereal
- Magic weapon/armor -> normal quality; magic weapon/armor + mithril hammer + adamant hammer + jewel = same item type as normal quality

- reduced the range of throwing knife the nova; it now deals 1/2 weapon damage
- added the knife nova to throwing axes
- Armors with 150 str requirement or higher can spawn with hp% and dr% as a magical affix.
- 150-160 str = 12-15% hp; 12-13 dr%
- 161-169 str = 16-20% hp; 13-14 dr%
- 170-180 str = 21-25% hp; 14-15 dr%
- 200+ str = 26-30% hp; 15-17 dr%

- Wirts jewel now -5% requirements
- removed -requirement mod from affix pool
- Rubies now give only a flat hp bonus
- Added 30% hp auto mod to 2handed axes, mauls, spears and polearms (some uniques do not have this bonus example: spellsteal) twohanded swords do not have this bonus beacause generally only barbs use them as a 1 hander
- Increased cap on life replenish
- hp% mod is exclusive to torso armor and 2 handed melee weapons with some exeptions
- Completely new set items (as seen in my other thread)
- Revamped Runewords (as seen in my other thread)
- Edited 99% of Unique items
- Removed most OSkill party buffs and auras from items
- Items with piercing attack show the % chance to pierce now
- Removed ctc amp from helms and added it to gloves instead
- CB affixes on 2 handed magic/rare mauls, polearms, spears, axes can roll higher than 1 handed weapons
- Increased quality of all rune drops, addtionallu Countess and Nihlathak have been increased as well
- Countess can drop Eth-Sol in normal, Ko-Gul in NM, Mal-Ber in Hell (25.86% chance for lowest quality and 1.72% for the highest)
- Nilathak can drop Lum-Ist in Normal, Um-Sur in NM, Gul-Cham in Hell (25.86% chance for lowest quality and 1.72% for the highest)
- Removed Soul, Crystal and Scarlet bands, will add them back as random drops later. (I don't like the idea of guarenteed drops from a boss that you have limited access to during the game; the drops either have to be overowered so they make all other items useless or they are underpowered and at that point why even have them. They seem uneccessary as well since I balanced this mod around not having them.)

Class Charms
- Ama unchanged
- Bar 25% DS -> 2% ele absorb
- Sor 25 all res -> 5% ele pierce
- Pal 100%undead/demon dmg -> 4% DR
- Nec unchanged
- Dru 50 mana regen -> 35% fhr
- Ass 25% ias -> 40% PLR

Health Potion
- Restores 33% maximum life + strength*8 life over 6 seconds

Mana Potion
- Restores 33% maximum mana + energy*8 + 60 over 5 seconds

- Reduced PDR and MDR early game and buffed it endgame

- Now give 1-3% magic resistance, Hp Regen, Mana Regen

Small Charm
- Maximum life bonus from 20 to 40

Large Charm
- Maximum life bonus from 35 to 75

Grand Charm
- Maximum life bonus from 50 to 110

Return Tome
- Challenge bonus changed to 100 maximum life per difficulty and +1 all skills in hell

Arrows and Bolts
- all arrows and bolt now have replenish
- Now spawn with same properties as grand charms
- Addtionally they can spawn with Ias, ele and magic pierce, life and mana steal and frw
- Now have a chance to spawn with 1-2 Bow and Crossbow/Passive skills

- No longer spawn ethereal
- Increased base damage by 50%
- all crossbows spawn with 20-25% pierce

- No longer spawn ethereal
- Increased base damage by 50%

Throwing Weapons
- all throwing weapons spawn with 40-50% pierce
- Fixed Rep Dur from spawning on throwing weapons


Poison Skills
- I changed the way the poison length scales on the following skills:
- Poison Strike
- Poison Javelin
- Disease Spray
- Rabies
- The poison duration of these skills start at 8.08 seconds at level one and are lowered by .12 seconds per skill level after skill level 16. At skill level 50 they have a 4.08 second duration. This is so that as you get stronger and gain more pierce to reduce enemy PLR you still must regularly re-apply your poison every 4-5 seconds instead of every 10 seconds. Since the duration starts at 8.08 seconds and scales down slowly this actually helps poison builds early while reducing their incredibly safe mid and late game.


Poison Javelin
- Now a melee skill similar to poison strike; it has no cloud since amazons are inherently more durable than necromancers

Disease Spray
- Now releases a poison cloud that has about 66% of the dps of poison javelin

Plague Javelin
- Releases a Poison nova on hit with damage slightly weaker than poison nova due to the larger aoe this skills has

- Removed health bonus

- Fixed resitance synergy from Strategy

Guided Arrow
- Removed delay

- 50% of caster hp + 2%/level
- 10 second duration / 10 second skill timer

- slightly reduced durability and damage

Magic Arrow
- Synergies are now Inner Sight and Valkyrie at 15%

Charged Strike
- Synergy capped at 800%
- Lightning Strike gives 40% synergy per level (now it is possible to build a pure melee lightning zon without wasting skill points)

Lightning Strike
- Charged Strike is the only synergy now at 20% (now it is possible to build a pure melee lightning zon without wasting skill points)


- Removed health bonus
- Removed dr% (it seems over kill with the higher hp now)
- Reduced max cursed reduction to 50%


- Deals 5/4 Weapons Damage
- Attack speed max increased to 100%
- duration reduced to 10 seconds

- Base duration to 180 seconds

Battle Orders
- Reduced gain from soft points to 1% hp/mana/stamina per 5 soft points

Increased Stamina
- No longer provides health bonus
- Added 4 life per kill per level

Battle Command
- Removed life steal
- Added 1 magic pierce per 2 hard points

Battle Cry
- Now available at level 36

War Cry
- Now available at level 28
- Synergies changed to Battle Orders and Battle Command
- Added blvl/2 magic pierce

Gale Force
- Now available at level 1

Increased Speed
- Removed Ias

Sword Mastery -> Flurry
- 10-40% IAS

Polearm Mastery -> Blood of the Ancients
- 10+1% PLR per lvl

Spear Mastery -> Impale
- 10-40% Openwounds


Feral Rage
- Dmg scaling and stun of maul
- Same lifesteal and run speed

- removed dmg% and stun
- Main hit deals 1/2 weapon damage
- Deals 1/3 weapon damage to enemies in front of you

- 0-50% Critical Strike
- 75% + 15% damage per level
- 75% + 15% defense per level
- 60% + 25% attack rating per level
- blvl*clvl/2 health bonus
- 30 life replenish per base level of Lycanthropy

- 0-50% Critical Strike
- 100% + 20% damage per level
- 100% + 20% defense per level
- 30% + 15% attack rating per level
- (5+blvl)*clvl/2 health bonus
- 40 life replenish per base level of Lycanthropy

- Added life replenish for wolf and bear form

Oak Sage
- HP Bonus reduced to 4%+1%HP per 4 soft points

- Removed summon hp buff

- Totally reworked Wolves and Bear. They are now indpendent skills with no synergies, and they each have a different effect.

Grizzly Bear
- Added area damage; deals 1/3 weapon damage to a small area

Spirit Wolf
- Added spectral hit; max of 3, buffed stats

Dire Wolf
- Added very small stun on attack


Teeth, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit
- reverted old synergies; if people think bone necros are too strong early game then there are other ways to adjust it that doesn't restrict skill points

Iron Maiden
- reduced magic res reduction to 1% per hard point for a max of 10; bone necros do not really need more pierce now it is an added bonus for going full damage and less of a must have skill for magic builds

Poison Dagger
- Removed health bonus

Bone Armor
- Increased bone armor scaling from 50+25 to 200+75

-increased base damage by 50%
- buffed clay/blood golems damage more in NM and Hell to be closer to iron/fire golems


- Moved the bonus damage for FoH to Concentration and it is now part of the actually aura; so if you have 2 paladins only one needs to run concentration and both the the bonus damage for FoH

Holy Shield
- Removed health bonus
- Added 50 life replenish + 25 life replenish per level

- increased ed% to 100%+20%

- Deals 3/2 Weapon Damage

- Updated graphics

Holy Fire
- Added Attack Speed based on soft points in Fanaticism
- Added sLvl/2 fire pierce if bLvl greater than 10 for Paladin only

Holy Frost
- Added Attack Speed based on soft points in Fanaticism
- Added sLvl/2 cold pierce if bLvl greater than 10 for Paladin only

Holy Shock
- Added Attack Speed based on soft points in Fanaticism
- Added sLvl/2 lightning pierce if bLvl greater than 10 for Paladin only


- Increased range
- Increased number of missiles

- Reduced absorb from 1 per base level to 1 per 4 base levels

- removed delay
- cap of 2 hydras (6 heads)
- 8 second duration

Energy Shield
- Max Mana bonus reduced to 2.5%+0.5%/lvl

Ice Bolt
- Synergy from Chilling Armor moved back to Cold Mastery

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