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The New Patch and D2SE
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Author:  LockDown [ Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:32 pm ]
Post subject:  The New Patch and D2SE

For those people who use D2SE and want to test out the new patch on single player and don't want to mess up the install.

To use the MPQ file.
First: Copy the patch_d2.mpq located in Diablo II/Mods/Hell Unleashed MP and move it into another folder
Second: Move the new one in Overwrite.

Just remember where you put the original and you can switch back and forth like this.

For the Data Folder.
First: Go to Diablo II/Mods/Hell Unleashed MP and find the D2SE_Setup.ini
Second: Find this line "#Allow the activation of -direct and -txt switch default=0"
Third: Underneath that line you will see Modable=0 change that 0 to a 1

From there when you start D2SE you can just click the -direct and -txt boxes to play the new patch and unclick them to play the current realm version.

Hope this helps as it had to be explained to me by PureRage-DoD when I was using his Clientside Edits.

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