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 Post subject: Re: Super easy, super hard.
PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:16 am 
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Single player?
If so - ya, that's probably pretty typical. It gets a bit harder in NM & Hell, but normal is designed to be fairly easy. Even the bosses won't challenge you as much once you learn a bit more and become stronger players.

Glad you are enjoying the mod

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 Post subject: Re: Super easy, super hard.
PostPosted: Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:41 am 
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before its too late id suggest not doing a double melee or double phys damage team. stone skins will stump you hard

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 Post subject: Re: Super easy, super hard.
PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:49 pm 

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play hc

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 Post subject: Re: Super easy, super hard.
PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 4:02 am 

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owlbear wrote:
1. Is the game supposed to be very easy outside of bosses? I didn't use a single pot all the way from Kurast to the Spider Cavern. It's kinda boring!

2. Any thoughts on our group composition? Is that affecting the gameplay

1. In normal mode, which is the only mode i played so far, some bosses even don't challenge enough. Yes, Sszak gives you quite a match with only 1 merc can deal elemental damage, but in normal, bosses without stone skin don't even give enough challenge (not talking about act bosses btw) to fanatic zealot-frenzy baba combo. I and my frenzy baba soloed these following bosses in single or multiple spawns so far to the end of act 3:

- Blood Raven (15)
- Griswold (18)
- Countess (20)
- Mortician Fagsoul (early 20s again)
- Smith (same with morty)
- Queen (26 or so)
- Ardual (28 or so)
- Chimera (mid 32ish)
- Sarina (42 with 7 player spawn, some angry rusher who wanted to rush us killed her out of sheer nerdrage in my original run)
- Poison Council (38)
- Fire Council (38)
- Lightning Council (38)
- Cold Council (38)

Normal mode is designed to be easy? Well, kinda. I'm currently in act 4, just now killed izual, and if you go into purgatory, you'll see warped shamans who don't raise dead warped ones and use corpse explosion on them instead. This deals a funny damage in normal mode but i'm already afraid of them for nightmare and hell. I bet you're going to be much more satisfied as you move on to the next mods.

2. As explained, running 2 chars relying on physical is a decision to be regretted soon when you can't kill physical immune council. I could last 5 seconds in front of him with my frenzy barb at level 42 or 43.

And, you both may need new gear soon. Deaths and Angelics I don't think will be enough throughout next phases. I'm currently 46 level, almost 47 (or maybe 47, i don't know). I'm running on double ripsaw flamberge (both found on the ground at kurast docks rofl), force fist assault helmet (given by a friend), mahim oak-curio (was either a cheap trade or another donation), deaths belt and gloves (not donation), cathan's ring and a rare +1 barb skill ring, gorefoot heavy boots. Not enough to solo izual with a cold merc (I ranted on what my cold merc did during the run). But, act 4 is half undead and half demon. If you get something that damages fairly well to undeads and/or demons, let it stay (like a Heavenly Garb, if you find a light plate mail which is unique, don't let your friend get it before you :P btw i sold one after killing izual :D)

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