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Procs Chance Questions.
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Author:  Rebel [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:51 am ]
Post subject:  Procs Chance Questions.

I know that 4 of the facets will create 4 separate chances to cast the lvl 40 skill, but can more than one of the same skill be cast in one moment?

Scenario: 4 attack facets of the fire element are equipped, 2 of four of the facets activate on a single attack and shoot 2 fireballs in what appears to be one image but 2 fireballs stacked. With the previous true at any single attack i can shoot between 1-4 fireballs in a single attack.

^^^Probably not true, but I'd like to ask anyways =D

And I was just wondering why there isnt more high lvl lightning gear. I understand why there is more fire and ice with there being so may buiilds that can use em, but Lightning melee has no gear. I used to craft the lightning weapon and that was great, but now theres nearly nothing.

Author:  Steel [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Procs Chance Questions.

I know that 4 of the facets will create 4 separate chances to cast the lvl 40 skill, but can more than one of the same skill be cast in one moment?
If you have 2 facets 10% to cast 40lvl poison nova when struck putting them into armor will give you 20% to cast 40lvl poison when struck, so you can cast only one spell per frame/hit - I think it works the same on different items, ie 4psn facets in armor and head will give you 80% not 40% and 40%. Ofc if you have different facets like light/fire/cold/psn in wpn all can be cast on single hit if you're lucky. Maybe someone can say more about this, I haven't really played ctc dins.

And I was just wondering why there isnt more high lvl lightning gear. I understand why there is more fire and ice with there being so may buiilds that can use em, but Lightning melee has no gear
Check topaz crafted boots, 20%lght dmg/20%lght pierce, check new lightning spike(can't remember name, +3off auras etc).

Author:  Brevan [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Procs Chance Questions.

If the facets are put into the same item, then you just stack the chance to cast as Steel mentioned. If the facets are put into different items then you should cast two instances of the spell, but they will overlap each other exactly, so you would never know unless you carefully looked at the monster HP and saw it change by two slivers of life, rather than just one. You can verify this fairly easily by using low level ctc ChargedBolt items. It isn't too hard to get this mod on almost all of your gear, so it's pretty common to get a few of them to proc. Also, CBolt instances do not appear to share their random seed number when determining how that instance of the spell travels, so when you get multiple procs you will see the extra CBolts. This can be surprisingly effective (until about level 20) if you've already got some points into Telekinesis.

Regarding Lightning gear. There is some, such as Lightsaber, but most lightning spells do not lend themselves well to procs. ChainLightning reduces its own effectiveness in Melee due to it's NextHitDelay preventing it from stacking on itself. CBolt spams counters in a legendary way. There's pretty much just Lightning, Nova, and maybe ShockWeb. Lightning is fine but will only hit one or two critters. Nova is ideal but does pretty low damage without synergies (level 70 does 1k dmg). Traditionally the levels of procs on gear have never exceeded level 50, perhaps because of the unavailability of skill calculators and cautious nature of mod designers. There was also some concern that high level proc spells would overpower the classes that could synergize them, if only because most of the popular procs belong to sorcs. With this in mind, I'm still keen on eventually testing a melee sorc using the Zeal oSkill on Sammy's charm. It's unlikely that she'd be overpowered in Hell, but probable that she'd be oddly effective in NM. Perhaps she'd spawn a frenzy of noobs eager to play a Zealorc.

Author:  Rebel [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 4:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Procs Chance Questions.

I wanted to do a zeal necro, though life is too low to withstand any sort of counter. Bone armor has a 45% chance of critical strike on my bone wall necro. Instead of LR i'd invest into amp. A melee with built in max amp is most intriguing is it not? =]

Thanks for the proc help. I didn't remember that the % stack in a single item.I dont know if id rather have a 20% chance or 3 10%chances. They will do the same dmg, but it seems having more chances to do more than one sounds really really enticing. I think i am focusing on fire and ice... i might try a templar armor and stick four lightning facets in there for my light proc, but it seems more viable to make a Fire/ice to run through trash in hell. I can see a easy minus 70-100 cold res, 60-90 fire, but only around 75 with lighting templar. Though the templar would only add ONE half decent proc. As a Fire/COld Templar would add Glacial spike and another fireball chance.

NOTE: Gear Includes the -3-6/+3-6% facet margins.

Wonder Weapon (+3 convict Divine hopefully) -30 cold/+30-35%cold

Templar Perf cold/fire with 2 fire and 2 ice facets. -18-22 fire/cold res +6-12% cold/fire

Dragon Helm 2x fireball facets.-18-22 fire/+12-28%Fire

Dragon shield for res and hydra proc.+ 6% fire. Possible 60 res all in 35res pally shield. Decent chance to block and nice Defense 300-400% +500 def.

Lava gout for IAS and enchant AR and -10 fire or Hellmouth for 5skill%

Elemental set. -5-10 cold/fire/light +5-10% cold/fire light. Nice res too.

Can't choose between verduno/nos belts until i see my IAS amount. Nos would be great for the 50 mana/life per kill, but verdungo may have the IAS for another breakpoint and the tanking stats aren't too bad. Immortal flesh is a nice all rounder if i find i dont need any ias (which i doubt.)

Blood or Sapphire boots sound nice, but we'll see what i'm lacking.

-res/+skill% totals

Minus 53-62 cold res + -50 from convict = -103-112 cold res

Minus 51-64 cold res + -50 from convict = 101- 114 fire res** WOW I WAS OFF lol ALSO includes -10 from Lava gouts. would be ten less if Hell mouth.

Due to this discovery i have chosen to stick with fire/ice =D

+46% to -62% cold skill (5 less if i choose lava gouts)

+29% to +63% Fire skill 5 less if i choose lavagouts.

Fire really has potential with perfect gear!.
On attack Procs:
lvl50 Frozen Orb, Blizzard, Fireball, Lightning, Ice blast
lvl40 Fireball, Glacial Spike
lvl30 Meteor
lvl20 Hydra
lvl10 enchant

When Struck Procs:
lvl50 Firestorm, Frost Nova, Nova
lvl30 Meteor
lvl12 Firewall.

OH OH OH THE BEST PART: SOULSTONES!!!! won't that be fun?? I can imagine spewing out baalz procs and wiping out an entire screen of trash =D. Can we have all of them in our inventory at once? or is it just 1 at a time? I'm suspecting all at once with the removal of skill gc's. Makes sense.

I was in normal training this character and someone said I don't seem to understand the point of this mod by building such a crap character. Well... I'm having fun, Are You?

When i list all the procs and information, this build seems really viable lol.

What do you guys think =D

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