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 Post subject: HU v2.1 Download links and changelog
PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:17 pm 
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Below are links to download HUv2.1. Each package includes the core files, change log and webpages with lots of item information. Once you've got your package:

D2SE users should paste these files over the old files in their 1.9 folder or make a new HUv2.0 folder in their Mods folder, decompress their package into it, and start D2SE.
Non-D2SE users should decompress their package into their Diablo2:LoD v1.10 folder, then run d2modsetup.bat, and then start D2.
All users should double check that programs are being run with administrator privileges, compatibility for WinXP (or similar), etc. Don't be afraid to post or read in TechSupport if you're running into trouble.
Review the webpages, they have a lot of information describing Uniques, Sets, Cube Recipes, White Weapons and Armor, Runewords, Gems and Runes, Boss stats, Monster properties (mostly the spells they counter-attack with), etc. If you want to use the javascript features of the Prefix and Suffix pages, then I don't recommend Chrome because the filter button will not collapse the table rows. If you have to use Chrome, then after filtering use the search feature to look for "Group", since that will appear only on the visible rows and let you jump quickly through a long list with lots of blank area.

NewMusic (380MB) vs OldMusic (130MB)
Once upon a time, Soulmancer introduced some new music for boss fights and some town themes. Those new pieces of music are included in the NewMusic version, but note that these nearly triple the size of the download. If you choose OldMusic, then you'll still have the traditional Diablo2 music. Note that for some people, Diablo2 has a bug where it will mute your music volume without telling you, so if you have no music at all, then check your Options screen first. The OldMusic packages are named with "NoMusic" because they do not contain a Music folder (so D2 will use it's own). The new music only comes with HighResolution.

HighResolution vs NormResolution
NormResolution supports up to 800x600 while HighResolution (I think) supports 1024x768. The game screen radius at HighResolution is about 15% more than at NormalResolution. Most skills and effects were designed with NormalResolution in mind (their radius might seem painfully small on HighRes), but HighResolution has the advantage that you'll see monsters slightly earlier than Normal. This is the most arbitrary choice, pick one and have fun. The new music only comes with HighResolution.

HUv2.1 Download Links

HiRes OldMusic:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y6dqpndzeqjh ... c.zip?dl=0

HiRes NewMusic:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/1s9owu9uhoheb ... c.zip?dl=0

NormRes OldMusic:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/evz0e82t39yik ... c.zip?dl=0

Patch Notes
HPTable = 200,200,240,280,320,360,400,450
increased boss absorbs from ~15-20% to ~35-40%
increased boss PLR from ~40-50% to ~75-80%
increased trash skill damage multiplier from 100% to 300%
increased minor boss skill damage multiplier from 375% to 1500%
increased major boss skill damage multiplier from 525% to 1900%
increased base monster attack damage in NM by 20%
increased base monster attack damage in Hell by 40%
increased leech divisor from 1/2/4 to 2/3/4

moved the entrance to soulmancers plains to the drifter caverns in act5 (increased to a lvl 95 area in hell)

max res cap returned to 75%
increased merc hp
reduced levels of merc prayer

fire/cold/lit/pois enchanted: 33% -> 20% res
spectral hit res: 20% -> 1% fire/cold/lit res
magic resistant: 40% -> 3% fire/cold/lit res (skips if monster is already immune)
manaburn: 10% magic res
stoneskin: 15% phys res

reworked unique charm and challenge tome stats:
normal challenge: +0.25% max hp per level (25% max hp at lvl 100)/ +10% mana
nm challenge: +0.25% max hp per level (stacks with normal bonus for total of 50% max hp at lvl 100)/ +10 mana
hell challenge: +1 all skills +50% enhanced damage +5% reduced curse duration
normal soulmancer charm: +50hp/+50mana/+5all res
nm soulmancer charm: +10 magic res/+60ar/+50hp/+50mana
hell soulmancer charm: +3 ele,magic,poison pierce/+60ar/+50hp/+50mana
nm samhain charm : +80hp/+80mana

The changes to the normal and nm tome challenges bonuses makes the hp% bonuses unique charms give more accessible. In 2.0 you get 40% max hp from unique charms but it is spread over 4 different charms that come from some tough bosses that are out of the way. Now they are lot more accessible on a normal play through. They also scale with level so you wont get a huge hp% bonus as soon as you complete them which would disrupt the difficulty curve of the game.

changed jav/spear stats bonus from 160%/80%;240%/120% to 150%/150%;225%/225%
increased durability on weapon to 250
removed extra phys damage from facets (balanced tornado around not needing it)
removed charms from the gamble screen
reduced gold drops by ~80%
increased mana potions from 3 mana per energy to 10 mana per energy
reverted rune drop chances for high runes to 1.3 values (lower chance than now)
removed fcr from amn rune and added it to dol rune
tal, ral, ort, thul, amn give 2% pierce/1% extra damage to poison, fire, lightning, cold, magic
reverted gambling chances to 1.21 chances (reduced for uniques)
changed most non class sets to be better early game sets (check out web pages)
removed +1 all skills from elite caster helm and armor
reduced pierce/extra dmg on all ele crafts slightly
reduced leech on items/gems; weapons have 8% max other item slots have 5% max; uber skulls are 4%
added hp% prefix and dr% suffix on body armors with 135+ str req and helms with 176+ str req.
removed self repair mods on ED% rolls
increased hell nihlathak rune drops to gul-cham but made him tougher
you can now upgrade rare items using the same recipe as sets/uniques
added +summon skill tabs affixes to magic/rare/craft belts
added oskill teleport to authority zod RW
changed act5 quest2 rune rewards to pul/um/mal

reduced starting hp on all classes to 10
Increased hp per vita on all classes:
Class hp/mana:
Barbarian: 5 hp per lvl, 9 hp per vita; 2 mana per lvl, 4 mana per energy
Amazon: 4 hp per lvl, 8 hp per vita; 2 mana per lvl, 5 mana per energy
Paladin: 4 hp per lvl, 8 hp per vita; 3 mana per lvl, 5 mana per energy
Assassin: 4 hp per lvl, 7 hp per vita; 4 mana per lvl, 5 mana per energy
Druid: 3 hp per lvl, 7 hp per vita; 4 mana per lvl, 6 mana per energy
Necro: 3 hp per lvl, 7 hp per vita; 4 mana per lvl, 6 mana per energy
Sorceress: 3 hp per lvl, 7 hp per vita; 5 mana per lvl, 7 mana per energy

general skill changes:
buffed dmg% and def% on all melee skills and passives
caster skills now require energy to scale damage to their maximum
each point of energy gives 0.2% spell damage
rebalanced summons to require more hard points to be tankier
reworked summon damage so dmg auras arent op with them
summons like golems/skeles/wolves/bears now show their base physcial damage and +enhanced damage they get from the skill. To calculate their damage use this simple formula: (base physical damage)*(100+enhanced damage)/100. Why make it this way? Skill description formulas are limited, so by providing the base damage and +damage% in the desciption you can get a completely accurate damage number for your minons by adding any damage auras into your damage calculation.
syngeries returned to skills

cold arrow/slowmissile
fire arrow/slowmissile
exploding arrow/immolation arrow
icearrow/frozen arrow
disease spray/plague jav/poison jav
lightning bolt/slowmissile
charged strike/slowmissile
lightning strike/slowmissile
lightning fury/lightning bolt/slowmissile

frost nova/chillingarmor/shiver armor


holyshock/res lightning/conviction
holyfire/res fire/conviction
holyfrost/res cold/conviction



fists of fire (self synergy)
blades of ice (self synergy)
claws of thunder (self synergy)
cobra strike (self synergy)
phoenix strike (self synergy)
psychic hammer/mindblast
fireblast/wake of fire/wake of inferno
shockweb/charged bolt sentry/lightning sentry

ele bow skills reduced to 1/2 weapon damage
innersight and slow missiles are flagged as curses now
innersight buffed to -10 (-1 per 2 base levels) (-1 per 3 soft points)
slow missiles buffed to -15 (-1 base levels) (-1 per 3 soft points)
fend changed to 2/3 weapon damage aoe similar to stun

increased fireball radius by 40%
increased glacial spike radius by 40%
masteries changed to 1-20% with dimishing returns
hydra duration increases by 3/25 secs per level
icebolt pierces

added icebolt nova to blades of ice charge 3
reworked shock web to release mini novas on impact
reverted wake of fire to old version, it causes counters
reworked inferno sentry to shoot projectile like immolation arrow
blade sentinel reduced to 1/4 weapon dmg
increased NHD on blade sentinel from 6 to 10
claw block= 5% + (base level/2) + 1% per 7 base dex, 50% max claw block, 5% FBR per clawmastery base level
claw mastery gets 15% def per hard point in any MA skill
deathsentry increased to 5 shots
increased speed on cobra strike nova
added kick damage to BOS for hard points in dragon flight

reduced lycan hp bonus to 6%+1%
increased oak sage hp to 120+20
armageddon and hurricane no longer stack
buffed volcano, fissure, molten boulder
reduced volcano NHD from 10 to 7
arctic blast reworked to be like inferno
firestorm now has a NHD of 5 frames and causes counters
removed life on strike synergy from SOB and added PLR
increased shockwave range

amplify damage changed to -10 (-1 per 2 base levels) (-1 per 3 soft points)
lower resist changed to -25 (-1 per 2 levels)
added phys damage back to golems

increased prayer hp bonus to 10 per level
added 1 magic pierce per blessed hammer base level to concentration aura
increased pierce on elemental holy auras from 5+1 per 4 levels to 5+1 per 3 levels
conviction changed to -25 (-1 per 2 levels)
vengeance nova increased to 2/3 weapon damage

reduced increased stamina to 6%+1%
increased battle orders hp to 120+12
frenzy increased to 6/5 weapon damage
double swing converts 50%+3% per level physical damage into magic damage
double throw increased to 4/3 weapon damage
stun aoe increased to 2/3 weapon damage and added 0.2 second stun
added -phys res to grimward

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 Post subject: Re: HU v2.1 Download links and changelog
PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:38 pm 
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cool buddy, thanks.

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 Post subject: Re: HU v2.1 Download links and changelog
PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:54 am 

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 Post subject: Re: HU v2.1 Download links and changelog
PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 8:14 pm 

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Somehow, Cold Mastery doesn't go up with items that have "+ cold skills".

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 Post subject: Re: HU v2.1 Download links and changelog
PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:24 am 
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Could you please also host a 1.3 version?

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 Post subject: Re: HU v2.1 Download links and changelog
PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:44 am 

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So Ive been thinking and one thing you really should do is give cast delays to boss skills. They spam their undodgable-instakilling abilities all they long in a room where theres nowhere to hide and nowhere to run from them, and some of them are target spells. What were you thinking lmao?? xDDD
Make it so that on Normal, give the bosses a 12-second cast delay to each of their abilities, on NM make it 10 second and on Hell make it 7-8 seconds.
The bosses this way would still retain their potential but at least they wouldnt be so... boring. Many times the whole thing comes down to pure luck when the boss "decides" not to start spamming his instakiller abilities. Its a joke! :D
Also, the perma 300-500ms on the network makes this mod a living hell. It is NOT enjoyable in any way when it comes to bosses and many times even in general. There is no "yes, we did it!" feeling upon killing a boss, more like a "finally, we dont have to put up with this bullshit anymore..." feeling is what I (and Im sure many others) feel.
Consider this suggestion, please. :)
If you are gonna release a new version, please do away with the undodgable-instakilling ability spams because this way theres no balance in the game at all. In turn, give bosses more hp. That way, when it comes to them it will be a longer fight but at least a doable one. Cos for instance level 40 andariel instakiller ping pong ball is just ridiculous when you fight her on level 23-25. Level 40 abilities?? Rly?? Give the bosses level 20 abilities in early and gradually work it up to 25/30/35 etc. Make the game consistent cos this way its a joke xDD
Cheers! :)

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 Post subject: Re: HU v2.1 Download links and changelog
PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 3:29 am 

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Alternalo wrote:
Could you please also host a 1.3 version?

could you?

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 Post subject: Re: HU v2.1 Download links and changelog
PostPosted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 3:31 am 

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any updated? it seemed almost a year gone by....

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