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A New guide to installing HU. For the good of the game!!
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Author:  Kye7 [ Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  A New guide to installing HU. For the good of the game!!

Hello Folks!
I've been playing HU on/off for many years. Every time I come back, I DREAD installing the game properly, and without error. I've tried to get friends into HU too, but it's just too damn hard to get it up and running easily. You can literally install D2 Lod in under 2 minutes. Why is getting HU up and running so hard ?

I firmly believe this a barrier form getting new players into the game.

There are too many variations of installing the game. D2SE/Non-D2SE. Previous installation upgrade, scratch install. People have special loaders around the site to mitigate these issues, file links everywhere, various threads, posts, all with good information, too much info. There should be one centralized hub/thread that encompases all the latest up to date installation methods.

This has been the case every time I approach the installation with a "fresh mind" for the past 4-5 years. It is not an easy process. I've installed D2 10+ times today trying to get it right to no avail.

I believe it would be for the good of the game if there were a comprehensive guide on installing HU.

I really look forward to playing this amazing mod again, None of the install guide pages have ever consistently worked for me.

Here is what I've tried. Trying to follow instruction.

1. Install D2 from
2. Install D2 LOD from
3. Extract 1.10.rar into D2 folder
3. Extract HUv1.8_HiRes_Music into D2 folder
4. Run as admin d2modsetup.bat
5. As per Duff's post instruction "start D2"
6. Following Error:

What is the proper next step? I know this CD error is indicitive of patch 1.12, but as described, I already downgraded to 1.10. How can this be possible?

As someone who has experienced the pain of installing this mod, I wouldn't wish it upon anyone else.

Duff's guide looks simple enough, but has never worked for me over the multiple years/times I've tried to install it.

If someone were willing to help me out over Teamviewer/Skype, that would be awesome.
Hopefully save new and future players a headache with installing!

Author:  Ensley03 [ Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A New guide to installing HU. For the good of the game!!

I always keep up the complete folder for D2SE. You can always remove the data folder and then swap out the Patch_D2, D2Mod and game.dll to change your version to whichever HU patch you want to play. I believe those are the only areas relevant to different patches. If it's to play on active realm, you would just uncheck PlugY in the D2SE launcher.

Author:  Minu566 [ Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A New guide to installing HU. For the good of the game!!

I am installing from virtual disks and upgrading to 1.10 and I get the same error since upgrading to win7. For me copying all the .mpq files from the lod disk into the d2 directory seems to do the trick.

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