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Question regarding Phoenix Strike v1.8
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Author:  iiNfluence [ Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Question regarding Phoenix Strike v1.8

hi guys. im making a sin and i want to use pheonix strike as a alt boss kilelr to my wof.

i wonder which finishing move will be best ? ive been told that pheonix is listed as a skill dmg spell so it will benefit only of +skill ... so i was thinking releasing wit dflight ? it will add a %magic dmg whjich will help vs fire imue i believe and will deal same attack% dmg then dclaw? so my 2nd questino will be : does the dmg % that dcalw adds will it be added to my phoenix strike that benefit from +skill ?? i dont know if i write this correctly hopefully you guys understand my question tyvm :D

dclaw at lvl 20 : damage: 230% attack 200% ( this is once buffed by lvl 20 fade and clawblock which i will have)

dflight: magic dmg 720% attack 200%

dtail: 375% fire dmg attack 200%

dtalon : kick dmg 500% 4kicks attack 200%

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