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 Post subject: Game dead ?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:35 am 

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Man what happend ? theres pretty much noone playing this game..
Havent seen 1 normal game in like 4 days. did 1.7 pach kill the game ?

Discuss .

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 Post subject: Re: Game dead ?
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:05 pm 
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I'd agree that v1.7 didn't increase the population of players, but compared to last year (v1.6), I don't think it killed the game either. Last year we released the v1.7 patch for public testing around summer because it seemed like folks weren't playing v1.6 too much at that time. It seems like in general folks will play a new patch for a few months and then move on. It might be worth considering what other D2 mods have recently started some new ladder reset season or patch as well (many HU players also enjoy Median and Aftermath). Players shared between the various D2 mods can only play one at a time, and I wouldn't blame them at all for pouring their attention into the one that restarted most recently.

If folks genuinely feel like the only problem for HU is v1.7, then they should start a poll asking Duff to reset to some other version (don't create fake accounts to vote multiple times, it's pretty trivial for Duff to check the IP address of voters to tell when the vote is invalid). If the player count increases and stays high for more than a few months, then at least the Modders of v1.8 will know to stay away from some of the features of v1.7 that set it apart (new skill synergies, item upgrade recipes, etc). It would be great if folks discussed the specific features (maybe a list of items, challenge boss, builds) they did or didn't like in different versions. Someone's opinion on a patch is alright, but it just isn't productive when it comes to designing solutions and changes.

Whichever HU version players would enjoy for the rest of 2017, it's worthwhile for everyone to see if their friends would like to play (i.e. advertising). If they first download Ensley03's D2SE file tree and then their version of choice, then they do not need the original D2 CDs (in fact downloading D2 fresh from Blizzard wouldn't work since it's v1.14 which isn't compatible with D2SE and thus HU). I've tried to get some more players, but not a lot of folks with nostalgia towards D2 seem willing to go through the effort of getting it set up to actually play, or maybe they don't quite trust Mods in general. I've also tried getting it completely set up for a nephew of mine, but D2 isn't as pretty as new games, so didn't hold his attention for long (HU might also be too challenging for younger players, so Vanilla D2 might be a better start).

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 Post subject: Re: Game dead ?
PostPosted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 3:27 pm 

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damn havent been here in forever, with D3 out, thought there would be a lot of inspiration for new things to add to HU

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