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 Post subject: Q and A Time
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:42 am 

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Hi Guys

Mod is looking great, reminds me of HU 1.3 ish with many upgrades.

I was looking around the forums for a change log and wondered of a few things, so without further do I will just list the questions :)

1) What is the maximum phys % reduction and maximum absorb from elemental this turn around? Last round it was 40 to elem and 60% to phys resist I believe.

2) What is the maximum level cap, is it still 101?

3) Looking through the web pages it looks like many items have been changed but im trying to decode the boss stats for example:

AC: 262 What is AC?

A1 (450 AR): 31-36 31-36(Frz2.0s) 25-42 and these stats mean?

4) According to the akara rings you stand a chance to roll revive.. is it true you have added this skill back into the game? Could come into great use at times if so!

5) is there a updated list of Cube recipes yet? I think the HU Armory page is still in 1.6 mode.

6) Pure rage dod, viewtopic.php?f=10&t=11 & viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9 Could these be either de-stickied or updated to reflect 1.7

7) Kannli you out there? those high end runes ... did not last that long did they ;)

Thanks for keeping the mod alive.

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 Post subject: Re: Q and A Time
PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:05 am 
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  1. Absorbs, resistances, etc. Absorbs are capped by D2 at 40%, but v1.7 tries to keep them below 25%. PhysRes is capped by d2mod.ini, and is kept at 50% like the other resistances. In v1.7 PhysRes is treated similarly to %Block in that your character shouldn't have trouble getting one of them to 50%, or getting both of them to 33% (very similar effects). This post explains a bit on why these numbers are chosen.
  2. HUv1.7 is based on v1.3, so inherited a level cap of 99. It's usually a safe bet that any changes after v1.3 were not included (either due to my not know about them, or because they didn't fit the themes of v1.7 ("Get what you pay for" (e.g. fewer 1-point wonders), encourage variety of builds, etc)).
  3. AC = ArmorClass. This is used by D2 as part of the chance to hit formula (100 * AR / (AR+DR) * 2 * alvl / (alvl+dlvl); where AR=AttackRating, DR=DefenseRating (aka AC), alvl=AttackerLevel, dlvl=DefenderLevel).
    BossAttacks. A1 = Attack1, AR=AttackRating. The damage ranges are colour coded to show which element they are, so Andarial does 31-36 PhysicalDamage, 31-36 FreezeDamage that lasts 2 seconds, and 25-42 LightningDamage.
  4. Skill Names in webpages. The Webpage Maker just uses the names as they appear in the files, which occasionally won't match in-game names. Revive (RaiseSkeletonKnight in game) and Evade (Perfection in game) are examples. I tried to edit their names in the files a while back, but some of them (e.g. Evade) caused errors for D2 (I've no idea why D2 is hard-coded to search for the name "Evade", but apparently it is).
    All that aside, Revives basically do exist as the "Reanimates X" mod on items, and isn't too hard to get around 5% to 10% (i.e. very easy to make a tanking revive). Alternatively, you could use Convert (e.g. RisingSun, AngelicSet).
  5. All cube recipes are in the webpages download, but are organized by the input item (e.g. Crafting is in RecipesMagical.html). There is an issue (review the section on Legion) with the recipes description related to DaybreakSoul that I should be able to work on in February.

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 Post subject: Re: Q and A Time
PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:18 am 

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Thanks Brevan,

Any joy with the server/games fix?

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