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Author:  Angel [ Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Difficulty feedback

This is all from the perspective of a nado druid. If I say a boss wasn't difficult, it means I literally tele(moved at lower levels) on top of them and spammed nado until they died.


Act 1 was a complete joke. Berserkers were stronger than the bosses, I just skipped them. If I farmed gear and built pdr I imagine they wouldn't hurt, but they take a while to kill and aren't worth the time.

Act 2 had no mobs of consequence, it was pretty easy. I should note the caster skeletons seem to have absurd amounts of hp, so I usually just skipped them, especially if the ressing unit was champ.

Act 3 is where your pdr and mdr spikes, and as a result nothing but meph damages you. Meph is far less frightening than he was in the past. The champ ww mobs can be a nightmare though, sometimes they do insane damage sometimes they do no damage. Also the caster skeletons seem to have an insane amount of hp, just like in a2. Act 3 is also where your merc gets a big chunk of pdr and mdr, and as a result you might as well have godmode on for everything but meph.

Act 4 is incredibly easy until you get to diablo. Diablo is insane. His armageddon is hitting way too hard for having stacked sorbs and stacked max resist. It should be noted if diablo didn't kill my merc, it would be a complete joke.

Act 5 is coasting until council. Problem mobs of the past like chargers barely do damage and they've been given baals sanct aura to make them tedious. Council is easy minus madawac, who has an aura which does absurd damage. Don't even understand what is happening with said aura either, it just kills you with high damage packets applied every couple frames. I can't even imagine a melee tanking it. I had 80 pdr mdr, oak bo, max block, and died in less than a second when I got in range of the aura. None of the bosses past him are of any note or difficulty.


A1 gives virtually no experience. I stopped killing mobs because they have absurd hp and give nothing. The champ zerkers could hurt me, probably kill me with rng through my block, but it didn't happen. The boss before andariel didn't even damage me, the bears could chunk but they died quickly and godmode merc made using potions meaningless. Andariel was interesting in a sense that my hp was sort of like a roller coaster, with my merc pulsing me back to full from half.

I haven't started act 2, will post again as I progress.

Quick takeaway from this patch. If you don't have the ability to clear trash, get an a3 merc, they shred for a long time. If you can clear trash, get a prayer merc. My prayer merc pulses for like 450-500, turns anything that may of shown difficulty(aside from act bosses because they pretty much kill them at level) a joke.

My small group are slackers and don't have mercs, but 3 mercs will easily pulse your entire hp pool, and yes the prayers stack. That said, my merc alone pretty much negated any need for healing pots. The struggle is mana pots, which any caster is going to be chugging and it will quickly become the entire game process. I really don't give a shit what people say they've done as a solution. Mpk isn't enough and doesn't help on bosses anyways. Mana regen requires a huge pool of mana which is unobtainable by anything but a sorc, and even then it doesn't help. You're still just popping pots and casting from their regen regardless. I made a cl sorc, full energy minus some strength to wear gear. 4x lum buckler unique , 6x lum white chest, 4x lum helm, 3x lum sorc orb, unique sash, 2x 30% rings. All synergies ignored, warmth and es maxed along with cl. About 900 mana, absurd mana regen, still casting off mana pots.

Tl;dr get a prayer merc, congrats you have godmode.

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