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 Post subject: All the new locations ?
PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:53 pm 

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Can someone give me a list of all the new locations that are added in HU. I saw somewhere location named haunted morgue and that it's located in act 1. but I didn't found it. So can you list me all the zones and maybe their locations ?

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 Post subject: Re: All the new locations ?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:37 pm 
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I know some of the new locations that existed in v1.3 (probably still in v1.6), but I'm very confident more than these locations exist in v1.6 (Trials, Challenge areas, etc). It's a bit hard to know when to draw the line between one new area and two new areas joined together (e.g. ArcaneObservatory and ArcaneBridge - you can't miss either and they're adjacent, so I guess that's one new area. Another example is the entry room to Countess's tower: it's new, but it's just a single room so doesn't really feel like much of a new area). I think I've played HU long enough that I can't remember Vanilla well enough to recognize all the areas that are new, but maybe other folks will add details.

Keep in mind that while there are new areas, some of the old areas might be changed too. For example, to promote exploration, the PurificationGlyphs used to uncurse items are located in some optional areas like caves. There is 1 Glyph in A1, 2 in A2, and 2 in A3. Personally I won't give more details than that since Soulmancer requested folks to find out for themselves.

Some new areas larger than a few screens:
HauntedMorgue - Innercloister area across from stairs down to Cats1. Optional.
CollapsedEscapeTunnel - PalaceLevel3 or maybe one of the earlier floors, in the north. Optional.
ArcaneObservatory - Area after ArcaneSanctuary. Can't miss it.
TalRasha'sTrueTomb - Area between Tal's Tomb and the place where you use the staff. Can't miss it.
SpiderHole - Entered from SpiderCavern (A3 WP1). Ends with the Eye quest item. Can't miss it.
FortressOfTheZakarum - Entrance on the left side of Travincal. The Council are fought at the end. Can't miss it.
IsolatedPurgatory - Entrance by the PlainsOfDespair WP. Optional, but Izual is at the end so highly recommended. Level 2 might cause you to crash (at least in v1.3) because the red-tint in the walls is not handled well by D2. Last I knew, you would rarely crash twice in the same game, so if it's on the server you could just rejoin.
AsylumOfWar - Entered via the portal spawned by the Catapult at the end of the BloodyFoothill. Optional, but Shenk is at the top floor.
AsylumOfWarBasement - Left side of the first floor of the AsylumOfWar. Optional.
LakeOfTheDead - Entered from CrystalPassage. Can't miss it.
FrozenCitadel - Entered from Ancient'sWay. Very long, very large, ends with Samhain battle. Optional, and recommended for after completing all other A5 quests (Nihlathak quest must be completed (item named) in v1.3)
??? (I forgot the name) - Entered after WorldStoneKeep level 3, ends with a portal to WorldStoneCastle. Can't miss it.
WorldStoneCastle - Ends with the Baal.
LandOfShadows - In Hell difficulty, some sub bosses drop items (one per act I think) that can be cubed together to form a key with charges of a skill that opens a portal to the Land of Shadows. I'm pretty sure Baal quest in Hell must be finished to enter the portal. Optional.

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