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 Post subject: Don't be upset if you don't get rushed
PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:11 pm 

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I won't say I didn't create this thread out of pure saltiness because I did. So, reset happened yesterday, everyone who started playing since then is still pretty low level(I'm not even sure if there's anyone higher level than me at the moment even though I only played solo >IN PUBLIC GAMES, so don't scold me, anyone could join at any moment<). Sometimes people 40-50 levels below me join my games and just mind their own business, they even make a separate party to play, I'm fine with that, do it if you want(I'm in a party with myself, I play two characters at once, no help from any third party software, I use the good old Alt+Tab between the two).

All's fine. Except for when someone proceeds to join my game and asks me to rush them. Alright, so I don't rush anyone, you guys. Except for people I actually know, of course. I kindly decline this request and then get a nice little gesture stating something among the lines of me sitting on a penis. Could we not? I don't know since when is it a norm that I'm supposed to rush random people for no reason through content because they play a bunch of random battle.net builds which clearly won't function properly in Hell Unleashed.

In short: if you chose to run a build which needs 70 levels before it starts doing something, THAT IS YOUR FAULT. It is not my fault, it's not the mod's fault, not the host's fault, it's YOUR fault. Don't go around telling people to fuck off if they don't carry you through the game.

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