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My thinking about HU 1.6
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Author:  nguyentai44 [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  My thinking about HU 1.6

Iam playing this mod in my private server, i have some things... :
1. There is a Vegance-Soc dam >100k. This bitch can solo from Act 1 to Act Nightmare. 3xEnchant skills is not good idead.
2. In this game, only Bear summon and Barbarian class can tank with boss for some second, Paladin is suck.
3. Bowazon is the best dam dealer, 9x Amazon can deal >50k GA (she has awesome attack speed); Multishot can clear monster faster than all of other class with huge dmg
4. Many physical build has very strong dmg, and elemental skills are too. But the poison is not much and Rabies druid is very weak for farm in hell.
5. PvP is never balanced...
6. I suggest remove some oSkill item like Zeal and Vegance... because : bar use Zeal, Soc use Vegance, Amazon use Zeal... too bored
7. Boss damage is extra strong, damage/AR is too much, so the HP is not important...
8 Remove bone prison on some boss, i see many too many boss uses it.
sorry for my bad english

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