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 Post subject: WOW This is... well how would you say .... Crazy?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:24 pm 
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OK I play HU and have for a long time, ill admit I am not a great player probably compared to most that play. (I am no Gamer) I am average to a bit below average. I appreciate all of the work that everyone puts into the patches and honestly I do not have the intelligence to do that sort of thing. Big thanks to those that do!
This post isn't meant too bitch ...complain...or whine, although maybe it is.... I really just wanted to express my feelings and concerns.

I thought the idea behind all of these changes was to make it so that a team of 2 could reasonably complete the game? We all know that about a month or so after a reset most people will quit playing and finding a team to play with wont be easy. I also know after EVERY patch there is always a big uproar with those that like or don't like the changes.

I have a couple level 90 chars as do one of my friends and we cant do shit in hell!! I mean farm the pits....instant death...cant kill Tobias... to even try and get to Andy. Cant kill Duriel...etc etc.

I don't have 8-10 hours a day to play more like a few hours after work and maybe more on the weekends, so for me this makes it impossible to advance without putting in hour after hour to find gear, or wait for party and try to stay alive while they kill the boss and only take the gear they don't pick up after the drops.

What I see is whenever someone figures out a way to tank or kill a boss that ability gets "Nerfed" or removed because we cant have that. I know there are things that are OP and I get it.... but sometimes its nice to have that OP feature so you don't have to bang and bang just to move ahead.

I have enjoyed playng this MOD for ohh i dont know maybe 10 years or so. Thanks to Duff / Blue Myradian / Ensley and soo many others over the years, sorry i cant remember all of the names, that have stepped up and made it what it is, I just cant see moving ahead and spending so much time just to scratch my way forward.

Last patch i put alot of time and effort in and finally completed Hell Trials, Hell Sammy and Hell Baal, but never even could get past Act 2 LOS. not to mention it took me like months and months and months of regularly playing to get to that point.

Am I going to quit? I have no idea I love the game so much i want to say no but at this point I am not sure.

Thanks again to the community at times this can be a really fun game, im prob just venting here!! :?

So feel free to fire away at me to those of you that take this post as an attack on your hard work ;) Wish I could put it in more friendly terms but it is what it is.

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 Post subject: Re: WOW This is... well how would you say .... Crazy?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:43 pm 
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In the past when something was OP it didn't get nerfed mid season. This is honestly the first time I remember something get destroyed like this, and not just the thing that was OP but every other thing related to it. Was the Grizzly dumb? Yes but it wasn't any dumber than decoy and poizons which we had for awhile. SOMETHING will always be OP. With this player base it's impossible for something to not be found and exploited to shit because that's the kind of players who play a 15 year old game.

End of the day I hope you don't get discouraged and quit because this realm always needs players.

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