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 Post subject: Hell Unleashed Changelog Master List
PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:52 am 
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Placeholder, D2SE brings you here if you hit the readme button.

Can people provide links to change logs stretching back as far as possible. We can link each version change log here in order for future reference

Change logs:
Hell Unleashed 1.6 + 1.6a: http://pastebin.com/jnycjxMg
Hell Unleashed 1.5b: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=8445&hilit=work+never+ends (precursor to 1.6, not live)
Hell Unleashed 1.5a: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8436
Hell Unleashed 1.5:
Hell Unleashed 1.41e: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8259
Hell Unleashed 1.41d: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8128
Hell Unleashed 1.3b: See Kramuti's post below

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 Post subject: Re: Hell Unleashed Changelog Master List
PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:40 pm 
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Here is a link to 1.3b. This should contain the old changelogs if my recollection is correct about what used to be kept in the file structure (at least all of Soulmancer's work...not sure about 1.3a)

EDIT:Well...if they had a physical download this would be true....sorry but here is the link anyway.

http://www.moddb.com/mods/hell-unleashe ... l-eddition

Below is a cut and paste from their archived post of 1.3b on our lovely forums.
I can delete the stuff below when/if you put a link at the top.

1.3b patchnotes

1:a number of unique/RW changes
2:ber rune changed to 2%cb in weapons
3:holy auras synergys changed to convic and respective resist aura both for 20%
4:MDR on diamonds cut back
5:Armor override on zerk reduced by 5% per hard point (negated when maxed)
6:Geddon and valor rws masterys removed and replaced with 50% fire mastery
7:maul grants 10% critical +2% per hard point
8:fana grants 10% critical +2% per hard point
9:plague jav duration at tier 1 changed from 10frames per lvl to 5
10:necro blades cooldown increased to 2 secs
11:buffed spirit wolves damage, timer increased to 1.5 secs, and increased max number to 2+1 per 5 soft levels
12:dire wolves damage increased slightly and max number increased to 3
13:HoW grants 1% dr per hard point to the party
14:SoB grants 1% ele absorb per 2 hard points
15:Bone spear tier 5 damage scaled back by 10%
16:Bone Spirit damage increased by 10% on tier 5
17:facets +%element damage range from 2-3%
18:amp values readjusted to soft level progression
19:enemy lifetap causes hp drain = their level per second
20:shields base damage increased by 20%
21:smite damage per level increased by 5%
22:blessed aim grants 1% passive lifesteal per level
23:elemental set parts grant +20 oskill meteor, glacial spike and thunder storm when fully equipped
24:confuse is no longer overwritten by other curses
25:meteor patch duration reduced by 20%
26:ce timer removed
27:Medi on holy amulets replaced with prayer
28:Crushing blow added as a suffix at 2-3% on weapons
29:deadly strike added as a suffix on weapons at 5-15%
30:templars armor changed to +2 skills and minimum pierce dropped to 8% elemental/pois and 4% magic (max unchanged)
31:topaz craft armor caps at +1 skills
32:boss resists have physical reduced (hell baal now 110 with charm)
33:all of the LoS heroes are now knockback immune
34:decoy reduced from 100% of zon hp + 10% per lvl to 75% of zon hp +5% hp per lvl with life buff double dipping removed.
35:fixed moncurse versions of amp + lower resist
36:summons Ai delay dropped to 2 frames
37:frozen armor def bonus dropped to 20% per level
38:necromage hp gain fixed and increased to 10% per level
39:necromage missiles buffed
40:HoW aura increased to 40% def/ar/damage + 15 per level, up from 36%+12% per level
41:blessed aim fixed/strategy conflict fixed
42:Cold sorb on salvation
43:prayer tier 5 dropped from 12 to 10
44:non skill IAS returned to smite
45:hurricane missiles no longer effected by slow missiles
46:IM divisor deccreased to /35 vs players from /40
47:Wolves max pet desription updated
48:d knight AI delay fixed
49:Phoenix strike missiles got a 1 in apply mastery
50:make orbs qualify as melee weapons in itemtype.txt to make usable for melee skills
51:transfer Double Throw AR% per level to Throwing Mastery to fix hardcoded AR bug
52:gave venom 3% hard self psynergy
53:lowered mind blast conversion to 5%
54:boosted psychic hammer tiers 6/20/30/50/80
55:nerfed LOS asn psychic hammer counter level 25 so max damage only rises :a tad as result of skill buff
56:gave FOH direct hit bypass demons
57:gave hammers bypass undead
58:decoy timer increased to 10 seconds
59:higher ele bowa skills mana costs cut in half, turned to proper 60 point builds
60:added freezing/cold bolts to replace fires magic arrows
61:moncurse amp reduced to -50
62:throwing stack replenish rates boosted
63: moonstone ele craft gloves/belts/boots/helms vary between 8-12 %dmg and pierce
64: Spirit/Dire Wolves and Grizzly Bear druid summons given a salvation state to properly activate their resists per level.
65: Inferno charges removed from "Dragon Chang" and replaced with blaze charges.
66: Flamebellow's oskill changed from inferno to blaze.
67: Metalgrid's and Wisp both have Spirit of Barbs charge level changed to 8.
68: Misleading elemental pierce description lines on Vengeance removed.
69: Hidden Critical Strike on Werebear now stated in description
70: Merc Changes
71: Various monster AI changes applied to adjust to new screen radius of high res plug in.
72: Feral Rage's life leech now equal to hard level.
73: One handed melee weapons now have 2.5% ED per soft str point.
74: Two handed melee weapons now have 3% ED per sfot str point.
75: Blessed Aim has a new description section clarifying the nature of its bonuses while not activated.
76: Iron Maiden's damage returned description updated to reflect what's coded.

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 Post subject: Re: Hell Unleashed Changelog Master List
PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:01 pm 

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Where are all the 1.6 changes...? It just sais N/A

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 Post subject: Re: Hell Unleashed Changelog Master List
PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2016 4:56 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: Hell Unleashed Changelog Master List
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:19 pm 
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Here are the contents of "HU1.21z_update.txt" that is included in HUv1.3b download (and hopefully in v1.21 download). I adjusted the formatting, but changed no text (other than remove dash-bullet points):

  • Normal is now easier in a number of different ways to be more casual friendly: potions, gear, gems, enemies
  • Hell is now somewhat tougher
  • Quest flag requirements have been removed from all portals other then the Throne of the Dead and the Land of Shadows
  • Counter rates from bosses reduced, on hell this is offset by increased power of counters
  • Tweaks to sets, uniques and runewords accross all levels
  • 3 new amazon class uniques based off the two handed spear
  • 14 new runewords
  • Hirelings level up easier
  • Shadow Warrior/Master now display as such is the pet icons
  • Jewls are more expensive to gamble for

  • Minimum number of player spawn is now 2 instead of 3
  • The majority of the dungeons have been slightly deecreased in size, though champs and named enemies remains the same
  • Melee amazons buffed
  • Singer barbs buffed
  • Avenger Buffed
  • Phoenixsins buffed
  • Fire trappers buffed
  • Fire druids buffed
  • Rabies druids buffed
  • Assassins can now summon both shadow warrior and master
  • Conviction added as a synergy to Holy aura and sanctuary skills for an alternative path build... it is still intended to be a 60 point build and the synergy bonus remains the same
  • Fixed some buffed runewords, uniques and set items
  • Crafting has been tweaked
  • Many mercs have been updated and tweaked for more versatility

  • Elemental Bow/Javalin skills have been buffed, poison benefiting the most
  • Multi-shot will now do 3/4 normal damage again as in its original form
  • Less range on guided arrow, will auto-hit once again but no longer pierce
  • Melee spear skills buffed
  • Most skills slightly buffed
  • static field has its range reduced.
  • Bone armor AC buffed
  • Bone skills buffed in damage
  • Less range on bone spirit
  • Skelemages damage buffed
  • Smite will no longer be affected attack speed
  • Sacrafice buffed
  • Blessed hammers damage very slightly decreased
  • Elemental melee skills buffed
  • Fire skills buffed
  • Kick skills buffed
  • Martial arts skills buffed
  • Trap skills buffed
  • Reduced HP gain per level
  • Increased HP gain per VIT
  • Many other minor balancing and skill tweaks across the board
  • Selling items now merrits less gold
  • Sszak string no longer will kill mercs
  • Higher end staves have been improved
  • Ber runes now give 4% CB instead of 5%
  • Skiller charms will be more rare and are now a lvl 80 item with a lvl 80 req
  • All zod runewords have been buffed
  • Act 1 physical nerf will no longer gain levels in the multi-shot skill through leveling up. Only way to raise it will be through + to skill items.
  • A weakned version of the multi-shot skill
  • Curses/Freezing duration penalty increased in hell difficulty
  • Diablo, Izual, Whitedragon, Hellforge Dragon, Chimera are tougher
  • Berserkers now appear at the monastery gates and outer cloister
  • Bosses in general will be slightly more durable and an increased chance to block
  • Hell difficulty increases
  • The Shadows Heroes will prove a greater challenge and cannot be knocked back
  • Level 101 now attainable
  • Getting level 98-100 will progress more slowly
  • Laggy bosses Glasya, Hellforge dragon and Moloch have had their laggyness reduced

  • Fixed and issue with Moloch's lag
  • Nerfed physical act 1 rogue mercs
  • A few skill tweaks, mostly necro such as skelemancers, astral blades and wall/prison.
  • Cooldown time lowered on firewall
  • Mediation synergy from Cleasning sixed
  • changes to some sets, uniques and runewords
  • fix for moonstone diamond crafts
  • charged curse wands will only spawn at level 1
  • Sorcs gain 1 more mana per energy
  • slight changes to a few weapon base speeds
  • fixed the Ber/Jah rune issue
  • Anti Heroes of the Land of Shadows buffed except for necro's
  • Samhain's fixed, no longer has the invisible insta death attack
  • Nihalthak will teleport less
  • Amp damage curse slightly tweaked
  • Thorns effectiveness reduced
  • Ladder reset as of August 2nd

  • Monsters HP growth based on # of players in the gane has been changed in the (Full) Multiplayer addition
    values are now 1p = 300% 2p = 300% 3p = 300% 4p = 300% 5p = 475% 6p = 550% 7p = 575% 8p = 600% this has been done
    to fix the widely used Single Spawning exploit.
  • A certain gold exploit has been fixed.
  • Gems and rune prices have been slightly lowered.
  • Normal skulls will look normal again and not like a Soul Skull.
  • Fixes with multi-language support.
  • Fixed a bug with being able to teleport outside the Chimera arena.
  • Fixed a bug with the doors in the Realm of the Slain being blocked.
  • Some bosses have a new and "interesting" surprise.
  • A few balancing tweaks to some skills, some buffed, some tonned down.
  • Larger bosses have been given a bit of knock back resistance.
  • Fixed bug with exeptional topaz and crafting recipes
  • Fixed the floor in the Catacombs of Anguish.
  • A few additional bugs and balancing issues have been taken care of.

  • Pierce Magic Resist Enabled
  • Unique re-balances
  • New Set Items and Re-amped Sets
  • Skill overhauled, fixed and balanced
  • New Crafting recipes nerfed somewhat
  • New stat req system for weapons
  • Damage bonus revision on certain weapons. Example spears rely on half dex and half str like daggers, wands, claws, javelins and throwing.
  • Nightmare and Hell increased in difficulty.
  • New skill tree graphic and gem graphics
  • Physical rogue mercs slightly weaker.
  • Horadric Ore now required to forge Horadric Staff

  • 3 New bosses "non optional"
  • New Area's including Talrasha's True Tomb, Catacombs of Anguish and the Bridge of the Damned. "non optional"
  • New vocal Boss Taunts added for the majority of HU bosses
  • Improved AI's for some monsters and Bosses "Like the High Council"
  • Some Bosses and Monsters have new attacks and are more challenging.
  • Curse Immunity Removed
  • Iron Maiden effectiveness decreased.
  • All players start with the Cube, which has also has been greatly increased in size.
  • The Juggernaut now possesses a new item needed for the staff.
  • First Part of Arcane Sanctuary is now random again.
  • Asylum of War and Cleft of Chaos have been re-amped.
  • 6 New Superunique Monsters.
  • A lot more Champions in areas.
  • Skills and Synergy's rebalanced to allow more viable and balanced templates.
  • Unique re-balances
  • New Set Items and Re-amped Sets
  • New Crafting Recipes fore Exceptional and Elite Equipment
  • New Characters start with 1 skill point and 60 stat points with "5 starting base in each stat"
  • Strength and Dexterity has a greater impact on damage.
  • Stat bonus's from gems and items have been reduced.
  • Gems and Runes have been altered somewhat.
  • Hellforge reward improved.
  • Magic piercing facets and runes.
  • Improvements to the Treasureclass system.
  • New Mercs
  • Expanded and altered soundtrack with a return to a more dark traditional feel.

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