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ancient's help plz
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Author:  evilgod [ Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:28 pm ]
Post subject:  ancient's help plz

I have try everything there is that you can do at lvl 60

I tried dr did (not work)I tried neco summoner with me (did not work)

I tried maxing out life (did not work)

I tried living all that way up to lvl 60 in normal and that was a lot of time there. (did not work)

I tried life rejuvenation with skulls on all my sockets (did not work)

so for the solo player you are 100% screwed I'm thinking in HU

if i can get some help i would love it i can't kill the ancient's in normal

how is this mood fun if you can't solo stuff i worked very hard and i put the time in i got the best items you can get in normal i think once you do that you should be able to pass the difficulty you are playing in way more people would play this mod if it was set this way i love it being hard but not in possible i can see it getting harder like this if the game was full but not solo and yes i know the game is set for team play and that is cool but making it in possible for someone playing solo is meh... i feel setting the game hard enough so that you got to do what i did mfing all the best stuff and getting to lvl 60 and all that you should be good enough to pass what ever you are trying to do solo now team play make it very hard like it is anyway's love the game but no one plays and i can see why. and i know there is a solo version of this game but that is not fun no ladder nothing so.

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