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Here're resources from my mod
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Author:  ocarinas [ Mon Apr 03, 2017 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Here're resources from my mod

First my English isn't good so I'll keep things as short as possible.

Hello there, I'm just some random modder. I've been modding for 2 years now. Recently I got bored and decided to put an end to my own mod and thus I'm here to release resources from my works. Hope It'll be of some use for the HU modder.

Icewind Dale & Planescape Torment - Spell Icons
Icewind Dale & Planescape Torment - Spell Animations

They're in BMP format so you'll need to work on them yourself.

And here're some of my own mod resources. The file includes overlay, missile and monster animations and also UIs, they're ready to be used.

If you take a look in monster animations, you'll notice that most of them are trees and minerals. In my mod I planned to add more things to wilderness like trees, stones, crystals and also animals, they can be farmed for crafting weapons, armors, foods etc. and especially torch since in my mod every areas in the game be it open or dungeon are pitch black so light radius'll play a really big role here. There'll also be wilderness town guards or adventures that wonder around the area helping players killing things.

Note that if you want to add neutral monster like those wilderness I mentioned you'll need to use taunt aura to force all normal monster to target them otherwise they'll always be ignored, this'll happen if you use monster AIs for them since the AIs aren't program to target their ally.

To be honest I really hope there is a mod that implements the things I said, sadly there's none...

Well, Thank you for reading and hopes they can be of use to the modder here.

Author:  Brevan [ Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Here're resources from my mod

Thanks for sharing. More resources are always useful. It sounds like you were aiming for a touch of ElderScrolls (Skyrim) (realism, resource management, etc) in D2.

I don't think HUv1.8 is planning on including features like the ones you were working on, but perhaps HUv1.9 will :). The reduced light radius sounds like a good method of helping balance the large radius enabled by HighResolution mods.

Consider copy-pasting your post to PhrozenKeep, since that site is heavily frequented by D2 modders looking for resources and ideas. It might still take quite a while before folks show interest though, but it will certainly increase the odds that someone will.

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