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 Post subject: Using oSkills Instead of Flat Bonuses for %Res effects
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:52 pm 
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HUv1.7 has many items where a mod like +%PhysRes was replaced with an oSkill that has similar effects. This change was done to make balancing easier. Below is an explanation of why, so you can determine if it's a good idea for your own mod.

This choice is determined by math (related to 1/x function). Since the results we're balancing around are how much damage is not resisted, we consider what %Res the character ends up with, rather than the % that's actually on the item. Here's a small table that shows %Res the character ends with, and how that extends his HP versus attacks of that element. The Change column is important because it shows how much stronger the character "feels" compared to his previous level (Change=Current/Previous), we'd like to keep this the same for balance. The Change is pretty reasonable up to about 50%Res, but after that it climbs too fast to balance.
Res%      HP    Change%
  0      100       -
 10      111      11
 20      125      13
 30      143      14
 40      167      17
 50      200      20
 60      250      25
 70      333      33
 80      500      50
 90     1000     100
100      Inf

HUv1.7 is capped at 50% resistances, although mods exist that let players get up to 66%Res for anything but physical. This let me use the "easily balanced" part of the table. 1%Absorbs is effectively 2%Res, so try to stay below 25% (D2 caps them at 40%, which is well into the silly-range).

In Diablo2, if an item spawns with 10%PhysRes, then it will add that number regardless of your starting %PhysRes, which means if you went from 0% to 10%, you might not even notice (it's hard to notice a 11% Change), but that item has a very significant effect if you went from 40% to 50% (it's relatively easy to notice 20%Change). It would be easier to balance the Change if we could reduce the +%PhysRes based on your current %PhysRes (+20% if you had zero, +10% if you already had 40), but Diablo2 doesn't support that.

In Diablo2, oSkills have a feature where they change their effect if your class already has that skill available to them. For example, a +10oSkill item acts as +3 for the class with that skill. If that skill gives a 1%Res effect per level, then +10 is 10% for most classes while +3 is 3% for the class owning the skill. Depending on the availability of this oSkill, we might be able to assume that the +10 results in going from 0% to 10% (11%Change), while the +3 results in going from 34% to 37% (8%Change). This seems to be as close as D2 can get for balancing the Change column. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good.

In HUv1.7 oSkills were used instead of the regular mod when that skill's primary theme was that mod (ISkin for %PhysRes, FireMastery for -%EnemyFireRes, etc). Those regular mods themselves still exist on some items, but usually not as large values. Another benefit of using oSkills is that you can effectively add extra mods to an item above the limits the files allow (e.g. in HUv1.7 IronSkin gives 3AC/Lvl in addition to 1%PhysRes, the ElementalMasteries give some %RegenMP in addition to -1%EnemyRes).

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