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 Post subject: Web Page Maker
PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:26 pm 
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A couple years ago, when my internet connection was poor, I made my own version of HU to pass the time. I also made a program that would go through the text files and generate very simple web pages just in case I got to play with someone who would need those pages to look stuff up. Below is a link to that program, along with some instructions for how to use it. For the current HU v1.5 text files, there is very little setup required. The program will work for pretty much any d2 mod, as long as you've configured "Properties.txt" file correctly, and you have access to the text files for that mod. The decompressed download has an instructions file.

The webpages generated in this version of the program are:
BossStats.html          - Stats (Resistances, HP, MonPropID, etc) for Boss-flagged monsters
Gems.html               - Stats of gems and runes
MonProps.html           - Monster's special properties (e.g. 10%onStruck Lvl25FireBall)
Prefixes.html           - A table of Magic & Rare Prefixes, row filter not supported well on Chrome
Suffixes.html           - A table of Magic & Rare Suffixes, row filter not supported well on Chrome
RecipesCraft.html       - Cube recipes with Crafted Item inputs (Socketing, upgrading, crafting)
RecipesMagical.html     - Cube recipes with Magical Item inputs (Socketing, crafting, disenchanting)
RecipesNormal.html      - Cube recipes with Normal Item inputs (Socketing, quality upgrading)
RecipesOther.html       - Cube recipes with Other inputs (gem/rune upgrading, item recharing, dyes, etc)
RecipesRare.html        - Cube recipes with Rare Item inputs (Socketing, rerolling
RecipesSet.html         - Cube recipes with Set Item inputs (Socketing, upgrading)
RecipesUnique.html      - Cube recipes with Unique Item inputs (Socketing, upgrading)
Runewords.html          - Name, item class, rune order, and stats
Sets.html               - Name, items, and completion bonuses
Unique Armor.html       - For uniques where the base item exists in armor.txt
Unique Jewelry.html     - For unique rings and amulets.
Unique Stuff.html       - Mostly unique jewels and charms, but also quivers in HU 1.5
Unique Weapons.html     - For uniques where the base item exists in weapons.txt
WhiteArmors.html        - Stats for base armors organized by tier, includes automods
WhiteWeapons.html       - Stats for base weapons organized by tier, includes automods

One benefit of the program for modders is that it will let you know if it comes across a spelling mistake. Any kind of error will result in a skipped row for that file. This means that if a runeword gives a bonus to "cb" rather than "crush" (CrushingBlow according to Properties,txt), then that runeword won't appear in the final web page result.

One benefit for whoever wants to update the database website is that you could probably copy-paste most of what my program generates into the format you prefer, perhaps after modifying my Properties.txt with descriptions that you like. The only difference between the "HUv1.6" and "HUv1.7" versions below is the Properties.txt file's annotations.

In my testing of this link, Chrome flagged it as potential malware for no good reason. My guess is because it's a .zip file containing an unknown .exe file. The program was compiled from Python via a 3rd party program that will generate a .exe from Python programs.

32-bit Version for HU v1.6
64-bit Version for HU v1.6

32-bit Version for HU v1.7
64-bit Version for HU v1.7

If anyone wants my original Python program, let me know.

<edit>I added some better error-handling. The program shouldn't suddenly crash if it encounters letters where it expects numbers. I also configured the Properties.txt file for HU v1.6, although I think it didn't change from v1.5. I improved the instructions file to include a description of normal behaviour.</edit>

<edit2>I made the program ignore letter case, at least for skills. I also customized the handling of the "skilltab" mod, to convert the number to the tab name, as well as error-handling of the skilltab parameter (an integer between 0 and 20). An incorrect skilltab input will even display a small table with each number and skilltab label.</edit2>

<edit3>Fixed a bug where runewords that contained blank properties were considered okay (D2 disagreed). Uploaded both 32bit and 64bit versions</edit3>

<edit4 2017-03-08>Updated with the version used while producing HUv1.7 (white items, affixes, boss stats, monprops, minor tweaks)</edit4>

<edit5 2017-05-29>Fixed a bug where cube recipes that had a chance of spawning some property were not handled properly. Cube recipes with restriction op-codes have those restrictions displayed (note that its up to you to name your itemstats descriptively</edit5>

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 Post subject: Re: Web Page Maker
PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:43 am 
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Nice work! Stickied.

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 Post subject: Re: Web Page Maker
PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:20 am 

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thanks. nice work.

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