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 Post subject: IronMan PvP
PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:46 pm 
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IronMan PvP rules
~ your character name must have a prefix/suffix i decide on when we start.

~ if you find a class specific item and you are not of that class, you must leave it, you cannot keep it to inconvenience the other players.

~ you are only allowed to use items you find and gold you find to buy items.

~ if you run back to town in the middle of a duel or drink potions where i can see (mana potions are ok) you are disqualified unless your opponent says otherwise then you may restart the duel.

~ after round 1 each winner gets to loot the dead opponents body for gear.

~ all charaters must be level 9, and as soon as you reach this level you must make it noticed, and wait back in town.

~ if you kill the monster, its your drop, simple as that. No grabbing other peoples.

any violation of these rules and its for me to decide whether you should be disqualified or not. noobs will get automatically disqualified and blacklisted.
(noobs = saying how shit/unfair the duel was, spamming, swearing at other players etc.. )
these rules are to make your enjoyment as much as possible, not to restrict you. Please follow them and don't cheat, it just makes it lame for everybody else.

Banned skills (imba ~ gay, lame etc..):
Prayer aura
Multiple recasting of bone armour (you can have it, but only once)
Poisen javelin (they just run around everywhere and its stupid)
Assasins Psychic hammer (amazing damage at level 9 and knockback)
Smite is also banned we did a test and its really imba.
We had a vote and decided cold damage is all banned as if one person has it = gg. (skills are ok ofc)

Drops: We had a lot of grabbing in the last game, please don't grab other peoples kills, if there are loads of people attacking one monster ok fair enough whoever gets it first... but if you blatantly kill a monster and nobody is around, it's your item. Please don't grab other peoples.
Don't forget that gold is shared between all party members no matter who picks it up so doesn't matter over gold.

Character classed items, as i said, leave it or give it to somebody else but please don't take it.

I will draw up a list based on your sign up order of who fights who.

If there is anything i forgot, post here or pm me.

now once every 2 weeks.

Good luck have fun and read these rules

"Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer",- Ali.

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 Post subject: Re: IronMan PvP
PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:25 pm 
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im game for one been a while since i have done an iron man.

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