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Your awesome gear and character build!
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Author:  slappyNuts [ Wed Feb 09, 2011 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Your awesome gear and character build!

I'm new to HU, but have spent quite some time lurking these forums (and Blue's site, TY^^) and learning about the modifications to items, builds, mechanics, etc. I'm an avid d2 player, but there is SO MUCH for me to learn about HU (which is why I've been quite excited about playing recently). I'm not great at math, so it's hard for me to see the after-product of a build beforehand by just crunching a bunch of numbers, so normally I just build a character to see the result. However in HU (HC especially), due to my inexperience, is quite scary to run up to hell and challenge the buff ass minions. I suppose I should have spent some more time experimenting on SC, so that I could experiment myself and die a million times, but that's not nearly as exhilarating :twisted: .

One of my favorite parts of d2 has always been to conceptually think of a new innovative build that I have not seen before. So far on HU I noticed a lot of people doing obscure builds that nobody ever toyed with on I'm sure this is partially due to all the sweet modifications. Since I'm not experienced, I would really appreciate to see some of the cool things you have done in 2 parts:

1. Builds
What are some of the cool builds that you guys have done that were original and fun to play? Most importantly, which of those are viable builds to run end game in hell?

2. End game gear
Since my furthest character is at NM Baal, I have very little knowledge of the options available. Of course I have looked through the whole item index and all the crafting tables, but its a lot of info to cram and come up with a build. I would really appreciate if you could take a screen shot of some of the gear for your builds.

I apologize if there is already some threads dedicated to this. I guess the whole point of this is to see what kind of awesome builds have been done out there, since all I'm familiar with is what was available on

So far I built a throw barb, which is really fun (I've never had one before), but since I keep my inv pretty full of dmg/health charms, I tend to use my cube as my "inventory" and so bringing the repair horn things on a long run isn't convenient due to the full cube. Hence, having a barb that throws insanely fast tends to run out very quickly (on the eth switch too), and I find myself going to town a lot :/. Kind of an unforeseen problem (to me), since I had never built one and it's quite annoying.

Anyways, screenshots of your builds and explanations would be awesome!


Author:  slappyNuts [ Fri Mar 04, 2011 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Your awesome gear and character build!

EDIT: Updates

OK so I'll go first-

KillShit lvl 95 Barb
20 Double Throw, Max Stamina, BO, Throw Mastery, Frenzy
All obvious 1 pointers
about 50 str and dex, rest into vit

COA with uber rubies
Glassglare with MS dia sockets
Blood Craft Boots
Nosof Belt
Dual eth lacerators, noneth & eth gimmershred, couple other weapons I carry around to swap out when I run out. Soon will have dual eth Faiths (ISO Ber)
2 blood rings
Blood craft gloves

My display dmg is about 40-50k, although I've heard display dmg on dbl throw is bugged. I'll have to manually calculate it one of these days.
Health is almost 10k by myself

inventory full of dmg/ar/res charms. So far I only have the charm from normal samy, none of the other cool stuff..

Mithia's Crown, soul skulls
Wiz Spike
Gerke's Sanctuary
2 +20% fcr rings with tons of res
Eth Arachnids
Cast Craft boots

A couple screenshots to come later.
It makes it plainly obvious where my gear needs improving after writing everything down like that... Your turn!

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