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Normal HC anyone?
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Author:  RushDaddy [ Sun Jan 16, 2011 3:27 am ]
Post subject:  Normal HC anyone?

So I started running HC a while ago and since I started, I had no company besides my mercenary and she always dies when there are more than 10 critters around.

I'm a WW barb named Furacao, my account name is LoboMuzenza.

Right now: Level 22 (soloed Blood Raven and Griswold and Countess, almost soloed Smith or reverse happened then he regen'd and i came back with a druid, i have just killed andy with a poison javazon).

Looking for: Anyone who wants to play act 2 in normal.


1- I don't know how to change servers. I think there are 4 of them right now but i only play at one.

2- This is my first HC char in HU (I had some on bnet but none lasted long as this one).

EDIT: Updated on 16.01.2011/23.12 GMT+2.

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