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New skills
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Author:  Chlebo [ Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  New skills

I was wondering why there's no reflex oriented defensive skills.
Idea is that skill would have much lesser duration then cooldown. Would decrease for short period of time damage of particular damage type.
Example:Shield Up for paladin duration 3 seconds cooldown 15second, reduce damage from magic damage by 50%.
(This could be bind to energy shield skill with some enormous ratio 1:1000 damage mana ratio.)
Player would have to use 1 of 6 shields. Rebind skills before particular fight.
There's 4 classes that can tank.
Another idea is introduce to assasin 1 second damage blocker at 50% 1% life to prevent death. This could be also insta castable and with higher cooldown then duration. (40sec/80cooldown)
Another is absolute blockage of damage for 1.5sec cooldown 7sec.

I like idea also of skill for caster or even melee. Damage bonuses are doubled for period of time u are standing still. Cooldwon ofcourse long like 40sec or so.

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