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 Post subject: Another Necro Change Suggestion
PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2012 5:37 pm 

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So after making a Skelenecromancer I thought of somethings to make his build work a little better:

1. Change spirit blade to ghasts (those things that like to eat up your mana). It makes more sense that way since he is a conjurer of the dead anyways. They can have the same stats or you can add synergies to them. I'm thinking Skeleton Mastery adds more HP and Golem mastery adds more attack power. (You can reduce their base stats to balance this out). I'd rather have a reason to invest points into that skill but right now all they're good for is distracting bosses.

2. Change Skelemages to Skele Archers that fire magic arrows. I'd rather not depend on the random nature of mages to fire different elements. Plus arrows travel faster and have a better chance of hitting their target. I'd rather they shoot magic arrows since very few things are immune to it anyways.

3. Add synergy to more skills. I'm thinking every hard point in Summon Skeleton increases damage reduction by 1 (max 20) in Skeles, Missile skeles, and Death Knight. Missile skeles increase magic damage reduction by 1 per hard point in all of the skeletons. And finally Death Knight adds IAS by 5% every hard point (max +50% IAS) to all skeles.

4. I'd like to go back to an earlier point about Flesh golems being poison and Iron golems being lighting instead (since it makes more sense that way anyways). Also add frost nova to normal golem not just from dying but from being hit (at a 10% chance or something) and add inferno or firewall to force golem.

Non-necro related suggestions:

1. It would be nice if you add a natural poison resistance to all undead (poisoning ghosts is amusing but not exactly balanced since poison damage is already very high) and giving them a natural weakness to fire. Give demons a natural resistance to fire and a weakness to cold. And normal mobs a resistance to cold and a weakness to poison (Lightning has no natural strengths or weakness). You can add regular stat changes like "Immune to Lightning/Fire/etc" but their base stats should they lack such descriptions would be like -25 resistance to their weakness and +75 resistance to their natural resistance. It would add a new dynamic to team play.

2. Take out thorns. While it is a neat mechanic, most of the time when it's used it tends to bug out the quests. Since people try to avoid getting hit in the first place I don't see much of a use for it. For the paladin aura you can change it's effect to something like heal 1 HP each skill level and/or 1 MP each hard point every-time you get hit. For the effect on equipment you can change it to give a small chance (like 3-10%) to heal you by a certain number (like 3 HP at the beginning lvls to 100 at the later levels) every time you get hit by a mob. (You have to take damage first for it to proc, if an enemy misses than it doesn't count).

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 Post subject: Re: Another Necro Change Suggestion
PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2012 5:46 pm 
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For now let's see how the patch plays out. While I agree there are some useless and redundant skills, one step at a time is best. The chance to heal when hit would be a neat feature for an item only effect, instead of a skill

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