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 Post subject: Addind a shared stash is it possible ?
PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 8:35 pm 

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hi guys,

yeah so since the realm is dead, i was playing alot of solo these days, and it was a pain to xfer n things like that. when i was joining a single player game instead of tcp/ip so i ended up playing wit plugY for the shared stash. and i feel like i just cant get out of it atm. im not a HUGE fan of d3, ya i always play it a few hours a year but i have to say that the shared stash in d3 is pretty cool ( small but the idea is cool ) i was wondering if it was possible to add that feature here on hu ? i always think about all these time we do XFERS how many char n account you need to save all the gear ( maybe ill save to mutch but ya anyway ). i have no clue what it needs and the time it will take im just throwing that in the air ?

also ive talked about that earlier and i cut off maybe the same thing will happen :

wat about a way to respec ? so many things have changes wit all the patches and the way to play hu maybe for a season giving the opportunity to play a char and try new things without behing afraid of loosing 100 % of the time invested could be nice at some point.

i dont talk about a FREE respec like lod1.1.13 when you clear den of evil and then unlimited tokens in hell. but maybe the opportunity of doing 1 or 2 or 3 time per character without behing able to give that respec to any other character. i havent think about that for hours but 2 idea whent up my mind:

maybe instead of personalizing an item we could hit respec ? this quest reward is so useless and its in a5 so you cant do it too early in game start.

or maybe we could use a town npc to give a new quest: clear azmo + belial to receive the respec ( can only do it once per difficulty ) and before saying it will be too easy and things like that i think we should try some new things to agro a new population before getting the game SO HARD and not having enouhg folks to play it every time you log on so it end up that we are stuck everywhere and cant proceed any further..

anyway it was just some little idea's trying to agro new ppl... also that new TEST patch of mraw is pretty cool removing synergies is 1 of a nice adds for some new breath ! ( thats wath i personaly think ) lets keep the work this mod cant die !!!!

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