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 Post subject: Some suggestions
PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2017 6:34 pm 

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1) Make orbs fully immune except for phys to prevent aura and other spells from killing it and not activating portal.

2) CTA cap: turn it back into a weapon for ease of switching.

3) Mana costs: lower them up by maybe 50% to 30%, they're wayyy too high right now.

4) Game speed: Game feels too slow paced, fixes would be increasing all speeds, lowering HP but buffing dmg, etc.

5) Maps: They're gigantic, just look at river of flame. Their size needs to be reduced by a bit in some cases and a lot in others.

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 Post subject: Re: Some suggestions
PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2017 12:21 am 
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Town Portal Orbs and the TPs from bosses won't spawn if killed by Thorns, BladeShield or HolyAura pulses. I've taken a look at TP orbs in the files, and they were implemented pretty oddly (possibly bugged), so I've made them more similar to monsters in terms of HP (quadruple trash HP, 50%ResElemental in all difficulties). They should be pretty hard to accidentally kill. The only problem I saw with your suggested solution is that a common TP-Orb issue was when an Assassin's Shadow teleported to it (it's a scary monster) and popped it with BladeShield since their HP was quite low.

"Call To Arms" is useful for more than just BO (Taunt lowers enemy PhysRes and messes with their AI, BCry is a very strong defensive skill, etc), but the main reason I wouldn't recommend it as a weapon is because it allows Barbs and Assassins an unfair dual-wield advantage. If you're just after BO on-switch, then consider a "Voice of Reason" shield. If I've misunderstood your comment, let me know.

MP-Costs, for the multiplayer version some folks want them lowered while others want them to stay the same, so without a poll it's hard to tell what would please more folks. However, since plenty of folks aren't playing on the realm I'm not against releasing optional single player files for folks to play with (I was thinking I could include cube recipes for the test-charms or to spawn unique/sets from the input item, etc). For players to use those files, they'd just start HU with -direct -txt, and to ignore the files they'd just start HU without -direct -txt.

Game Speed and Map Size, without a poll I can't change these without disappointing folks (also Act4 is already the shortest act, so cutting back on the sizes of its areas isn't a good place to start). I'll be adjusting monster Exp to speed up character leveling after Act2, that' should at least be a step in the right direction. HU was originally released around 2005 as a Challenge&Balance Mod (along with more character customizing, etc), so the slower gameplay and long distance between getting to town are intended features. Those two features were relaxed with later versions (TP Orbs introduced, etc). HUv1.7 was intended to bring back some of those challenging aspects such as resource management (mana is the obvious resource folks have been struggling to manage, but plenty of players figure out methods that work for them), but consider adding your suggestion to the HUv1.8 suggestion thread (or the main HUv1.8 thread). I'd respect if Challenge & Balance Mods aren't your favourite, in which case thanks for giving HU a try :)

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