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 Post subject: HUv1.7b change discussion
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:26 pm 
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I was thinking of preparing a set of changes significant enough for players and servers to need to update themselves with new files. Below are the changes I'd be implementing, but you are welcome to let me know which changes should be reverted or added. This isn't an exhaustive list of changes to come, it's just the stuff I've done so far. We were thinking of introducing this set of changes in June, but if folks want them earlier, then that's fine with me, but still depends on when Duff and Franky have time. Some changes were made based on feedback that isn't always specific, so I might not have implemented the change in a way that was desired. If you recognize a point important to you but disagree with the solution, then now is the time to share your solution, along with why it's the best solution.
  1. Gems.txt
    - Amn given +20Replenish for Armor/Hat, +10%RegenMP for Shields.
    - Sol given +10%RegenMP in weapons.
  2. Runes.txt
    - Cloned words that involved Jewels to allow Wirt's Legacy (technically not a jewel, but I'd like it useable).
    - "Wealth" is now JwlEldEl (3 sockets instead of 4, Wirt allowed). Added 10%onStruck SpawnGold (just for novelty and theme, it's not a great source of money)
    - "Voice of Reason" PDagger charges from lvl 20 to 15
    - Enabled "Enlightenment" SolLumHel in helms with a low offensive caster theme.
  3. Cubemain.txt
    - Upgrade recipes added for knives that extend their HP+MP per Kill automods
    - Upgrade recipes added for basic Superior Helm and Shield to exceptional (they only gain some PDR/MDR, but if you wanted a basic class item upgaded to Elite for a runeword, it's at least possible now).
    - Crafted recipes buffed a little since they can only get 4 affixes compared to Rare's 6 affixes (Crafts should be slightly stronger than Rares on average, but not by much).
    - Recipe that swaps Arrows <-> Bolts changed from 2 to 1 to 1 to 1 (Treasure classes also changed so monsters drop these half as often).
    - Recipe that converts 2 Mythril Glyphs or Hammers into Adamant is now 2 inputs rather than 3
  4. Hirelings.txt
    - Merc innate Damage, AC, and AR reduced (the higher value made sense before they got +1AC per dex and AR from Str, but afterwards it was leading to some pretty silly numbers)
    - A5 Merc HP reduced by about 15%, Lycanthropy skill reduced from 20 to 10 (+20%HP (tanks all elements) is closer to the Human Barb's 20%PhysRes (tanks only Phys))
    - Removed the SpellMastery and CharStatPerks skills, since these are now given via monstats.txt
    - Enabled A3 Poison&Bone Merc: 40%BoneSpirit, 22%Teeth, 22%BSpear, 16%Attract, UnholyBlight aura
  5. SuperUniques.txt,
    - The Ancients had their FireEnchanted, LtngEnchanted, and ColdEnchanted mods removed. After several tests, removing FEnchanted seems to be the only solution to the FE bug on the Ancients.
    - Some SuperUniques had their treasureclasses edited.
  6. Monstats.txt,
    - TownPortal orbs had their Norm levels increased from 1 to something appropriate for their act, and their HP set to quadruple the standard Trash HP. Cleared their "noratio" flag. They've always resisted about 1/2 elemental damage, so as long as you're not relying on BladeShield, they should be quite hard to accidently pop.
    - Hirelings given the hidden-passives skills (SpellMasteries & CharStatPerks) to save skill-space in hirelings.txt (so now all Mercs could utilize IronSkin oSkill)
    - Sarcophogi type "Undead Undead Construct" corrected.
    - Act Boss levels adjusted to be 3 higher than trash around them (since they are not given super-unique properties like ExtraFast or Multishot, they were missing out on the +3 Level bonus granted by that effect).
    - Act Boss HP increased 33%
    - Norm A4 trash levels adjusted from 55-70 to 55-65, A5 adjusted from 70-85 to 65-80.
    - NM and Hell boss-flagged monsters had their levels adjusted slightly (+3 for act bosses or adjusted for new level range 80-95)
    - Corrected an under-leveling oddity with ArimythBloodLord (was level 36, now level 77 like everything else in that area). This monster appears to occur nowhere else in Levels.txt or Monstats (as a minion).
    - Concentration Aura, Bash, or Whirlwind skills on monsters were set to level 1 (a few were using level 5). Note that with the reduced minimum %ED on Whirlwind, the monsters using that attack are essentially nerfed.
    - The Ancients had their resistances buffed and extra elemental damage added to their attack to make up for the FireEnch LtngEnch ColdEnch effects lost.
    - LeviathanHead HP reduced 25%, Head and Tentacle levels from 51 to 49.
    - SkeleMage minions of Unravelers in Durance2 HP reduced (cloned the lines to not interfere with the SuperUniques of that base type).
    - Edited treasure classes for NM and Hell boss-flagged monsters, since these apparently ignore the regular treasureclass rules of NM and Hell.
    - Cloned the Skeleton row with new name, no treasure, and high-undead flag for use as the SkellyKnight's corpse.
  7. Properties.txt, added +%ARating to the SpearAutomod property equal to the +%EDef.
  8. Automagic.txt, wands won't spawn with CorpseExplosion oSkill until level 35.
  9. MagicSuffix.txt,
    - Adjusted levels for mods of BoneSpear RaiseSkelly SkellyMage SkellyKnight.
    - Adjusted some suffixes that added str/dex (doubled on charms, some perLvl ranges changed from 0-25 to 5-18)
  10. MagicPrefix.txt, all prefixes that included a +%IAS mod (EG the 2-3% on every jewel and 10% on most weapon prefixes) had it replaced with +%ARating of equal value. Note that Suffixes were not affected, which are the primary source of the IAS mod.
  11. Levels.txt, This governs the level of monsters not flagged as bosses, but it is ignored in Norm (I use it to facilitate a program I have that uses it to check monLvls).
    - Adjusted MonLvl1Ex (i.e. Norm Expanion) for areas relevant to A4/A5 level changes
    - Adjusted MonLvl2Ex (i.e. Nightmare Expansion) to have a level range of 80-90 rather than 85-95.
    - Added monsters to Andy, Duriel, Mephy, and Baal's rooms so that their SummonMinion onStruck proc will work. Apparently only the normal difficulty fields need to be set.
  12. MonLvl.txt, increased Exp to reduce the number of kills needed for players to level (Kills used to grow by about 4.5%/Lvl, now grows by about 2%):
     Lvl  Old    New
     50   1331    801
     70   3083   1344
     90   9683   2400
  13. Armor.txt Weapons.txt, Reduce the Dex/Str %ED effect to 25%/100 Stat, increased attack skill %ED to compensate. The goal was to emphasize attack skills more since they were half of end-game attack skill damage (str/dex were the other half).
  14. Skills.txt skilldesc.txt,
    - %ED skills adjusted to account for the %ED lost from stats (i.e. if you had level 34 WhirlWind, then you might not notice the change). Note a few skills like Zeal, Strafe, and Multishot will notice the loss of %ED from stats (consider using %ED socketables off weapon if this was important to your build).
    - BladeSentinel, BladeFury, BShield damage increased to account for loss of stat-based damage your weapon should have had (increase based on fraction of weapon damage that skill relied on)
    - Radius of ShockWeb increased 50%, damage of InfernoSentry increased 15%, damage of FireBlast increased 20% (from 5/25 monHP to 6/25), DSentry given it's own PetType (pettrap) with a max of 1 so it won't interfere with other trap placement or be able to spam CExplosion.
    - Damage of CorpseExplosion changed to 18-22%, DeathSentry changed to 14-26%. Both of these skills do Magic Damage and AoE, so by the design document they should be doing roughly 16% of MonHP as damage. I figure since they use corpses and have other minor detriments, 20% MonHP as damage (like any other AoE) is alright with me.
    - BoneSpear moved to level 6, BSpirit to level 18, CExplosion to level 30. This way the 3 AoE skills that pair well with BSpirit are available around the same time, and the heavy-hitting skill of each trio is available for Andy.
    - SkellyMage moved to level 1, SkellyKnight to level 12, RaiseSkelly to level 30. This way the no-corpse summonable Knight is available to tank bosses earlier (the other skill moves were a bit arbitrary but made balancing easier and should make early SkellyMancers a bit faster).
    - New skill made that spawns a skeleton corpse (will be given to SkellyKnight as 100%onDeath proc).
    - New skill made that spawns gold.
    - HFreeze and CGolem Slow from 6%+Lvl (40% end game) to 8%+Lvl/2 (25% end game)
    - HFire HFreeze HShock UBlight auras now weaken enemies (one element) from 5-15% based on their ResAura synergy (respectively: Cleansing ResFire ResCold ResLtng).
    - Prayer Pulse Delay from 50 to 75 (3 sec), gained -1 delay per level BHammer. +HP/Lvl from level 1-15-34 changed from 2-30-68 (linear) to 1-22-78 (rough exponential). These changes leave it in a similar state for Paladins that max Prayer builds, but reduce it for other cases.
    - Diablogeddon delay between meteors increased from 8 to 10 (from 3 to 2.5 per second).
    - Weaken's AmplifyDamage synergy removed. Weaken now affects phys-damage spells (like Monster's Tornado).
    - Confuse's PDagger synergy halved. Confuse now affects phys-damage spells (like Monster's Tornado).
    - Attract's PExlosion synergy corrected (it's the same as CExplosion)
    - LowerResistances's PDagger synergy now affects phys-damage spells, also corrected an error where the synergy was reducing enemy pois damage rather than phys damage.
    - Most monster phys-damage spells adjusted so that they can be affected by weakening curses. (e.g. Diablo's Lightning (half phys/ltng) will not be affected, but Monster's Tornado will be)
    - FireNova ChillTouch ShockingGrasp VampiricTouch synergies changed to Energy (hard points only), where 4 points of Energy is a +2% damage bonus, +4%ARating, and +3sec. There is a cap of 215 base Energy. E.G. 166 base Energy, 151 is considered hard points since most chars start with at least 15 Energy, counts as +75%Dmg +148%ARating and lasts an extra 111 seconds.
    - Blaze description now roughly includes the duration of its effect in addition to the duration of its flames (they start similar, but effect duration grows about twice as fast as flame duration).
  15. Missiles.txt,
    - Catapult Spike Ball changed so that the spikes have a next-hit delay of 5 (you can't be hurt by more than 5 per second), but there are more of them and in a larger radius (6 yards).
    - Necromages damage rebalanced and range extended 10% (from 30 to 33, I noticed they sometimes could target something just outside their range)
    - New missile made that spawns a SkeletonKnight corpse (Note that for the missile that summons stuff, use mode 12 for corpse since mode 0 is buggy)
    - New missile made that spawns three gold piles, the parameter descriptions edited to more closely match results of testing. The piles appear hardcoded to have value (AreaLvl+1)*4 +/-50%.
  16. MonProp.txt,
    - SkellyKnight given an on-Death proc (doesn't proc if he's unsummoned, probably won't summon if death via Thorns or AuraPulse) that produces a skeleton corpse for the player to use as they wish (should be good for SkeleMancer or PExplosion, maybe CExplosion in NM/Hell), SkellyKnight's BoneArmor proc removed (was Norm 10%Lvl15, NM 10%Lvl25, Hell 10%Lvl30).
    - The Ancients given 5%onStruck procs (Fire Ltng Cold versions of FrozenOrb). Korlic and Madawc auras switched from HoWolverine and BAim to their monAura equivalents (Talic still using Defiance).
    - Andy, Dury, Mephy, Diablo, Baal, Sammy given an onStruck proc that summons minions. 1%, 2%, 3% in Norm, Nm, Hell difficulties (2%, 4%, 5% for Samhain). Each summoning is about 1-3 monsters with a total of about 6x Trash HP (e.g. Andy summons a Berzerker or Unraveler with 2 SkeleMages; Baal summons a Titan, Glabrezu, and BaalMinion together but they all have reduced HP)
    - Removed the dmg-ac mod from Bugbear and Attacker monprops, since this property doesn't appear to affect AC. I'm not sure if it does anything at all (maybe reduces armor's durability?).
    - A4 TrappedSouls given a chance to spawn with Vigor or Conviction auras (5% each in Norm, 10% each in NM, 25% each in Hell)
  17. Gamble.txt, Seige Hat Belt Glove Boot made available.
  18. DifficultyLevels.txt, Reduced the chances of gambling Exceptional items in Hell, so if you're using a high-level character then you should usually get Elites (low lvl chars would get Basics).
  19. TreasureClassEx.txt
    - Increased the amount of gold that drops from monsters, reduced chance of gold dropping. Slightly decreased the chances of some drops. Removed Stamina potions, Antidotes, Thawing potions from drops. The general goal was less floor clutter.
    - Allowed Smith-Forge runes (repairs) to drop.
    - Allowed Lvl90 Gems to drop (about 1 in 15 late-game StarStone will be a Lvl90).
  20. Misc.txt
    - Increased the duration of Healing and Mana potions by about 33% to 8 seconds (i.e. they heal the same amount, just a bit slower).
    - Corrected NormChallenge min level from 55 to 50.
    - Reduced the price of Glyphs and Hammers by about 33% (cube conversion recipe is 2 inputs instead of 3).
    - Increased the maxStack of ID Tomb from 50 to 100, minStack from 1 to 5, spawnStack from 5 to 10. (ID scrolls drop less often)
  21. ItemStatCost.txt, item_mindamage_perlevel opstat2 and opstat3 changed to match item_mindamage (it now affects thrown damage)
  22. Sets.txt SetItems.txt
    - Death'sSet, +PhysDmg/Lvl moved from Set to Glove (didn't take effect otherwise, even with the correction to ItemStatCost.txt).
    - InfernalSet, oSkill CExplosion moved to 2-Piece bonus, oSkill SkellyMage moved to Hat's 2-Piece bonus, Shield added +1/4 Str/Lvl, Wand added 20%FCRate and 2-Piece oSkill SkellyKnight.
    - HsaruSet, complete set ResAll reduced from 15% to 10% (so complete set gives +30%ResAll rather than +35%; it doesn't include a torso, which should be the main ResAll source in HUv1.7)
    - CathanSet, complete set gained +30%RegenMP
    - ArcticSet, complete set +%EDmgVsStuff reduced from +100% to +75%
    - ArcannaSet, complete set -%EnemyRes reduced from 10% to 5% (DVision curse (from Raven) already reduces enemy res by 5%).
  23. UniqueItems.txt
    - Uniques are no longer limited to spawning once per game.
    - HandOfBroc & Frostburn gloves, added +3%SpellDmg.
    - ChanceGuards, added 5%onStruck SpawnGold
    - Lenymo'sCord, changed 10 Eergy to Energy/Lvl (37@Lvl99)
    - Reduced the level of charges of PoisonDagger from 20 to 10 or 15 (this was generally intended to synergize Confuse and LRes, in which case level 10 or 15 should be plenty for less squishy characters).
    - LanceOfYaggai, Reduced the level of charges of ShadowMaster from 20 to 10 (it's still a 20% damage buff for a young Trapper who doesn't mind travelling without a Shadow for a while)
    - Ravenlore, Removed AC and PDR/MDR (it was intended to be an offensive hat, but ended up doing everything)
    - ArreatFace barb hat enabled with a caster theme and level 10 charges of BlessedHammer (could go well with Hand of BlessedLight)
    - Reduced the %ED of weapons with %EDvsMon (e.g. +%EDvsBeasts). For example, something with range 125-150 was reduced to 85-100, while 85-100 was reduced to 66-75. Common types and multiple instances on a weapon might be reduced a little more (goal was about +125%ED on a weapon in its special cases). Assassinator was noteably halved since BFury was buffed.
    - Gravenspine Bonewand enabled with +Pal +Nec, melee theme, and UnholyBlight oSkill.
    - moved Death'sFathom mods to Echuta'sTemper, and enabled Death'sFathom so it has 1%Reanimate each of the 4 elements of SkeleMages (their auras reduce enemy damage and resistance of their element by about 25%). It's basically a clone of "Knowledge" runeword, but you exchange control for more -%EnemyRes.
  24. Cloned the animation of Mortanius' walk animation and named it with the "run" name, since the debuglog had errors that seemed related (doesn't make a lot of sense, since he's run a lot in the past, but after the change his run animation still looks fine and the error went away)
  25. patchstring.tbl,
    - Added names for the two test-charms ("Power Overwhelming" and "Show me the Mana") that will be available in a single-player add-on.
    - Added "Bag" for the unidentified crafting bag
    - Added "Midas Touch" for the new gold-spawning skill.

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