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1.7 Development
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Author:  Pious [ Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

wow @ all the work done on states. this should go a long way to dealing with the crash your team mates issue the states created.

Author:  Brevan [ Wed Dec 21, 2016 1:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

Here's a quick update that might facilitate the graphical change requests I added to my 2-week-PureRage-availability-wishlist. I included patchstring.tbl and updated webpages, so the package is presented with a folder hierarchy. SkillDesc_HiRes.txt has been included for those who want it.

Link to Update

Recent Changes:
  1. misc.txt, ID Tomb cap raised from 30 to 50. The suggestion has been made that for v1.9, folks might want to raise the cap to 100 and remove ID scrolls from monster/chest treasure classes entirely.
  2. skills.txt
    - Removed all Weapon Masteries, replaced with One Handed Mastery (includes the swords that could be 1or2 handed for Barbs, some exceptions exist (wands, exceptional scepters, etc)), Two Handed Mastery (all melee 2-handed weapons), and Ranged Mastery (all weapons with a ranged component)
    - Each of 3 new weapon Masteries pairs with one of the other removed masteries, named similarly (e.g. One Handed Mastery's stats are granted by "WeapMastery1Hand"). That paired skill is what contains the state and is invisibly granted as an oSkill on weapons. Note that the stats granted are general (+%Dmg for any weapon), so there is the case of a Barb using a Throwing weapon (Ranged Mastery) with a 1-Handed weapon to gain double benefits (provided he's place points into both Masteries).
    - Critical Strike & Evade (Perfection) level requirements swapped.
  3. skilldesc.txt,
    - Critical Strike & Evade (Perfection) icon positions swapped.
    - Polearm Throwing Spear Masteries icons moved to page 0, row -1 (they're just unselectable). The game crashes if I remove these skill descriptions from skills.txt, so I'm glad I could at least hide them. I tried just switching them to row -1 (leaving their page alone), but that displayed their level number in the very top-left of the screen if that tab was open.
    - Swapped Mastery icons so that OneHanded uses SwordMasteryIcon, TwoHanded uses PolearmMasteryIcon, and Ranged uses ThrowMasteryIcon.
  4. uniques.txt,
    - Hidden Weapon Masteries given to every weapon. No properties lost (some items already with 12 properties had some collapsible properties, e.g. +%EDmg with +AllSkills became a combo-mod).
    - BlackTongue TwoHanded sword +PalDru skills from +2 to +1, +AllSkills from +0 to +1 (will be the only source of +AllSkills for young Paladin), ironically given One Handed Mastery (the alternative is to make it very popular with frenzy Barbs who use it for Two Handed Mastery with a normal sword granting One Handed Mastery for double-dipping (I'm not sure this would be a bad idea, double dipping is already possible with any throw weap))
    - MageFist weapon masteries returned (1H & 2H)
    - Dragoon'sWrath 2HMastery returned
    - Soulflay (claymore) LvlReq from 22 to 30, ElemDmg changed to ElemDmg/Lvl, HP/Kill from 10 to 15, +PalDru skills from +1 to +2, Sockets from 0 to 2.
    - DarkforgeSpawn changed +NecroSkills to +AllSkills (arbitrary change, but D2 and HUv1.7 handle +AllSkills so much better than alternatives), added Lvl10 oSkill ChillTouch (along with Cyclone armor already on it, it might be more attractive to a PDagger Necro, he's also likely to have maxed the BoneArmor synergy of ChillTouch)
    - Fathom orb enabled with Lvl10 oSkills ChillTouch ShockGrasp VampiricTouch (Chantress might benefit from swapping elements or switching to HP onStrike) Lvl 5 MagMastery, 255ChargesLvl30 BSpirit (1.6k i.e. 1/5 monHP; might be handy for an immunity-screwed CasterSorc), 10%onAttack Lvl30Teeth (776 Dmg, doubling-down on the Chantress theme; Orb seems like a safe weapon for Lvl30BSpirit charge-bugging)
    - Ravenlore enabled in SunSpirit (bird-beaked hat with low AC/Req) with Lvl 5 oSkills Fire Cold Ltng Mastery, 20% FCRate FBRate FHRecovery. Figured there weren't many caster druid hats, and no other hats exist with the elemental masteries, so this might free up a Caster or EleClaws Druid to use an interesting weapon.
  5. runes.txt,
    - "Brand" in spears has 2HMastery returned, in javs it has RangedMastery
  6. setitems.txt
    - Hidden Weapon Masteries given to every weapon. No properties lost.
  7. properties.txt, ajav-automod (+Ama, RepQuant), aspe-automod (+Ama, PDR/MDR), tkni-automod (+%SpellDmg, RepQuant), allskills-pierce (+Skills, %PierceTarget) combination properties created to facilitate the changes needed to automods.
  8. automagic.txt,
    - Hidden Weapon Masteries given to every weapon except wands, exceptional scepters, orbs, and knives. I could technically put it on basic and elite Orbs, and knives, but I don't think there's any demand.
    - Exceptional BarbHats given random +Skill options that avoid the 3 missing Masteries.
  9. patchstring.tbl, the new mastery skills given names and skill-page descriptions

After the WeaponMastery changes, I think Assassin, Druid, Sorc, and Barb are tied for having about 10 innate states (1-2 from a weapon, 2 from char creation, 7ish from their class skills). I'm sure it's possible to get another 9 via equipment, but at least they'd have to work pretty hard at it ("Chance" runeword is good for about 5 extra states, but at least they're popular enough that I think folks would get those anyways).

Author:  Brevan [ Mon Dec 26, 2016 6:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

Here are the files I've worked on in the past week. Note that it includes skilldesc_HighRes, patchstring.tbl, and string.tbl (omit this if you've made changes to strings, my only edit was minor and detailed below). I did not include monstats.txt since PureRage edited their AI (reminder: we both agreed that EvilSorcs of Legion and Soulmancer could benefit from their eleRes being reduced from 120 to 100 in Hell).

Link to Update

Recent Changes:
  1. string.tbl, changed the SorrowLord tomb-buff description (remove tilde, it shows up mostly as a "- 2%...") from
    "~ <mod desc> ~" to "<mod desc>"
  2. gems.txt,
    - gave Lvl90 stats to the named-tier of gems. 23%Res 40Replenish 4%Absorb, 22%FCRate, etc. Note that Lvl90Diamond in armor/hat has 10PDR/MDR with 10%AC. I was pleasantly surprised how nicely the math that governs gem stats (1/50 monHP as damage) converted to pretty damage ranges, e.g. 1-250Ltng Topaz really should have gone to 1-300, Skulls nicely went to 30-35.
    - Zod in armor/hat from 10PDR/MDR 10%AC to 8PDR/MDR 40Replenish. I expect these to be more common than named Diamonds, and the Replenish is probably more exciting that 10%AC anyways (a Sorc might actually have to run the math about whether the extra DR for EShield is worth the SlowPoison effect of Replenish).
    - Shael in armor/hat and shields given 20ReplenishHP (helps distance it from Amethyst, and Replenish is a more visible effect than FHRecovery FBRate or FRWalk).
    - Vex and Ohm leach rates from 2% to 1% (leach is higher on uniques/sets and more common on Rares nowadays, it's also kinda silly how Vex had more mana leach than even Amn (the leaching rune))
  3. TreasureClassEx.txt, the obvious instances of moonstones (HellForgeDragon, WhiteDragon, and Nihla) have been replaced with Named-tier gems. A quick check implied that no treasure classes involve a single gem type (i.e. I only replaced gem-tiers where they occurred, and notice no instance of monsters dropping MoonStoneSkull or MoonStoneTopaz). The HellForge Quest drop does not appear to be an issue (only noticed PGems in the dll file)
  4. uniques.txt,
    - Fathom changed colour to white, teeth proc from 10%onAttack to 15%onAttack
    - Mara's Ammy, removed the 5%PierceRes, +%SpellDmg from 5% to 10%. PierceRes should replace +%SpellDmg with a 1:2 ratio, rather than supplement it. I probably overuse PierceRes effects anyways (loaded up an end-game Sorc and noticed her PierceRes (about 40%) was higher than her +%Dmg (about 20%), despite barely investing in EleMasteries)
    - Tyrael'sMight ResAll reduced from 20% to 15%, sockets reduced from 3 to 2 (This armor was better at what any other armor was specialized for, e.g. RattleCage with 6 Um (specialized for ResAll) was barely more res than Tyrael's with 3 Um but without the +10%HP/MP or 15%PhysMagRes). Moral of the story: If RattleCage's 6 sockets can't beat an armor at something, then that armor needs the nerf.
    - Gorerider boots are now PlatinumBoots, rather than WarBoots (The StrReq (from 126 to 133) is desired since I prefer these boots for non-shield (i.e. mostly Str) players)
  5. armor.txt,
    - enabled Seige, Platinum, and Adamant glove, boots, belt, hat as Heavy tier level 40, 75, 90 armor
    - Corrected a strReq bug with Heavy Elite armors (Torso was correct, the others were 10 points too low)
  6. sets, setitems.txt,
    - Sigon's oSkill Sanctuary from Lvl 8 to Lvl 3 (this kind of ruins the defensive theme of the set, and is probably too strong to have on it at all; just another example of wordplay levity ("Sigon's Shelter" "Sanctuary") that might not entertain less casual players)
    - Enabled Soulmancer Set as Siege gear (StrReq of Siege is within Medium-tier armor ranges). It's v1.3 stats were pretty generic, so it retained that theme. Only the hat can be upgraded, and when elite has a StrReq around 155, so I added -20%Requirements in case folks wanted to socket it another -30%Req to bring it down to the StrReq of the Siege pieces.
  7. runewords.txt,
    - "War" enabled in Torso as JwlZodChamBerJah, oSkill IStamina with 20%ResAll, 10%Lvl10onStruck BCry (instead of PhysRes already found on similar armors; 7sec duration in Hell). I figure the Jewel is a good call: Wirt's for -%Req, Elem Facet, or maybe WarCry/InnerSight Facets.
    - "Knowledge" enabled in Orbs as Ame90ChamZod, oSkills HolyFireFreezeShockBlight noteably with 255Charges Lvl20Zeal (synergizes auras to -15%EnemyRes), has lots of IAS (seems an alright runeword for melee Chantress) with plenty FCRate. No +1Skills, since the %PierceRes of the auras is effectively +15Mastery (i.e. +30%SpellDmg on the weapon alone).
    - "Chance" DragonFlight proc changed to 10%Lvl10onStruck Weaken (5sec duration in Hell). While I thought the DFlight proc was fun to play with (I kinda miss the semi-cursed nature of Diablo1 Uniques; they would explode the possibilities for HUv1.9 uniques), I do not expect the broader community to appreciate that levity at this time.
    - "Bramble" made with Lvl90Skulls gains Lvl5 oSkill Salvation and 1chargeLvl10 Vengeance (+5%ResElemMax to Salvation), this takes the runeword down a different Thorns path (group Thorns) than Gladiator'sBane (selfish Thorns).
    - "Chance" now requires a Lvl90Amethyst rather than StarStone (already level 90 from Zod)
    - "LastWish" now uses flawless skull (Lvl20onDeath procs, 10%Lvl5onStruck Weaken ) or Lvl90Skull (Lvl40onDeath procs, 10%Lvl10onStruck Weaken).
    - "ShadowOfDoubt" added 1% Lifesteal, to make up for the 1% taken from Ohm, only because this weapon needs it.
  8. skills.txt,
    - Conviction LRes Amp changed from 11%+1/Lvl to 6%+1/Lvl. This way they're twice the effect of InnerSight/SlowMisiles, and the difference between 1skill point +14skills (-20%Res) is very close to half the effect of 20 points +14skills (-39%Res). Note that in Hell Difficulty, a maxed effect will help allies at least 27% more than a 1-point effect.
    - The duration synergies on Attract and Confuse reduced from 25 frames to 15 frames per level. (In Hell difficulty, assuming +14Skills and 1point investment, these curses go from 6 seconds to 8 for one 20 point synergy (from 9s to 12s in NM))
  9. skilldesc.txt,
    - Attract and Confuse synergy description needed adjustment (previous description function rounded off to whole numbers, so using the fraction-display function instead: "15/25 sec per level")
  10. cubemain.txt, no changes, but the Release (no test recipes) version is included.

I do not intend to make any more balance adjustments or new items for HUv1.7.

PureRage is welcome to use the above files to produce .mpq files if he has the time. If he does not, then let me know if there is a more efficient method (i.e. smaller file size) of producing the .mpq files besides opening up the v1.3 patch_d2.mpq and overwriting with v1.7 files before closing it.

Author:  PureRage-DoD [ Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

Here's the files I edited:

Base monster AI range increased to fit high res. (35 increased to 40)
A few specific AI adjusted to increase trigger radius of certain behavior and skills, for those that ignore the AIDist column.
Find potion now finds Supers in A5 norm (up from greaters), Megas in NM and Ultras in Hell.
Reduced EvilSorc elemental resistance from 120 to 100.
Changed eth requirements from -10 to +10.
Removed defunct mastery surrounds from barb mastery trees.

Files changed:
data/global/ui/spells/skltree_b_back.dc6 (Note: files are suffixed with -HighRes and -LowRes. Remove chosen suffix for the version you are running.

I didn't get the arrows done, as I didn't want to run out of time halfway through, or finish 1 resolution and not have time for the other.

I don't think there is a better method than just overwriting for the .mpqs

Author:  PureRage-DoD [ Mon Dec 26, 2016 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

For music versions, it is likely easiest all round to just extract the music files, and provide a data folder (data/global/music) to download. That way we only need 1 download for music, regardless of high or low res.

Author:  Brevan [ Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

Once upon a time, players were told that playing with (or without) a data folder was responsible for them dropping or crashing. If we provide a music folder for them to use with "-direct -txt" flags, then do you know if they will experience any issues? Logic tells me that they shouldn't, but experience dealing with Blizzard stuff tells me to keep an open mind. I certainly like the idea of the music folder since that would at least allow us to compress it at a reasonable rate. Were you thinking of people downloading it as a variety of mpq file (i.e. very little compression)?

I will prepare the mpq packages. I'll be implementing the following changes:
  1. Since Eth items now add 10 stat requirements (only to each stat the item requires), I made all weapons require min 10 Str/Dex (characters start with 10 Str/Dex anyways). This ensures that all eth weapons gain 20 stat points required.
  2. Skill descriptions for Pierce, Dodge, and Battle Command mention that they unlock their shared-state skills
  3. Battle Orders prerequisite changed from Shout to Battle Command (just for ease of skill description)

<edit>I earlier figured I could get the mpq files finished before going to sleep, but after getting frustrated with Ladik'sMPQ (decent interface, but doesn't seem to compress anything), I decided to try WinMPQ (terrible interface, but seems to compress), it looks like this will take longer than I thought.</edit>

Author:  PureRage-DoD [ Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

RE: Music. I Spent a couple hours last night looking at methods for making the music version, standalone. I packed the 1.7 game files into the .mpq, then downloaded a music version and extracted just the music files (data/global/music folder) and using the existing levels.txt, changed act 1 town sound environ entry from 1 to 30 (Mephisto) for testing.

Test 1: Data/global/music alone, everything else in patch - works
Test 2: Data/Global/music packed into patch_mpq. - works
Test 3: Data/Global/Music packed into extra .mpq and loaded by D2SE - Failed (WTF?) Music reverted to vanilla.
Test 4: Data/Global/Music packed into extra .mpq and placed in a Language_Mus folder + renamed MUS.mpq. Language set to MUS in D2SE launcher. - Failed (WTF?), sama again, vanilla music.

Test 5 and 6: As above for 3 and 4, but also included excel folder containing all text files and .bins. - Failed QQ.

So looks like it is either manage 4 versions (HR, HR Lite, LR, LR Lite) and pack into the .mpq, or manage 2 versions (LR, HR), and provide a download to the data/global/music folder. I prefer #2 personally, just because it's less likely things will get mixed up in future, and it's very easy to troubleshoot.

WinMPQ gave me pretty good compression. Just remember when you choose the data folder to pack, and the dialogue box pops up asking for a path, to enter "data\".

I usually do:
0.5: Load game to generate up to date .bins > Close game.
1: Open Patch.
2: Click add folder.
3: Select chosen data folder.
4: Enter data\ when prompted for a path
5: Wait until packing is finished
6: Ctrl + P to compress further (takes 10-20 seconds)
7: Suffix data folder with -off and start the game to confirm it all got packed up into the .mpq.

Author:  Brevan [ Wed Dec 28, 2016 12:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

I've gone with packaging the music within patch_d2.mpq because it might be simpler for new players (just download CoreFiles and then one download for whatever else they choose).

Relevant to this thread: I've removed nearly all Dropbox data, so all the update links are dead.

Author:  PureRage-DoD [ Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

Prepare to fume :o . Just spotted that weapons with hidden weapon mastery passives are set to level 6 req minimum. Reducing the req in skills.txt will fix it even if it needs to become a negative. Bit of a pain after packing already ><.

Only noticed because I was making a fresh character in new folder.

Edit -6 as req in skills.txt will solve it ye.

Author:  Brevan [ Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1.7 Development

pfft, level 6? Lucky you're playing a Barb, my Paladin was faced with level 12. Welp, time to grab a dagger or wand and get cracking.

A quick test with the hidden passives skill levels set to -10 implies that it solves the problem, which surprised me quite a bit since I assumed D2 would treat a negative level requirement as zero and I'd be trying to use OllyDBG to help you look for the hidden "oSkills increase level requirements to SkillLvl+6" in some file.

Precedent has been set - testing with the finished product is relevant and critical.

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