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 Post subject: Attack Rating Balance
PostPosted: Wed Feb 10, 2010 9:43 am 

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Claw Mastery and Enchant have an excessively low AR (attack rating) bonus, it's pretty much the same than those of Bnet, while almost all others AR related skills got a big buff (monsters have a higher defense than those on Bnet).
So it's like these 2 skills had their AR bonus nerfed when you think about the % to hit. *Why* is that ? And why no answer ? ^^

Here are the numbers of most AR related skills for Bnet1.12 / HU1.2z at lvl 20 (bonus/lvl) :

(weapon) Mastery 180(8) / 250(10)
Leap attack 335(15) / 1150(50)
Double Throw 210(10) / 315(15)
Double Swing 110(5) / 315(15)
Frenzy 233(7) / 575(25)
Concentrate 250(10) / 575(25)
Berzerk 385(15) / 575(25)
Whirlwind 95(5) / 315(15)

Werewolf 335(15) / 525(25)
Rabies 183(7) / 330(15)
Fury 183(7) / 630(30)
Fire Bite 335(15) / 330(15)
Frost Bite - / 330(15)
Werebear - / 315(15)
Maul 210(10) / 525 (25)
HoW 158(7) / 264(12)

Sacrifice 153(7) / 575(25)
Zeal 200(10) / 440(20)
Vengeance 210(10) / 880(40)
Charge 335(15) / 1675(75)
Fanaticism 135(5) / 240(10)

Penetrate(Strategy) 225(10) / 525(25)
Magic Arrow 181(9) / 200(10)
Jab 181(9) / 315(15)
Impale 575(25) / 1200(50)
Fend 230(10) / 525(25)
Plague javelin 201(9) / 220(10)

Dragon Talon 495(25) / 525(25)
Dragon Tail 305(15) / 630(30)
Dragon Flight 480(20) / 1200(50)
Tiger & Cobra 148(7) / 525(25)
FoF 148(7) / 525(25)
CoT 148(7) / 525(25)
BoI 148(7) / 315(15) (why not the same than FoF & CoT ?)
Phoenix 148(7) / 575(25)
Dragon Claw 515(25) / 630(30)
Claw Mastery 220(10) / 250(10)

Enchant 191(9) / 240(10)

Poison Strike 410(20) / 440(10)
And apparently there's another bonus :
Bone Armor - / (440(20)

What's the big deal would you say ?
Firstly, simply to scale these skills to others.
Secondly, it's an issue for Bladesin and WWsin because they get AR pretty much only from Claw Mastery and because with Venom you have to hit most of the time to get the damage dealt because the relatively low Venom damage is over 0.5 second; instead of Rabies / Poison Strike where you can miss some hits over the ~8 seconds duration.

And WWing at 4 frames with Venom's duration of 12 frames could be another matter...
With a boss blocking around 50%, you have to have a high % to hit anyway.

So I would suggest to increase the AR bonus from Claw Mastery to at least +15 or +20% /lvl (and eventually decrease the AR bonus of Dclaw to +25 or +20/lvl). Same for Enchant.
Edit : same issue with weapon Mastery (barb) and Fanaticism (pal).

On another matter, in my opinion there's like a crossover between assassin and necromancer when we look at their physical damage :

Skills :
- Claw Mastery does 220ed at lvl20 (+10/lvl)
- To Poison Strike has been added a damage bonus and a critical strike which are the same than claw mastery (220ed+10/lvl)
- and apparently Bone Armor gives another damage bonus, twice the one of Claw Mastery and another critical strike bonus (440+20/lvl).
And PS works with any melee weapon (it could be cool if Claw Mastery was opened to at least daggers too in my opinion).

Weapons :

Best claw on Bnet : 44-53 damage
Best claw on HU : 47-59 (almost the same)

Best wand on Bnet : 22-28 damage
Best wand on HU : 40-68 (What a buff)
So in HU these little sticks deals more damage than a short blade...

With runewords we have Assa's Darkness with 420-528 damage (with shitty % Weaken/strike)
and necro's Oblivion with 360-612 damage (with handy % Fade/struck).

So, does the necro really need to do more physical damage than assassin ? And why not buff Sorceress's Enchant too ?

In my eyes it's a blatant unbalance, necro has been way overbuffed through his skills and items, while some classe builds have been ignored or nerfed. I think some balances need to be done.

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 Post subject: Re: Attack Rating Balance
PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2010 3:35 am 

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because overlord soulmancer says so.

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 Post subject: Re: Attack Rating Balance
PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:55 am 
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well... i agree with you that claw mastery needs some love, perhaps reduce some dmg/ar from dclaw and add it to the mastery to have some balance.

enchant... seems ok to me :/ im not expert in this case tho. i have an enchantress lvl90 and the skill looks and works really ok to me.

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 Post subject: Re: Attack Rating Balance
PostPosted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:42 am 

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Quite a few builds suffer from AR problems. Holy aura paladins especially come to mind(as if they didn't have enough problems). Totally agree on the enchant and claw mastery AR. Buffing either of them wouldn't break anything, only help a few obscure builds get some needed love. And it's such an easy buff to do.

I always find it silly how well thought out topics like these get no replies, but anytime we get a topic with blatantly overpowered/retarded suggestions people feel compelled to drag on about useless shit that would never get implemented(or should be). God bless HU forums.

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