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Weapon speed calc
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Author:  ElChicken [ Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Weapon speed calc

the hud-page links to the indiablo-speedcalc, but well, this one is made for LoD, so some things from HU are not available. Someone knows the math behind the speedcalculations?

Three cases i would love to calc but cant:
a) fanaaura and Druwolf shapeshift, in both cases the IAS values in LoD and HU are different, so not sure how to do that...
b) A1-Mercs using xbows. Are they capped at 11 fpa like players? or can they shoot faster? At least to me it feels like they could shoot faster, my merc was sitting at 130 IAS with her coloxbow and a fana10 aura next to her and she shoots like a machinegun.
Anyway, it would be nice to know, how xbows on mercs work... (same for javelins on a2 mercs)
c) other classes but palas using zeal. E.g. how much IAS does a soso need to reach 4 fpa zeal with a caduceus... Sorcs have the highest base attackspeed in the game (why? ^^) so it should be supereasy...

Author:  Baerk [ Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weapon speed calc

Concerning zeal... 4 frame attack may be impossible with other classes because what zeal really does is double their base normal attack speed (so a barb with a 9 frame final breakpoint normal attack may not necessarily be able to hit 4 frames).

Since a1 rogue mercs use the same exact attack animation for xbows as normal bows they actually don't suffer from the slower base animation speed players have for xbows.

As for shape shift... that's SERIOUSLY one big can of mechanics for the mess that goes on there. I'll either update this post or make a new post with the actual specifics for my way of calculating IAS perfectly manually and also the mechanics of SS.

Author:  ElChicken [ Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weapon speed calc

so if a sorc needs 99 IAS to hit 10 fpa (best sorcs can reach) standard attack with a cryptic sword, she would zeal at 5 fpa at 99IAS?

Author:  Baerk [ Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weapon speed calc

Due to some quirks in how the speed formula is calculated that probably will not be the exact breakpoint (but it would definately be close).

Each normal attack for a given weapon class for each class has a set base animation length. It's these base animation lengths that make crossbows inherently slower than a bow for players. Outside of SS nothing can be done to improve them so for the most part they are static.

As for how to calculate how much speed boost you are getting for attack... There's a couple of rules to note first. Skill/buff/curse/passive/aura granted IAS never suffers diminishing returns and as a result is never inputted into the formula I'm about to talk about. All increased speeds directly from gear mods (Increased attack speed mods in this case) suffers from diminishing returns. You enter the total of all increased attack speed on gear into this formula:

(IAS*120) = Effective Increased Attack Speed.

Due to the division component and what's in it this of course means it's impossible to get more than 120% effective increased attack speed from gear even with infinite gear increased attack speed. Since all skill based speed increases do not suffer diminishing returns this means they are all pure effective increased speed.

To get your final effective increased attack speed value after doing the diminishing returns for gear IAS and tacking skill IAS on top of that you must then subtract base weapon speed from it (gear IAS after diminishing returns + skill IAS - your weapon's base speed). This final effective increased attack speed value is solely what determines how fast you swing outside of SS.

If you know the base animation length you could actually calculate your normal attack speed with this final effective IAS value. Some things to note besides actually calculating the animation length resulting from effective IAS. 1) If your EIAS (effective IAS) is above 75 it gets capped down to 75. 2) If your EIAS is below -85 the penalty gets capped to -85. With these universal EIAS caps that apply to both monsters and players let's get to the actual formula.

base animation length * (100/[100+EIAS]) = adjusted animation speed

When you do your calculations you will often get a decimal answer. The game never handles anything in a fraction of a frame however so it does a couple more things to that adjusted animation speed. 1) It rounds up the answer. 2) it then subracts 1.

Most of the time it would seem like the game is rounding down the adjusted animation speed to the nearest frame for normal attacks, but in the special case the adjusted animation speed is a whole number it will actually subtract one instead of leaving it alone.

It should be noted this is NOT all the rounding points involved in the entire calculation. As a result your calcs may have breakpoint results 1 or 2% off compared to the breakpoint tables calculators have stored.

As for SS... What's so special about it is that on weapon speed modifies your base attack animation length. Unlike the the attack speed calculation formula I just went over this base animation length modification has no caps. People often go to such great lengths to abuse this uncapped formula as much as possible they often end up capping the attack speed formula I talked about in previous paragraphs with on weapon speed alone. This causes the myth that off weapon IAS "doesn't matter" for SS druids.

This uncapped base animation length modification formula if pushed to the extremes (with amounts of IAS far beyond what's normally available) could literally make a SS druid have 0 and 1 frame attacks. It should be noted however that the game engine unhinges the striking frame from SS druid attacks completely making them harmless should they get faster than 2 frame attacks. The actual formula for the base animation length modification goes roughly as follows:

base animation length * (100/[100+on weapon IAS - base weapon speed]) = SS base animation length

Author:  ElChicken [ Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Weapon speed calc

thanks a lot... good insight ^.^

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