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 Post subject: Support (curse heavy) Necro questions
PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:20 am 

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Hi there, been playing for a couple months. Had some queries about a supporting, curse-based nec.

Given what I've gleaned from the forums about the state of physical damage in hell, is it still viable to pump Amplify damage to an absurd level? How should one spend their points in Amplify Damage versus other curses? what's important to cover?

If I were to build a Necro based moreso around curses (supporting melee and phys bowazon specifically), as well as golems for tanking, in your opinion, how would you spend the points? the Necro's of course there for curse support, leaving any killing potential to his merc and party members.

Spirit blades appears to be an effective tactic for boss tanking, given how quickly they spawn. Are they superior to golems in this respect? How do their roles differ?

I'm also new to the mod, and haven't seen a Death Knight summon in action. Are they particularly effective when maxxed out, or should they only be used for a summons based nec (A build that...from what I've seen and read...are ineffective)

I'm pretty long and winded here. I'd really, really appreciate any thoughts you vets have to offer here!

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 Post subject: Re: Support (curse heavy) Necro questions
PostPosted: Thu Jul 14, 2011 4:07 am 
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Can go 100str with 120 being maximum:
spike thorn(120str req) - 25lvl+ thorns oskill (have to keep aura and cast curses on left click). You can wirt/hel/-req jewel it for less str req. With +all skills you can have 35+lvl of thorns giving 3300%dmg returned. But can get a2 defensive merc for thorns and give him this shield, it will boost his aura by 7-10points(+3oskill cap and 5-7 +thorns(paladin only), yet it works that way)

Check holy crafts. Being support necro you may find holy crafts nec shields useful early (might aura on wear) or belts/boots (thorns/vigor). Weapon of choice probably faith in throwing axe(19/19 str/dex req) for fanat(bowzons like it)/+3skill, some res. Amu metalgrid for 22lvl spirit of barbs charges - 2200% dmg extra damage returned.
Skill wise you can go 20dk/20skele mast/20skeles +20amp +20lr and every other curse 1 even dimvision - this curse can disable entire frozen tundra but ppl don't even know it's exist. Dk is a nice tank, only downside is he requires body so he won't be on much of act boss fights. Maxed skeles are nice tanks too, with thorns and max every melee phys monster will be dying hiting them - just don't def buff your skeles :).
Spirit blades... well if you choose to max them they will have so high def bosses will only kill them by spells(same applies to nooby iron golem) making thorns useless. I personally prefer keep them 1 point and spam here and there when needed. If you go a3 fire/cold merc then max them over skeles or dk, as these merc require static target to be effective. And blades require no spare body.

But for the idea generally. Amp 55% won't help thaaaat much on bosses that matters(a3+hell). Sure you'll be able to take down hell andy faster and few nm ones. But meph/diablo/ and every boss that uses iron maiden will be out of reach for melee. Bowzon will be happy. Just amp and clear tundra if few multishots.

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