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 Post subject: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 3:11 am 

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I was born in a new cold world a few days ago

It was a rainy day in the village I found myself in, a rogue encampment. The inhabitants were lively, altho there was a barbarian lost in his dream world, waiting on the waypoint.

I knew I was born for one thing: to bring a smile to warrior faces, to heal up wounds and cleanse diseases. As such I looked over to my would-be barbarian companion, poking and shouting into his ear...he wouldn't budge.

Oh well, Akara looked like she had something to tell me, apparently there was some cave nearby filled with all sorts of nasty looking creatures, that needed to be taken care of...

I set up looking for it, it was relatively close, with a prayer in hand and a itching sword worth 1 gold, I went in. As expected, mobs were all over. I hacked and slashed my way through, reciting my prayer in my head.

Finally, the boss of the place was found, I quickly closed the distance to deny him his range of fireball-like spells, and we battled it out. His damage was great, I had to retreat in a quieter corner to concentrate on my prayer and heal up mu wounds. Finally, he is dead, along with his minions. The rest of the monsters fall quickly, the den is cleared!
Just then, I hear word of a assassin, a fellow evil-battler had arrived in the rogues encampment. She's a little younger than me, and sadly she missed the moment of clearing the den of filth by mear moments.

We agree to party up for killing more of the filth infesting the lands. The bloody moor in front of the village finds a new time of peace and tranquility. But we know true healing, will take time.
The cold plains lay ahead of us, filled with challenges and excitement.

The land is filled with all sorts of lance wielding demons, huuge furry behemoths, touches of undeath and spawns of evil looking creatures. We cringe at the situation, happily, a custodian of nature, a druid, comes in to bolster our ranks. His command over the spirits made a life spirit walk with us, increasing our will to live, soon patches of fire start appearing in front of us, clearing away the demonic plague.

We set out to find and secure passage via the waypoint back to town. Most of us look experienced enough for the local mercenary dealer to entrust us a aid. I welcomed the new addition to our killing power.

We went back and continued to accumulate battle experience, soon we stumble upon a deserted graveyard...or so we thought. We remember the words of our mercenary dealer...something about a blood raven...
We start to cut our way through the hordes of death and decay that were trying to block the path.

Blood raven was waiting for us, at the end of a seemingly endless crypt. We engaged in mortal combat. I focused my prayer and started to invoke bolts of holy healing energy to make my companions able to withstand the deadly onslaught.


After a short break to replenish our dwindling supplies, we start making our way to the next area ahead of us. It was like making our way through a field of stones, the barbarian in town had ended his dreams and joined our ranks. We head together through this land of stones and find our way to the magical point transportation device easy. In our zeal, we stumble upon a circle of stones.

We approach carefully, sensing danger. SUDDENLY, a horde of cow-like spawns come to kill us, obviously not happy of our presence. We must have interrupted some sacred ceremony of sorts, traces of blood were all round the place and their high priest looked sparkly mad when we interrupted the proceedings. He put up a good fight, however our combined efforts and the holy aid proved too much. We killed him and served justice.

We touched the stones, and felt a strange shiver. There had to be more to this... We left the area to cross the mountains to our next fighting ground. Only way to reach it was to go through a endless cave, carved by the natural forces after a millennial struggle.

Sadly, this natural wonder was being inhabited by more demonic forces. At this point we were starting to be worried about all the monsters we had been encountering...something BIG was happening to upset the celestial order. Was like hell itself was starting to spill over to the mortal realm.

During this, we had a more experienced champion briefly join us. We accepted him, but didn't think much of it.


We exited the cave into a thick wood. The sun was barely able to penetrate the foliage. Behind each tree, there seemed to be like a demon lying in ambush. Our fears were true, the place WAS filled to the brim with all sorts of nasty looking spawns.

A hollow tree caught our eye, we approached. A inhuman sound echoed in the distance, we heard thumping, and ... a horde of furry creatures spilled forth, hungry for blood. The alpha creature engaged the barbarian, his minions were taking his example and started to surround our companion. The situation was dire, my prayer stretched out to my companion and holy bolts were swiftly brought to the fight. But all in vain, my prayer was not strong enough, and the bulky bodies of the minions blocked my bolts from reaching the stranded companion. He was going to die, he knew it as well, and started to look for a way out.

In the confusion, he managed to slip through and I immediately started to infuse him with holy energy. We all rejoined the fight and managed to scrape by.

I reached into the hollow tree. Fingers encountered moistness, probably some moss. Reached deeper...a metallic feel...a scroll. We opened it up, but it was a strange language. Perhaps someone in town could help us solve the mystery.

We took the scroll with us and found the waypoint leading to town. Akara looked interested in the scroll. We left it with her while we tended to our supplies and rested our legs. SUCCESS! Akara deciphered the meaning of the scroll, it was a transportation spell to tristram. Hmm, tristram, that town echoed with a familiar sound...

We had to touch some stones in a special order, and a portal should open up to tristram. There we were to locate and consult a old Horadrim sage. he may know more about the state of the world.

We did so, and found ourselves in the mid of undeath. We slowly cleared the elite looking hordes, and was just about to rescue our sage, Cain, when... A beefy and angry looking undead came out. He used lots of curse words and threw magic hammers at us. However, my prayer and holy energy infusion worked flawlessly, we made short work of the creature.

We continued to clear tristram of filth. Little did we know, but a formidable foe lay in wait...Leoric. He was supposed to be a king of sorts. In his long years folowing his demise, he apparently mastered black magic, and infused bones with it, throwing them like spears.

My healing powers were barely keeping or barbarian champion alive, the assassin that was with us was a little too brave and incited the attention of Leoric, thus ending his struggle in a single, decisive blow. Not content, the assassin tried again, and again, paying a deep price for being brought back from death. Each time Leoric prevailed.

By now the supplies we had were nearly spent, the holy energy output dropped and our barbarian had to retreat to evade incoming fire, while I gathered the little energy I had left to heal him.

Slowly, carefully, we withered his life away. He dropped his treasures, containing unique rings and amulets, along with a sizable quantity of gold, which we divided between us.

After this, we learned from Cain what happened to the world. It was not good news. We had to make haste and put an end to it all.

We went back to the thick woods, determined to traverse them and we stumbled onto a dark marsh. Here we knew we had to dispose of a deep source of evil, located deep in a tower's belly. We find the tower, and start making our way...we noticed something strange...mobs were already dead...and we didn't killed them....we notice the evil presence was gone! the countess (apparently) was dead. With a bit of disappointment, we set out to clear the final challenge of this lands.

We were approaching the monastery, from which the rogues in the camp came from. Along the way, the demonic presence grew stronger, however the health of our party, now also enlisting a sorceress and a necromancer, didn't flinch through it all.

Outer cloister..barracks...the smith- underground Jail...inner cloister and his boss all fell one after another, carried by the power of my prayer and the strength of the team.

Our equipment, combat experience and confidence grew. We were approaching the lair of the dreaded queen, Andariel. We knew the battle was going to be a tough one.
The entrance to her was guarded by a fire wielding boss, he didn't stand much of a chance before the united team. Upon death, a portal opened at his resting spot.

The way to Andariel was open!

We made our way in, I had my prayer carry it's power over to a cleansing spell. I activated this newly found cleansing power.

We carefully approached Andariel...she was ready for us. The barbarian quickly engaged her, but strangely, even tho Andariel was spewing poison wave after poison wave, nobody seemed to be affected...my heal power was keeping up the team and was infusing the barbarian with healing energy.

Soon Andariel was no more. We headed to town and got ready to go in search of a fallen hero, in a desert land

After a long trip, we reached the town of LutGolein

Our first task was to help a poor lady get her revenge, and so we did. On the way, a more experienced amazon, who looked like she'd seen most of what the area and town had to offer, joined us. We made our way in, and
the undead monster we had to kill was spewing forth poison and unholy energy, and was trying to teleport himself through walls in order to evade us...no use...his life was quickly extinguished. The lady, Atma, found the taste of revenge bittersweet, but to her liking.

Cain gave our next task, to assemble the horadric staff. Each of the 3 pieces was guarded by a boss. However the power of our team was too great and each met their demise.

Next task was to place the horadric staff, in a receptacle in tal rasha's tomb...but we had to find the tomb first. We made our way through a infested palace to a place governed by a summoner...he was wielding fire, wind and was commanding a horde of dead bodies...

The battle was epic, but using the holy power of my bolts and the strength of my prayer, the damage was minimized. The challenge was overcome swiftly.

The way was open for the last stage of the encounter. The guardian of the tomb, Duriel, awaited.
But before we reached him, the way was filled to the brim with the nastiest of monsters, had we not had powerful healing...our party would have been shattered and the enemy forces victorious!

We reached Duriel's abode, our barbarian engaged the monster, the party sustained his efforth. My holy healing was enough to keep everybody out of the danger zone, and my holy bolts were outhealing Duriel's damage on our tank

We prevailed!

After a talk with a imprisoned angel, we could move onto the next plague stricken land.

Alas, upon reaching the town-port, the evil energy surrounding the land penetrated some of our teammates. They went hostile and were looking for blood. More followed in the insanity. The life of the once mighty 8 man party that sailed from act 1-through-2-and reached act 3 was gone. Feeling the holy power going further and further away and dwindling, I let myself drift into a dream land and left the party and the game

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 3:12 am 

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What followed was a time of reflection, of drawing upon past resources stashed away under the care of willing anonymous heroes.

The strength of my equipment grew, the mercenary hired from the rogue encampment received a upgrade in her equipment

Next day I found myself in Act 3, without any waypoints, in search of a party.
Was plugging away at some mobs, with the damaging power of a highly versed healing hand, when o unlikely older acquaintance joined in, in a new deadly, more experienced assassin incarnation.

I happily followed along, providing my prayers.

Cain had told us that to get to the bottom of tings, we need to open the way to a place called "Durance". We needed to grab pieces from various places, put them together to make a flail, and destroy a special device.

We set up to do just that, first of, we had to dispose of a nasty poisoned spider. My assassin companion seemed to tear everything apart. We reached the lair of the spider.

The fight was long, the spider was proving to have a thick iron skin. Luckily, my prayer was strong, and aided by the holy cleansing power with occasional bursts of holy bolts energy infusion made the assassin a viable block wall upon which the spider found it's resting place.

With this obstacle cleared, we proceeded along to the next part, next piece of the puzzle was held in the clutches of a dragon! Drawing from past experience, I had stocked up on bottled mana. Expecting a fierce fight. I was left disappointed. My assassin companion was quickly damaging the monster, kept in good health by my strong prayer and occasional healing bursts.

Next part of the puzzle was in our clutches. Just then, 2 champions joined the game, one of which was of considerable battle experience, more Champollion joined in, of similar high battle experience.

They were speaking in strange tongues, we found it prudent to join up our forces. they shattered the controlling device, thus allowing us to stop the search for parts.

They were attempting to dispose of the Prime evil at the deep end of the Durance. Their lower experienced companion found he wasn't able to enter last portal to join in the fight. Obviously, his conscience wasn't letting him continue without ridding Kurast of the evil Council. I assumed they gathered up and killed the council members since the evil presence had suddenly subsided.

With the unlikely party formed, the assassin companion had gone in search of other opportunities, I was left to clear my way from the jungle of flyers. Then I see messages of a great evil, killing heroes left and right.

Even the higher experienced fell to Mephisto's wrath. For some reason, the assassin which was with me a while ago, came back. It then transpired that I was a follower of the healing ways, and my presence was wanted at their side to kill off the prime evil.

My mind started working fast, middle of jungle, lots of distance to cover...me and the assassin made haste. In the end, we reached the durance and found it open. I sped on the way to discover next level, and saw a stream of green crosses on the magic maps. This had to come from this area's waypoint.

I go in that direction, dodging hordes of monsters, kept in good health by my prayers. Upon securing the way, I head to the area where the green crosses were headed, and find the next level.
The signs of a fierce battle were apparent, and a red portal was inviting me in. Alas, I could not enter it since I had not assisted int he death of the evil council. I left with messages of Mephisto being victorious, in search of a way to clear my name and be allowed in the portal.

A sense of urgency set in, a new game was made and more experienced help was soon to come. Council was made short work of, and I hurried in the aid of my former companions.

..Only to find there is no longer needed, their battle experience had prevailed. I left the game, and noticed another, aiming to dispose of the evil that had jut escaped me. I join and offer my healing services.

Immediately I'm accepted in, and I head over to assist in clearing the way from durance waypoint to the demon's lair. For some strange reason, the experienced companions from the prev. game, now joined this game in progress.

The more the merrier...we arrive at a monster called Mithya or something along those lines, she's a fire dealing monster with a cursed tongue. My prayer and healing bolts make this a easy fight.
We enter the red portal. Mephisto is waiting, the higher experienced fighters assist us, but express the concern it will be hard. It was expected to be so, since the party had grown to 6-7 members.
I was prepared, my mana was in good shape, and I had lots of disposable mana bottles at hand.

We have 2 heroes able to stand toe-to-toe with the prime evil. My bolts keep them up in good health. Mephisto soon dies, as soon as my last mana bottle gets used. We advance into the red portal twords HELL

Time is short, but we set up to increase of experience and gather the way points. The party makes good progress, killing monsters left and right, clearing HELL. We arrive at a river of fire, with a narrow pathway leading to the lord of terror's lair, we make our way through and secure the last waypoint before the demon's lair.

This concludes the journey for that day

Next day finds me in good spirits. There is a act 4 game up, and I see there is need for a healer in there. I hear from the angel we encountered after duriel fight, that there is a dark soul trapped in a demon. We are to free him, and my companions agree. We set up and go

We re joined on the way by a few older acquaintances. Our party is now solid and we make good way. Izual is at the bottom of a pit, we engage him.

Hilarity ensues

His attacks can't scratch any of our heath, and we are all with proper battle experience for this encounter save 2 who are higher but till need the kill. A few holy bolts to our more courageous companions staring him in the face, and soon, Izual is no more. We rejoice and set our sites to the lord of terror himself.

The party already has the last waypoint, and we meet up to clear the way. Everything goes smoothly, we reach the boss guarding the entrance to his lair. Everything is as it should be, boss barely scratches our health (save for one paladin who lacks experience and seems to be naked), we clear the way without much problems.

The mobs inside the chaos sanctuary were disposed off quickly, and the bosses guarding the seals were released. A combination of holy bolts+prayer aura kept us in good health for these fights.

Big D spawns, in a 7 player game. Nothing to scoff at. I find my simple prayer is not enough. We take half of his life, he kills us all after I die due to not enough self-healing power. We try again and it's a touch-and-go situation. I die a few times, and so do most. But he is kept from regenerating his life. The macabre dance continues, and he is DEAD!

Alas, the peoples who needed the event didn't receive recognition for it. And so we set up again. We find a act 4 game in progress and join it.its now a 8 player game.
We cleared again to seal bosses, and I mention along the way that a Sol rune would make the big D fight much more manageable.

After a bit further explanation, one of the party members, a necromancer (bless his back heart), offers one! now I could increase my healing power! and the white scepter I had prepared for this occasion was at a ready! I make the powerful runeword and set upon again the big D fight.

A clear difference is visible, no tank dies under the power of my holy bolts, and the meditation and prayer aura together make non reckless companions stay alive. Finally big D dies and we are ready to move onto next act

the 2 people that had started the game were struggling with izual. After big D, we decided to help them kill it. The way was clear, and we quickly faced the monster.
More hilarity ensues, as this time, not only Izual was unable to damage the party health, but everybody was eighter meleeing him or staying in his area of attack. Much fun was had and jokes were made regarding Izual's manliness.

After this we went to act 5 and started clearing away. We reached the place Anya was kept and found ourselves crossing the path with a frost dragon. Fight was a piece of cake, thanks to the power of a combined prayer+meditation offering heals all round and holy bolts keeping up the tanks without problems. Only tricky moments were when he blasted ice onto the poor healadin with 45 cold resistance. But soon, dragon was no more.
Anya had been freed!

And this concludes the day's journey

A new day dawns!

I find myself in a place of meditation, along with a few others. There are a few possibilities open, a travel to LutGolein, a visit to Kurast, a sightseeing tour in Pandemonium fortress or a trek in the Crystalline caves of Harrogath.

While pondering, a letter written in green tint arrives...companions need help in LutGolein, some old foes were up and about again...an they needed to be put down.
Aaa, LutGolein, the memories come rushing back. I set onto the journey, to find a mixed party of singer barb,traps assassin, windy druid, soon a amazon join our ranks as well.

First in the agenda is to dispose of a old and bold summoner. Armed with a arsenal of healing spells, multiplied in power by my attire, I arrive at the spot. LET BATTLE BE JOINED! I said, and my companions rushed to slaughter the defenseless beast, unphased by it's fiery and windy attacks. Some excessively daring companions meet a unfortunate end, but in the end it's a Victory!!
We find the place of tal'rasha's burial and we set out. Inside it's moist, dark, and a persistent pungent smell lingers in the air. We fight off,room after room of creatures and make our way to a dangerously looking trap...guarded by the finest undeads.

Clearly, someone doesn't want us there. We press on.

We swiftly clear a seemingly endless maze and reach a sandy place. Danger tingles in the air. From below, a formidable foe appears! using poisons and elemental attacks to try to frighten us. But the power of the prayer is too great for him. Soon, a red portal, inviting us to proceed.

Aaa, last bastion of defense. Guarded by a worm like creature, with a freezing gaze. Duriel! We know the creature's power, but with the prayer in our back we show no fear.

The battle is long and arduous, many close calls leave my partners with a slither of health, only to be brought right up by the prayer. Duriel seems focused on our would be singing barbarian, and so he receives a holy power infusion to help him survive. Duriel is no more!

My task, for the moment, is complete. I retreat to my abode in Harrogath to rest and teach my mercenary a few tricks. My mercenary, bristling with energy and sparkling with enthusiasm was itching to try his hand against the foes deep in Harrogath's mountains. I obliged.

On the way I kept receiving reports of the progress of my companions in reaching mephisto's lair, they had prepared a magic flail to smash the hypnotic device. I hear them make haste. I'm not concerned, the party tearing up the jungle is now 6 man strong and making good progress.

They reach Travincal. I hear tales of success regarding the device's disposal, but also concern about powerful foes in a secluded location, acting as a council for the demonic forces.

The party goes ahead, I can sense, trouble ahead. Party's health is dwindling, it's not a good situation. My aid was needed and I make haste.

I arrive to the council's location to see a mortal combat in progress, my prayer stretches out and reaches the dieing heroes, healing up the wounds and mending souls. With a newly found courage, my companions surround the evil, taunting and laughing in his face. The deed was done, the council was no more.

I once again retreat to my abode and resume mercenary training. The party continues on it's way to mephisto.

Time passes

My heals are again needed! a winged foe, wielding fire and curse words stands in the party's way. That can't be good, Battle is joined! Strangely, it is apparent this foe has a deep aversion to fighting, as soon as we approach and engage her, she runs away...A long and enervating battle unfolds. FINALLY, she is dead, our way is open.

Mephisto awaits, we cautiously approach. Suddenly, a loud hiss, and a 'squeezed' laughter echoes...MEPHISTO! We engage, I let my holy prayers reach out to the party, while infusing our biggest life companion with holy bolts of energy.

Alas, Mephisto is cunning, for each attack we made against him, he counters our moves. I see a companion loose her life, another, and another, yet another... I shake my head in disbelief. Something must be wrong, no, prayers are working at full strength..this shouldn't be happening. But it is.

The remaining members hang on, we settle in for a long battle, chipping away at the fiend's health. Finally, he dies! the way to hell is open. We enter.

Pandemonium fortress, the last bastion of order. We start to make our way into the demon land.
Tingles and sparks from the trapping assassin clear the monsters way ahead of us, we can only follow and mop up the remnants of the once mighty chords of mobs. I remember a old foe, Izual is close. Aaa, Izual, the love fool, I think he was seduced, and chose to serve the hell legions...foolish mistake. We approached his location with a deep thirst for action. As expected, his attacks can only tickle our health, we laugh a bit and continue to make our way.

River of lava, bridge of the damned, chaos sanctuary, we push or way through.
Five seals, five seals between us and the lord of terror. We open them, one by one, almost each spawning a boss creature. But we are not afraid of them! they try in vain to do us in, no use.

Diablo! walks again in chaos sanctuary, with our past experience in hand, we know what to expect. It's a easy battle, we can win, we can win! ... not so fast...Diablo says, lemme test yer mettle! and test he did. A few heroes didn't make the cut, but we knew they'd join us for the fight after paying their resurrection fees. We chip away diablo's health, dodging his fiery attacks.

He dies!

Act 5 awaits. We start our journey in the bloody foothills of Harrogath.
Monsters left and right, it feels like a hot knife slicing through warm butter. We make good progress, speeding along the way, glacial trail, crystalline passage, a vast tundra, ancient's way

We are approaching a difficult fight. 3 ancient spirits, they guard the entrance to the worldstone keep. We muster our forces and enter their domain.

The battle starts, companions die left and right, only the swift survive. We whittle them down while the fallen comrades pay their resurrection fees. They are no more!
Our way is clear, we enter the worldstone keep. Good progress is made and a swift pace is maintained. Waypoint, worldstone keep level 3, and finally, the guardian boss!

The guardian fight seems a blur, killed some minions, then began the hunt for the elusive teleporting-when-touched boss. In a few minutes, he's dead and buried. No surprises were had, no health was lost in killing him.

We enter his red portal. Trouble begins, the creatures are obviously very experienced here, our going gets tough and the not so tough get killed and leave the game for good.

We are now a party consisting of multi-zon, light trapper, singer barb and healadin. It was going to be hard, the lack of dedicated tank hurt. A valkirie ally was there too, and helped alleviate the hurt, upon checking her combat prowess, she was found to bear elemental immunes, this may work to our advantage!

We grind our teeth and wiggle our way through the levels, worldstone golem king awaits at the bottom. His combat prowess is frightening. Our party can barely hold its own, we loose 1, 2, 3 members to the netherworld. But we keep coming at him. He dies!

The most fierce of battles was ahead of us. BAAL!

His minions were nothing to scoff at. They were beyond tough and only through our wit and healing power we succeeded.
Glayssa, achmel, darkness and a host of minions tested us. We toughed it out and came out victorious! In the back of my mind there was a pressing concern...If it wasn't for the power of prayer healing and holy bolts infusions...we would have failed our quest long ago

At last, BAAL. We carefully entered his lair. He was hiding by some strange octopus like appendages coming out of the ground. We decided it was wise to lure the fiend out into the open. Reluctantly, he came.

Blow-after-blow-after-blow we exchanged hits, baal was tough and cunning, we retreated, healed our wounds and went back in, relentlessly.
After what it seems like a year of continuous fighting...he died!

Tyriel was impressed, we were slayers of evil, bringers of justice, and also exhausted. We entered tyriel's portal and found ourselves in the rogue's encampment.

What was going on...? it seemed the worldstone's destruction caused a time-rip paradox to happen...we were our current selves...back in time...the world was a much harsher place and the demonic creatures were tougher!

Fresh with success we made a incursion, the den of evil outside the encampment was cleared of foes. We sped along the way traversing the mountain passes, dark woods, marsh, arriving at the rogue's former cathedral.

Along the way we found the smith, as expected. His damage was nothing to scoff at, but overall a few bolts were enough to make sure he doesn't kill anyone but the foolish.
Jail level 1,2,3 Outer cloister and Mortanius awaited us. We set our sights on him, wailing him down, the holy prayer's power was great, we shook off his attacks and stole his meager treasures.

It was late in the night when we arrived at the boss guarding andariel. Our lack of supplies and tiredness was reaching us from behind. We made a few attempts at killing the foe, but we had to end our journey there. Ah, beefy tanks, where art thow?!

And that concludes the journey for the day

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 3:12 am 

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 3:12 am 

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2011 8:01 am 

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awesome stuff, keep it up :D

Its always in the last place you look....

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2011 1:49 pm 

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Verb wrote:
awesome stuff, keep it up :D

ya but more text than i care to read through but looks like your enjoying the game

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2011 2:20 pm 

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HOly shit I can't believe you wrote all this but I read most of it was kinda funny.. nice one :D

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2011 5:13 pm 

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you changed the story a bit ... keep it up i enjoy it as much as you do.Next youll prolly write bout mah barb and how we pawned baal :)

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Thu May 19, 2011 11:24 pm 

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I'm writing this in-between breaks @work, that explains some...changes in the pacing of the story ("Exited x times..."). Also can't put up all the things that happened since the block of text would quadruple...

Now to ponder bout the A2->A3->A4->A5 -> Nm trek last nite

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 Post subject: Re: The story of a healadin
PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2011 2:16 am 

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