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 Post subject: What makes a good armor craft?
PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:55 pm 

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I've been using Crow Caw for some time now, and I socketed it with starstone diamonds at the time. It's got 20 ias, 20 dex, 20 to all resists, and 4 sockets. I've made 6 or so starstone emerald crafts, and I've yet to come across anything that can compare. I'm just curious what other people's experience has been with crafts.

Anyone had luck getting dr%? IAS? Enhanced damage? More pdr/mdr? My resists are well past maxed atm in nm, so most mods feel useless for me.

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 Post subject: Re: What makes a good armor craft?
PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:19 pm 
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The main Emerald armor craft worth considering is the Elite version, since the +%EDef mod starts off very high (180%) and only this craft has the Cannot Be Frozen mod. The norm and exceptional versions of emerald craft are almost completely outperformed by Saphire crafted armors (better defence after FrozenArmor proc, similar DR/MDR after FArmor proc, but gains FHRecovery and ARating). I'm pretty sure +%EDef caps at +511%, so elite emerald craft armor hits that cap pretty easily. With this much defence, having skills like HShield and FArmor will be very effective.

Compared to CrowCaw, since it looks like you're after DR/MDR, there are no other unique armors worth considering, although BlackHades has mods similar to what Elite Emerald craft armors offer (about 300%EDef, 4 sockets, CBFrozen).

Exceptional or Elite Topaz armor is good if you do elemental damage. You'd lose some resistances that you said you don't need, but gain a +1-2AllSkills and some -%Res while maintaining 4 sockets. These armors have the potential to have a decent defence, but if you're just socketing with diamonds then the non-diamond-infused defence is usually irrelevant.

Diamond Craft armor is good for phys-dmg attack skills because of the Sanctuary aura (undead will have 0%PhysRes to your attacks). If you don't do phys damage, then the curse reduction can still be very effective in some cases (such as if you have Spirit of Barbs, Cleansing, or Fade), but isn't that noticeable otherwise.

No crafted armors gain dr%, or IAS, and although Skull craft armors can gain up to 30%ED, that would be outperformed by about 10 str or dex. Keep in mind that %ED that is off-weapon just stacks with the %ED from your stats or skills.
For example, consider a Bowzon with 400dex using lvl 31 skills with 20 points in MultiShot (for synergy):
%ED = 1200 (3x400Dex (RegularAttack and MShot use this only)) + 350 (lvl31GA or Strafe) + 200(lvl20MShot synergy) = 1750%ED
1) Final damage with 1kDmg bow and 0%ED on armor
RegularAttack = 13000
GA = 18500
MShot = 9750
Strafe = 13875
2) If you used a 30%ED armor with that 1kDmg bow, then just add 300 damage to RegularAttack and GA, but 225 to MShot and Strafe since they use 3/4 or your weapon damage (Strafe damage display is bugged according to some tests (see Amazon Commentary point 3)).

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