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golemmancer question ! ?
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Author:  jackblade [ Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  golemmancer question ! ?

hey!... i read some post about the golemmancer necro !... i really want to make one... look good for boss tanking ... but i was asking!...

what to up?... i am really blind at this point... i get the base...golem mastery... but... wich golem to max?... wich curse?... i dont know XD!

if you can help me ... thanks alot :)...

and like that!... if you had make a golemancer... tell your experience here... wanna knowif its really good or... its fail at start of nightmare XD!

thanks alot at all... HU pown's out!

Author:  Brevan [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: golemmancer question ! ?

1) The Casting Delay for all Golems in 10 seconds, so it takes 40 seconds to cast 4 golems. Since a Golem might not survive 10 seconds, they are not as good a tank as SpiritBlade (1 second CDelay, bosses attack about once per second, so a new SBlade is cast for next hit). If you cast a Golem, then you can cast no spells that have CDelays for 10 seconds (so no SBlade or CorpseExplosion). Golems are strong to 1 element (Clay = Ice, Blood = Lightning, Iron = Pois, Force = Fire), so that golem can tank that element pretty well. Clay can be good for slowing Bosses that attack a lot because it's Slow will combine with Decrepify and HolyFreeze.

2) Golem skills work by summoning special monster types that are buffed by the % in the Golem skill and by Golem Mastery. In Normal, ForceGolem monster type is 2x stronger than ClayGolem, so with the same %Buff, ForceGolem is much stronger. In NM, all Golem types are improved 50% (HP, Dmg), while in Hell they are all improved another 50% (so Hell Golem is +100% from Normal). In NM, enemy monsters are less than 50% stronger than Norm, so GolemMancer is not weak. In Hell, some enemies are more than 100% stronger than in Norm, so GolemMancer is not strong. In Hell, ClayGolem is as strong as ForceGolem was in Normal, so ClayGolem is not balanced after Norm, but is still nice for Slow.

3) Since Golem skills work by buffing a special monster type by a %, other skills that also improve everyone by a % are not as effective for golems.

3.1) Example1:
ClayGolemDmg = 20 (norm)
GolemLvl = +600%EDamage
GMastery = +600%ED
ClayGolemDmg = 20 + (20 * (600% + 600%)) = 260
MightAura = +300%ED
ClayGolemDmg = 20 + (20 * (600% + 600% + 300%)) = 320

3.2) Example2:
ForceGolemHP = 600 (norm)
GolemLvl = +300%HP
GMastery = +150%HP
ForceGolemHP = 600 + (600 * (300% + 150%)) = 3300
OakSage = +100%HP
ForceGolemHP = 600 + (600 * (300% + 150% + 100%)) = 3900

4) All Golems do Physical damage, so Amp curse helps their damage. Consider getting 1 point in all other curses. You might want an A3 merc for phys immunes, but he's not worth putting a lot of points into Lower Resistance curse.

5) For Norm, consider placing points as: 5 in each Golem, 20 in GMastery, 1 each curse (max Amp isn't very important in Norm). After playing for a while, decide which Golem is worth maxing. If you still have trouble deciding, then post again for advice.

Author:  jackblade [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: golemmancer question ! ?

okok :o!.... i read your post... and... isn't be better to do a normal summoner?... it seem gonna do like the same thing... but for pvm... i though the skell will be much stronger... and for boss... i just max sword...?... i dont max the skel mage... they be freakin bad i think XD?... i could max another thing than this... like

max skel warrior
max skel mastery
max death knight
( i dont know wich cursewould be the best)( amp/lower resist/ another proposotion?)
max spirit blade
and some at pre-req.... 1 in bone armor...
didn't i up Corpse explosion...max it? or like... 5points will be enough...?

thanks much for your advice brevan...ill certainly use it... just for try it a littlebit :O... see if its effective or... its fail XD!... thanks .:P

thanks at all

Author:  blinky99 [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: golemmancer question ! ?

all golems despite lvl /life buff will die in under 30 sec to hell bosses im pretty sure fyi
spirit blades also die one hit/counter from a hell boss mine have 6k hp before i BO them for example
dk 16k hp dies easily to hell bosses
so just some more info

Author:  Steel [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: golemmancer question ! ?

That's because all hirelings/summons take 8x more dmg from primeevils(act bosses/samhain).

Author:  blinky99 [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: golemmancer question ! ?

i know that, im just making sure he does.

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