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 Post subject: Just A Few of my Characters + Questions
PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 5:51 am 

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The_Warden: Bone Prison Necro

20x B. Armor
20x B. Wall
20x B. Prison
20x Lower Resist
20x Amp

Some of you may have seen him lurking around norm. A few days ago we did D with an entirely range based group. It was insanely fun with an epic death by me right before he died.

Bone wall/bone prison so far are pretty equal in life, around 3k each. Maxed out I'd say around 4k flat (my way of saying hard points only). I've invested 5+ pts in LR and just 1 in amp so far. I think i should max bone skills before distributing in curses, but people ask for curses more than protection with bone walls. They don't seem to like waiting the full 30 seconds even though it saves them from a army of self destructing mobs and extra strong minion attacks.

1. How much more damage do bosses get from the jump from norm to nm? nm to hell? I have to ask this question cause the halved life of my walls sound extreme. They can barely last their full 30 seconds vs a single group of champs and a Mary already in norm. I guess that's the challenge of the game lol. Just wondering how much +skills i need to counter act the dmg barrier.

2. Where do Io's drop cause I'd like to make the +3 bone skills on my +3 bone prison stick lol. If anyone finds any wand better (for prison nec) let me know, I want to see if a support other than a healer can make it through hell =P.

3. Just curious, does prayer affect my walls? I guess not huh? Defiance and thorns would too. We can't have that happening.
Monk: Psychic Hammer Sin

Straight forward build, don't want to type out skill set cause im lazy.

Doing pretty good in normal i suppose. Mana charms and 144 mana ring got me around 340 mana. Still drinks mana like air through a supercharger. maxed out the synergies, but does around 4k dmg with 4 + skills. I don't think this build can be successful without amp/dec or skillers. It can't reset heal, so it depends on a group to do so, cause my 1 pt shadows are useless atm. My gear is terribad. so thats probably why.

1. I was looking at my skills and found a way to add more +1 skills to see what my + skills dmg would be and it was like 250. Either i read it wrong, or this character has no viable value whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, 4k dmg is great, but 250 dmg per skill points is redonkulous. after synergies are done, there is no way it's dmg can grow exponentially larger right? so I'm looking at say 12-14+ skills(random guess) without charms thats another 3k dmg, so maybe 6-7k dmg? Sure its a caster, but there is no way to stop heal unless i got 1 pt in blade fury or something, or hope my shadows dont get 1 hit like they do right now in norm.

So, is this character scrapped in this mod? Sure feels like it, which is no prob to me, but i'd like to hear a few comments before the delete.


Right now i'm just gear failing so hard its ridiculous. Straight forward gear based build. I cant even find a dam plague bearer. its annoying. No questions.
Wizard - Castadin

This one is pure Proc, just for the fun of it. Might try to make a different one when rich. Now that I think about it, the anti rush feature defeats the purpose of this character. Making running low lvls insanely fun. I'm not going to farm with this character =/ definitely not boss fight. I could kill trash at the MOST. That's in a single person game lol... I don't know, maybe ill get him to lvl 90 in nm and leave him there or something...

1. Crafted armors are maxed out at 4 sockets? what about shields? i wanna know what is able to help me max out ele skill% dmg.

2. Any suggest gear? Anything with fire/light procs? Wonder will be my ice portion and a major part of my dmg. Ele set adds some nice procs at, though at low ctc.

Meh just having fun with the Mod. Hope you guys are doing the same GG.

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 Post subject: Re: Just A Few of my Characters + Questions
PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:11 pm 
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Prison Necro
- I'm guessing you've already looked at the Trash HP vs Damage charts. They show that the 50% and 100% HP buff summons get in NM and Hell is slightly larger than the damage buff monsters get. However, Bosses do bonus damage to summons (8x I think), so thankfully very few summons can tank a boss for more than a couple hits. Your Bone summons should do about as well as Decoy, since they do not spawn counters (most summons hurt themselves a lot via counters).
- SC players generally prefer higher damage over survival, so get used to the requests to boost their damage. When they get tired of dying, they will appreciate your summons more.

1) I don't have the time right now to examine the monstats.txt text file, especially considering I'd have to calculate the skill damages of a lot of boss spells. I think it was mentioned that decompressing the .mpq of the v1.3a patch does yield the correct set of text files though, if you would like to persue this. From my culling of the boss-rows from monstats (when making the damage charts above), I think I recall that boss damage grows exponentially, for example the damage of all monsters is equal to their level multiplied by a booster, and while Soulmancer seems to have ignored the booster for most Trash (it's around 80% to 150% until Hell, where it's around 100% to 200%), he keeps it around 400% for Norm and I think NM, and about 800% for Hell. This means that a level 90 Hell boss' attack isn't just 50% stronger than when he was level 60 in Norm (due to level increase), but will be 200% stronger (50% from level buff, and then doubled by Booster doubling from 400% to 800%). For example, a boss doing 100 in Norm would be doing 300 in Hell. Your summons will do worst in Hell against bosses because of this (their HP only doubled, but tripling was needed).

2) Since you're making an uncommon build, I'll just give you an io rune. I have had frustratingly good luck with lower level necro gear, which you may select from when you receive the io.

3) Prayer probably affects walls, their graphic is pretty large compared to their footprint, so it's possible that you just can't see the auras affecting them. Since the Bone summons are from the original D2, I wouldn't be surprised if they had some hard-coded oddness about them. There isn't a lot of value in giving your walls Prayer aura though, since if they die you can just recast them, and Prayer wouldn't extend their life by much (if they have around 4k life and survive 30 seconds, a 50HP/2sec (lvl21?) from Prayer would only be like +20%HP, but only if the wall survived 30 seconds).

Psychic Sin
- Since you are doing magic damage, you will face relatively low resistances, so unlike most builds your damage will not be significantly affected by increases in difficulty. Still, you should consider a crystal sword socketed with 6 diamonds for the magic pierce. I find that sword bought from Fara in a2 and socketed by Larzuk to be a nice and fast way to boost any caster's damage (their char-screen damage takes a hit, but they will kill monsters quite bit faster). Other than this, I can't think of much else to say for the build. Consider FireBlast for getting the boss heal-timer started, since it shouldn't be affected by ARating, and will start the timer on fire immunes despite being fire damage (as far as I have seen, timers can be started even if the element of attack does zero damage).

- These builds are very dependant on their gear. At low level, "Voice of Reason" is pretty decent, and of course "Wonder" was designed for the build so it's great at level 65 if you can get the Lo rune. Don't forget that while other builds face high resistances with increases in Difficulty, you will not. This makes you relatively stronger as the game progresses, but you'll never be good for bosses.

1) Yes, all crafts are capped at 4 sockets, provided that the item takes up 4 or more inventory squares.

2) For fire element, consider Dragonhelm, and the slightly modified "Phoenix" shield (now level 65). The shield's Firestorm doesn't do much, but it doesn't cause counters either so it's nice, and the shield adds quite a bit of damage to your attack now. The main reason to use it is Redemption on equip. In my experience, the +300%EDamage will not kill you from IM if you are using "Wonder" provided you have some decent DR/MDR. Tiamat's Rebuke is alright before you get a lot of higher runes, but dwindles in effectiveness by the end of NM. Tiamat's probably still has the ICBlocking it received in one of the recent patches, despite what Critter's or Blue's site shows.

Glad to see you're enjoying the possibilities HU opens up on regular D2.

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 Post subject: Re: Just A Few of my Characters + Questions
PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 8:51 pm 

Joined: Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:54 am
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Thanks for the tips/items brevan. Bone prison and wall are now sitting at a norm comfortable 4.5k life.

and yes that Lo rune still remains a mystery. How will I get one? who knows, but until then i will look for a +3 conviction stick

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