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 Post subject: LoL Characters
PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:47 am 

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I know what you all are thinking... Curses! WRONG! I wanted to build a tank! What to next will be based on the questions on this thread.

I've read somewhere that you guys tweaked spirit blades recently. Is there somewhere that i can view and ACCURATE skill chart of it? That is if the one on the critterkiller site isn't of course. I just want a idea of how many until swords can reach its tankage/skills peak

Does attract ONLY work on trash? Does that include champs and unique?

does bone shield only absorb melee dmg? is there anything it doesnt absorb?

EDITED: I had marrowwalk glitched in my build and found out they removed the synergy glitch, by changing many of the charges of items into o skills =/

20x Bone Armor
20x Bone Wall
20x Bone Prison
20x Blade(?) Better options anyone?
20x Curses (will spread them at my discretion)
Mind Blast Sin. Its a weaker TK sorc with 2 tanks lol.

20x psy hammer
20x Mind blast
20x Fade
20x Shadow Master
20x Shadow warrior

Warrior might be annoying if it keeps converting everything, so its really up to you to use it. If you figure out some end game claws or something you could throw like 10 pts into claw block for solid defense. I prefer 2 tanks though. A few extra converted minions never hurt anyone, except when they form a wall =/ it does happen from time to time.

My personal FAVORITE build:


Made one before. It's basically a CTCoA proc* casting zealer that focuses on casting high level magic spells from item mods. maxing conviction, zeal, and holy shield. For an armor I could craft a GG ele armor with +2 skills and stick 4 Perfect on Attack Facets (fire light ice magic probably). Or i could just stick Uber Dias in there and let holyshield do the rest.

*: and can someone explain to me what proc is? I just know thats what its called lol Procs = Programed Random Occurrences. Basically the way Chance to Cast was made to work.

I could go many different directions with this build.
I could go aura din and max fire and light res while wearing dream/dragon for a bi-elemental damage dealing zeal. Zeal providing the ar and conviction making my damage useful.
I did not add HoJ as a possibility because I will always have Wonder as my weapon. Why? Cause I Hate Frozen orb on a sorc...I could *barely*survive hell tundra with this pally while dealing my worth of damage back in the day. Back when normal was alot harder. This character is a ton of fun and viable with the right gear.

I could go support and max out prayer and hbolt. Or any other combo thats good for support. Taking off a few points from zeal will allow more leeway towards various combinations. maxing it for the AR is just my preference.

Even try tanking and just max defiance for the h shield bonus. while using my remaining points to 1 pt wonder auras.

I could try to brace myself with an alternate route of damage and max out santuary and salvation. using my procs to kill trash and use sanc when needed. Since i will max conviction as a base anyways, it will just give me great magic dmg for my zeal.

Wonder(personal preference, GREAT procs)
On attack Facets. Alittle more minus res skill damage AND more procs to lol at.
Ele set:They buffed the procs to lvl 50... is there anymore i can say? they also give sorbs and res. Gotta love it.
Hand of Justice(HoJ: for those picky auradins that have to have lvl 20 H.Fire.
For the HoJ set up i'd probably craft a pally shield and stick res/sorbs/DR in it... Maybe another one on the side for facets (lol i love my procs what can i say)
The rest will probably focus on IAS gear, cause its more fun the faster you hit =P. But who knows im too tired to think the rest through lolz.

What do you guys think? Its amazing what people can do when they're bored enough, am I right? Post you're favorite "Too Bored To Go Mainstream" characters here!!

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 Post subject: Re: LoL Characters
PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:50 am 
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 Post subject: Re: LoL Characters
PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:57 am 

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yeah he was the one who helped me back when normal was harder lol. Brevan knows his stuff for sure...

Its an Oskill now? its not charges anymore =[.

Oh well that build goes down the drain lolz.

Nice solution to all the glitchers though. I must say there were a lot of rabies glitching.

Thansk for the info

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