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 Post subject: Tactical modifiers players overlook(IMO)
PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:35 am 
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I'm typing this as advice to players that tend to overlook some damn good skills and modifiers that get pushed to the wayside in lieu of MOAR DMGZ, modifiers that can bail your ass out of very bad situations. these are those skills/modifiers:

Hit Blinds Target/Dim Vision/Cloak of Shadows

This modifier/curse is godly in my opinion because when you are out of melee range this shuts down whatever MonAI is processing rendering casters and archers absolutely useless and melee units just wander aimlessly. Java/Bowazons and casters can just spam holy hell on monsters while they just sit there and take it.

Terror/Hit Causes Monster to Flee

this modifier is another godly modifier for ranged missile chars. this in combination with Knockback and target slow(will be discussed later) will turn any multizon into an absolute terror. now to explain what terror does: it overrides most AI actions and causes monsters to turn tail and bail, once again a useful mod for zons and casters too, it takes a ton of heat off a players back.


this one is mainly a multizons best friend and pretty self explanatory: pushes target monster away from the player giving the player a bit of breathing room. second of the the three mods that can make a multizon broken

technical note:even if a monster can't be knocked back knockback will still automatically force hit recovery animations to occur

Target Slow/Decrepify

another useful mod for missile and melee chars, why? well look at it this way: if you slow a monster by 50% guess what? they only get in half as many attacks on you thereby reducing overall damage done to you.

#3 of 3 mods that can make multizons broken

caps on slow:90% for regular monsters 50% for bosses and players

Reduction of monster damage(Battle Cry/Weaken)

once again another set of skills that no one even glances at, dont know why either these skills can reduce a monsters damage output by 50% or more, or in the case of weaken cut a monsters elemental damage by 1/3. now stack these skills with 50% DR and 75% resists and monsters will barely dent your HP, but let me give a practical example:

you have 50% DR you cast weaken which reduces monster physical damage by 50%, you now take 25% of what a monster would have done to you, and in the case of the 33% elemental reduction and having 75% all res, well it would be like having 95% on F/L/C res.

Convert Target(conversion/Mind Blast)

Need a tank in the midst of battle? smack a monster with your holy scepter or give him a mind raping and the ensuing possible brain damage could possibly make him confused and start fighting for you....

okay all humor aside now this is a damn good thing to do when you need a sturdy tank or if you know monsters that cast curses, spells, or have auras this can be a lifesaver and it takes heat off of you and gives good support, depending on whats converted.

technical notes: converted monsters with Battle Orders on them when they unconvert automatically drop to 1 HP, can you say easy killing?

monsters will retain auras for 2 seconds after unconverting beware of large damage spikes and thorns

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