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 Post subject: Good sorc build
PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:45 pm 

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Hi, I want to build a bi-elem sorc, fire and ice, maybe. But there's a lot of good skills and few points xD. I think a meteor/blizz can be brutal. Any suggestion to distribute the skill points and attributes?

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 Post subject: Re: Good sorc build
PostPosted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 4:09 pm 
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It can be pretty tough to build an elemental-based character if you want it to work in Hell difficulty, but if you don't mind going just to end NM, then I'm sure you could make a fun dual-element sorc. Keep in mind that when making this type of character, you probably shouldn't Max a skill's synergies immediately. Get about 1/2 of the synergies going, and then work on the dual-skill's synergies. When deciding if you should put a point into a Mastery or a synergy, it's not a bad idea to multiply the result values first and choose the bigger option.
Example with some skill with +200%Dmg via synergy and +10% per synergy level, and +75%Dmg via Mastery and +5% per Mastery level:
1) +Mastery gives 200 * (75+5) = 16000
2) +Syn gives (200+10) * 75 = 15750
3) Put the point into the mastery since it gives more.

Here's my thoughts on a few build ideas:
Meteor/Blizz - You'd need a sturdy merc tank since both skills need mobs to stay still. Note that the cast delays prevent you from stacking both skills on non-immune critters

20Blaze, 20Inferno, 1FMastery, 60(Something with syn and mastery) - Blaze needs very few skill points to be effective. Get plenty of FR/Walk and you can be pretty frugal on the Blaze part but have very effective fire damage if you take the time to make a good patch. There aren't a lot of other 40-60 point sorc builds that are effective though. Maybe FOrb or Blizz, since Blaze has no cool-down, and those cold skills have very low synergy boosts (so they wouldn't change much if you maxed all synergies). You'd even get the bonus of slowing monsters as they walk through the blaze.

MeleeWonder sorc = 20 IceBolt, 20 Warmth, 20Chant, 20TK, 1 each Mastery. This build won't work well until Sammy's charm gets Zeal oSkill. This build requires using "Wonder" runeword to proc level 50 Blizz and FOrb. the 20 IceBolt points synergize both skills so that they do about double damage (5k Blizz, 1.4k FOrb). The build can work alright at ranged via Exploding arrows, but if you're good at using EShield, then you can go melee perfectly well (mine was immune to most damage well into A5 NM (stopped playing her there)). You pretty much have to use saphire craft armor with diamonds for the high defence FrozenArmor proc and dr/mdr. You should use a shield with both 50-75% pois reduced and ICBlocking/FBRate mods (crafting a shield with automod ICBlocking is alright, but you have to have the pois reduced mod as well). Even with that shield, you should socket it only with the amythests needed to get a good block speed (probably 2) with the rest being emeralds for more %PoisReduced (I'm told that you need 175% reduced to cap the pois reduction in Hell, but I've been unable to test). Your damage is mostly cold, but your fire should be a respectable amount too. You only need +FireSkill in gear, since you want to keep ES level low (about lvl 6) and you don't need +Cold skills at all. This build requires quite a bit of base energy (EShield) and dex (block and ARating (ARating is a significant issue, you'll probably need charms to help out)), on the bright side, you generally don't need vita since you're immune to just about everything, and str requirements are pretty low for most gear this build would want to use.

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