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Duriel vs my TankSin, my problem child
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Author:  Lorek B [ Tue Jun 15, 2010 2:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Duriel vs my TankSin, my problem child

A week ago I was soloing Duriel in hell with my 99 talon kicker, in a 2 spawned game, rushing a good friend. My talon kicker has 13 kicks at ~4.5k-7.6k damage, at roughly 3 fps. Technically I think the first kick is at 7 frames then the follow ups are at three=7.5 kicks a second.

Anyway, I was using atmas, and I was whittling down his life, albeit slowly, which is fairly normal with my low damage kick. The question I have is, does Duriel use thorns as a counter? I know he uses shockwave, but that wasn;t what was killing me. I did not notice a thorns aura on him, yet when I held down the talon kick and started to own him, I saw my life dropping with each kick and saw the thorns graphic with each kick. Now, I have solod Duriel in a three spawn game before, fairly easily, but I've always required level 5 amp on a claw. I was also using amp this time. If he does in fact have some kind of built-in thorns as a counter, what would help me not "activate" it?

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